Giving Back/BREAKING ALAN NEWS… Today in the News 12/12/2013:

car czar

Giving Back/BREAKING ALAN NEWS… Today in the News 12/12/2013:

Opening Statement:
Yesterday on Good Day Sacramento the #9amtopic was about the 6 year old who kissed a girls hand and was suspended from school for sexual harassment will not be charged.



Here is what is taking place Today in the News…..

Top Stories:
South African government apologize for fake sign language guy as they continue to mourn. Man admits he had voices in his head.
Capital Ave & Jefferson may reopen today after water main break.
Travelers could drive rather than fly with higher airfare.

My58 7-9:
Snowball Express to take off from Sacramento International Airport

After remarkable comeback, Del Oro prepares for NorCal Regional Final

Dad offers simple advice based on 25 years of parenting

Win prizes through KCRA’s 12 Days of Christmas Here’s your chance to win a four-night stay at Lake Shasta during KCRA 3‘s 12 Days of Christmas.

DIY Dad gets crafty with stuff from the hardware store

Get some tips to cook your own Holiday buffet

Lisa Thunder Valley Pastry Chef Stephen Smith with Desert ideas

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: KCRA 3/My58 TV: / / / / Photos:

Viewers Voice: A New York elementary school is coming under fire for having a white padded room. Parents say the room is like a cell, that leaves children emotionally scarred. The school says the room was built with the guidance of a child psychologist and is used as more of a “calm down” room. Our Viewer’s Voice question: Is putting unruly children in a white padded room an appropriate discipline?

If you could ask a lawyer anything…what would you ask? Attorney Ken Rosenfeld answered viewers questions.

Zohreen: Operation Snowball This Santa is a vet and also a worker at Sacramento Airport. He was here to say bye to military families who’ve lost a loved one- they boarded a plane for a 4 day event in Texas where they’ll be meeting 1800 people who’ve lost family in the military. santa

Zohreen: How do you get your family ready for the holiday season? Wine and Roses in Lodi is having their Winter Jubilee tonight. They’ll have games for kids, face painting, craft stations, stocking decorating, cookie decorating, and a lot more! Wine and Roses

How cute are these guys? They’re ChiWeenies (Chihuahua x Dachshund). The pups and their mom were surrendered to our shelter when they were just a few days old. They have since been living in a foster home and are now old enough to be adopted. chiweenies

Kristina’s XFactor Review: If you watched #xfactorusa here’s my thoughts…if not spoiler alert! …

Paul Martins in the Fox40 Kitchen. Paul Martins 1455 Eureka Road Roseville, CA 9167833600 /

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Fox40 TV / / / Photos: Fox40. Zohreen.

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&Tell: Ken: Iowa couple getting married at Bacon Festival. Cody: baby name Cheese is popular in 2013 name up 430%

5am #Questionoftheday: None

5am Club Member: Michelle Lopez.

Marianne’s Daily List: 3 Fitness Trends for 2014. Combo Classes. Sweat working. Online workout.

Show us your: Throwback Christmas. throwback xmas throwback court

Marianne: Apron update $202 as of 5am. To bid on it before the deadline Sunday with Proceeds Going to Sacramento Animal Area Coalition. Go to…

Mark: With Rodney who we met yesterday living in a Tuff Shed for 12 days at 2901 Arden Way Sacramento collecting toys, cash, clothes and more.

Golden Globe Nominations. The complete list….,0,6845028.story#axzz2nHpIGJhy

Kristin/Dave sing I think. :) kristin dave

Mark: KNCI Toy Drive in Elk Grove Ford for the troops and families. 9645 Auto Center Drive Elk Grove, CA camp

Marianne: Temple Coffee
The world’s leading coffee buying guide, Coffee Review, just released it’s list of The Top 30 Coffees of 2013 and #1 on the list is a beautiful brew from Temple Coffee!!! Temple’s Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ECX scored 96 points on the Coffee Review’s 100-point scale and is in such high demand, it’s SOLD OUT!
Temple Coffee. / /
Coffee Review’s Top 30 Coffees of 2013. temple

Doug the Car Czar with what not to do to your car during the holiday.
The Car Czar Auto Repair
2301 El Camino Ave, Sacramento, CA
and Corner of San Juan & Greenback, Citrus Heights, CA
The Car Czar Show
Sunday Mornings at 11am
Following Good Day Sacramento Weekend / car czar

Mel: Jingle Bell Challenge
Jingle Bell Run
Benefiting Arthritis Foundation
Saturday December 14th

Mort Crim talks about being inspiration to Anchorman as Anchorman 2 ready’s for theaters.

Mark: More from Camp KNCI.  Www.kncifm.cbslocal.com

Mel: More from Jingle Bell Challenge. Ugly sweater tree decorating challenge.

The Car Czar Tips when in accident what to do and not to do.
Don’t Leave. Agree not to report it. Don’t talk about it. Neglect needs afterward.

Ju: Meredith the APP Chick
Looking for great gift ideas for a tech nerd? The APP Chick is here with some fun gadgets! Moshi Gloves. Jam jar. Boom bottle music water bottle. Portable projector for iPhone or iPad. / / /

Most watched YouTube video 2013….. Psy Gentleman…. Never seen it.

Mark/Ken/Marianne: Talked to Carey Mulligan from Inside Llewyn Davis in theaters now and nominated for Golden Globes.

Car Czar answers viewers questions.

Cody and Dave sing. This was funny. cody dave

#9amtopic: I wish could charge people more for..

Ju More from the app chick. Gift Card on your phone. Gist app.  Santa spy cam. /[tn]=kC&ft[qid]=5956618868285874822&ft[mf_story_key]=7989015656550224717&ft[ei]=5956618869763477497.6009135258242.AQIJokLLATQ-Q6Bdt9djIFA3NictWbXA5qCEYRQVTyY3Exeqz0Xc5EzmsPXcjhU5ynhER7Ddm-0l9nxK8UrE0mZSifQJQILC6oxSkl8VDMP4z3OLrnG_NvJRXs938gJI5v0bdUJccB6bmYHJWpQ1yatSimHtKi1zuMlwW5NxDxb3KKlfqkuTkL15Yg0re0FVDXioi4cq3kAyto43QBH_KLTDOCeEcLXZ5hqroAiy986Q6V_0r2YL5e_kwBwqTCdCEMp54tc9btI6JSboxMzBlPpG&ft[fbfeed_location]=1&__md__=1 /

Teens Tunes: Christmas

Ken: NCAA National Champion
A local soccer stud is back home in Vacaville after helping UCLA win the women’s soccer national championship in North Carolina last weekend! We’re putting her to the Good Day test before she takes off to work out with the U20 national team.
UCLA Women’s Soccer.
Katelyn Rowland Bio.

Mel: Digging through trash at Sloughhouse land fill talking Christmas recycles.

Mark sat down to Talk to John Goodman about Inside Llewyn Davis.

Mark: Left mic on during his Little Talk Show. No video

Ju: Wrap it up… Mixie Baby Bottles. Keeps dry dry and wet wet until you mix it up.  bottle 2 bottle 1

Girl signs during Christmas pageant for parents.

Gina from Thrift Town. Picture frames.
410 El Camino Ave, Sacramento, CA 9169229942 Open till 9 PM
Thrift Town  5005 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA  9164540435 Open till 9 PM
Thrift Town 6328 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael, CA 95608 Corner of Marconi & Fair Oaks 9164800312
Day 4 of 12 Days of Thriftmas…  Follow up from Day 3.

Cody: Good People doing Good Things. Local contractor helping out the community in Placerville. Jim Carter who will be building a new Boys and Girls Club. But tonight a holiday party.
Ken’s Manly Minute: Men!! What happened to “courting” a woman? “5 Old Fashioned Dating Habits That We Need Now”  Coming to the Door. Dressing up for your date. Bring a gift. Going real dancing. Calling it a date.

Final #Questionoftheday: No charge for what?

Good Day Sacramento Christmas Song video.

Behind the Scenes…. Nancy Bradley with the Fab Four from Friday’s Good Day Sacramento. fab 4 nancy

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV / / / / Photos: Good Day Sacramento. Tina Macuha. KNCI.

Final Thoughts:
As you can see My58 was not taken out today. The content they had was actually pretty good today. The 2 stories I enjoyed was the Thunder Valley Pastry chef giving tips and showing what they have to offer this holiday season at Thunder Valley. The other was from Brian Hickey from My58 and Zohreen from Fox40 talking about Operation Snowball Express. Honoring the families in the military this year. Such a great story.
Fox also talked about the Wine & Roses event in Lodi and Chiweenie dogs up for adoption. The Wine and roses event seems pretty cool to attend… I won’t be but if I was closer maybe. The dogs are so cute. I wish we could find homes for all pets.
Good Day Sacramento had a good day as well. It featured music, sports, and GREAT people in the community.
As of the time of this posting Marianne’s apron is up to $202.50 on eBay. Julissa has decided to keep hers and make a matching one for her daughter.
Melissa went to check out the Jingle Bell Challenge to help fight kids with arthritic symptoms.
Mark check on Rodney at Arden who is collecting toys, food and cash for troops and families before going to the KNCI Toy Drive in Elk Grove.
Kristin traveled with Camera guy Dave today and they brought the music portion of the show until Cody joined Dave and took over the singing (I think it was singing). Ken talked to Sacramento native Katelyn Rowland who now attends UCLA as a soccer star. Mark and crew talked Inside Llewyn Davis with a couple of its stars. Doug the Car Czar talked about things to do and not to do to your car and if in an accident as well as answered viewers questions. Cody introduced us to a person doing great things for his community. However the kid that helped stole the live shot. Trust me its worth watching the clip and staying til the end.
On that we still need to push #CodytoPasadena. We will not go down without a fight and we dance into the weekend tomorrow so until then have a great day and I will see you tomorrow for Today in the News.

Happy Thanksgiving……Today in the News

thanksgiving 1

Happy Thanksgiving……Today in the News 11/28/2013: thanksgiving 1

Opening Statement:
As we reach Thanksgiving Day we are reminded to give back to those who might need extra help. We are also reminded to help the ones who are elder, and the ones who might not be feeling well. PLEASE on this Thanksgiving Day when you are giving thanks to your loved ones go to my friend Shawn L. Brown’s new page and like it. While there send your well wishes as she recovers from Breast Cancer. Thank you.

Today I will be covering all of the GREAT Holiday Fun on Good Day Sacramento but before I get there I want to send out a couple of special Thank you’s.

First to my family… You have been with me every step of the way through the good and the bad.

My Best Friend Christy… For the last 10+ years I have grown as a man and have learned more about life, fashion and how to be a better friend than I could ever imagine. 001

To my Closest TV Viewer friends:
Janet Piper… Your words of encouragement make me know things are going to be okay and thank you for all you do for the Good Day Family.
Angie Larson… One word well probably more than that but let me start off by saying #Halfcow. Thank you for all you do for the Good Day Family and for me.
Julie Helms: Thank you so much for your feedback to Today in the News. I look forward to them daily.
Ruben: You always have me thinking and I appreciate that.

To my TV family. thanksgiving cartoon
Ken: you have taught me more in minutes about how to be more manly when it comes to making the woman happy.
Marianne: What can I say that hasn’t been said already? How do you become a legend at your craft? Just watch and learn from you and eventually a person will get there.
Courtney: I love you like a sister. You are an inspiration to not only me but to so many.
Tina: What you have done for me goes above and beyond. I know it’s small and not required but I love spreading the word of Dishin With Tina Sunday & Wednesday.
Ju/Laura: 9am never looked as pretty and as beautiful as both of you.
Amy/Nina/Lori/Mel: 4 of the most intelligent women I’ve ever met and BEST in the Business.
Kristin: You are and always have pushed me to do better. Your drive to go the extra mile is so amazing.
Sean/Audrey: 2 of the GREATS IN THE BUSINESS.
To the floor and behind the scenes including the GREAT producers…. Thank you, thank you thank you for allowing and helping me do the things I do for The Car Czar, Mark at the Movies, and Good Day Sacramento each and everyday. I cannot express enough how much I love doing it and how much I love promoting this show.
Mark: how can I thank you for all the encouragement and training you give me to be a better person in life and for allowing me to do the things I do.
Finally Cody, you are my brother. You are my closest of friends and the things you do and the life you and the rest of the Good Day Sacramento cast and crew have saved will never go unforgotten. Thank you so much for getting me to write daily, and Doctor Who.
Thank you all so much.

To my Friends at Fox40 & My 58, Bethany, Zohreen, Sabrina, Lisa G, Mae and my BEST friend who is family, Stefanie Cruz. Thank you for all you have done for me, and now for Today in the News…. Good Day Sacramento Thanksgiving Day Edition.

Top Stories:
Kmart is first store to open
Flights aren’t busy today at Sac International southwest
Run to Feed the Hungry celebrates 20th year. run 3
Macy’s Parade gets underway in NYC and balloons fly.
Sean: Kmart shoppers get great deals.
Kristin: Airport fairly quiet. airport
Overturn vehicle on HWY50

Good Day Sacramento: turkey
Marianne’s Daily List: It’s been almost 400 years since the first Thanksgiving. We love a good statistic so on the Daily List this Thanksgiving Day morning, we look at Thanksgiving by the numbers! You might even be in one of these statistics!
Thanksgiving by the Numbers. Macy Parade started in 1924. Twice as much turkey ate today. Black Friday deals.

Your Daily Joe: Food Landscape art. 5 worst side dishes. Ambrosia salad. Sweet potato. Jello salad. Giblets gravy. Anything weird you do to mash potatoes. Use right potato for mash. Cut same. Over cook or under cook.

Show us your: Thanksgiving Throwback. throwback thanks run 4 flashback

Cody: Previews the Sacramento Bee and all the ads. Paper weighs 3.5lbs

Doug: The Car Czar reveals the two biggest mistakes people make with their car as they head to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner! The “fix” is easy and uses only tools that we all have in our home garage! Doug Brauner – Car Czar
The Car Czar Auto Repair
2301 El Camino Ave, Sacramento
and Corner of San Juan & Greenback, Citrus Heights
The Car Czar Show
Sunday Mornings at 11am Following Good Day Sacramento

Cody: Bee press release says it weighs 4lbs. And he checks out deals.

Marianne: Top Model Casting Call
ATTENTION: Guys and Girls
America’s Next Top Model Casting Call
Tuesday 9AM TO Noon
Blake Austin College Beauty Academy
in the Nut Tree Shopping Center
1679 E Monte Vista Ave.
Vacaville, CA
7074483100 / /

Cody: Lost in the ads. cody paper

Marianne: Emcees Christmas Tree Lighting in Old Sac Wednesday Night.

Doug is back with more car tips.

Cody: Goes shopping in the ads.

Sean: Run to Feed the Hungry run 2 run 1

Doug answers car questions from viewers.

Courts Tunes: Family get together.

Ken: Small Train Holiday!
Tomorrow & Saturday
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
California State Railroad Museum
125 I St, Sacramento, CA
9164456645 /

Sean: The Race begins. Largest Thanksgiving run in the country. run 5

Cody: Black Friday deals. Turkey hat

Kristin: Roseville Turkey Trot
Kickoff a great Thanksgiving Day with a fun race, run, jog, walk, stroll, roll, or even crawl, before the parades, before the kickoff and before the feasting commences (and maybe even burn off a few calories). / turkey trot

Courtney: Turkey Day Jazzercise Class
Jazzercise Sacramento Land Park
5962 S. Land Park Dr.
Sacramento, CA
9164555833 / jazzer

Courtney continues from Jazzercise jazzer 2

#9amtopic: What are you thankful for.

Kristin: More from Turkey Trot.

Ken: Manly Minute
Getting full after your first helping of Thanksgiving dinner is nearly as bad as getting bounced out of a bar at happy hour. So, on the Manly Minute this morning, we check out at some tips to help you stuff yourself with just a bit more food this year.
Thanksgiving Throwdown. Limber up. No mashed potato. Switch up. No liquids. Pace yourself.

Cody: Does the ad angel. ad angel

Final #Questionoftheday: If.. Is not there at dinner I may go home.

Final Thoughts:
The show is now done and we had some Good Day Sacramento fun. The football is on. The turkey is preparing no other day is like this day of sharing.
Thank you to all the readers who read this each day. I assure you that with each and every post I strive to do it better.
Today was a special edition of Today in the News as I paid homage to my first TV family. The show started at 6am even though my DirectTv said 430 I had to wait 90 minutes instead of the normal 5 for the show to start. But what once it did it kicked off with a bang. First Sean reported the first store to open was Kmart and they had some great deals. Kristin checked out the airport to see if the holiday rush continued from yesterday.
Cody showed off his new Dreidel sweater in celebration of Thanksgivukkah an event where Thanksgiving and Hanukkah meet up on the same day and will not occur for another 70K years. Today in the News will be a special edition that year so mark your calendars now.
While Cody was rocking his sweater he was also checking out the ads for Black Friday but it was viewer Victor finding the hot deals and tweeting them in.
While Cody was checking ads Sean went to check out Run to Feed the Hungry and Kristin checked out the Roseville Turkey Trot. Of course during a normal thanksgiving meal average Americans will consume about 4500 calories although I will consume about 500 and that includes my protein drink I MUST drink Courtney talked about a Jazzercise program taking place in Sacramento.
The other thing that stood out was the shocking news Ken shared in that he never had a train set as a kid. I thought everyone had one. I feel bad for him and hope Santa brings him and his son Malcolm one this Christmas.
Ken & Cody carried us through the 9am hour with the show ending with Cody doing a Snow/Ad Angel.

One last Thank you to those no longer with their respected stations who also help me become better…. Ashley Williams, Annalee Penny, Alan Sanchez. All of you have made me a better person with your hard work ethics and beautiful personalities.
Have a GREAT/Safe Thanksgiving and I will see you for Black Friday.

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV / / / / Photos: Good Day Sacramento. Kristin Marshall. Cody Stark. Run to Feed the Hungry

A 4 Hour Tour…. Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 11/3/2013:

nina ahoy

A 4 Hour Tour…. Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 11/3/2013:

Opening Statement:
The first weekend of November is drawing to a close and we had an Alan Sanchez sighting last night. Yes, much like you see at sporting events like the Kings, Sharks, and Triple A baseball Alan is working with the Stockton Thunder Hockey Team to ramp up the crowd and as the weather continues to get cooler Cody will give the weather for the week as we prepare for yet another Sunday edition of Today in the News….. alan winds

Today on @gooddayweekend Tina Macuha @tvtina_ju is Dishin’ With Tina at… The Place
221 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA
Tue-Thu 11am-9pm Fri-Sat 11am-10pm Sun 12pm-8pm

Ask Eleanor:
Follow Eleanor 7 Days a week on Facebook and see her reports every Sunday live on @gooddayweekend

Raquel Walsh & Pricilla Presley swap boyfriends. Joann Woodward has Alzheimer’s . Katie Couric wedding on hold.

Show us your….. Jeans it’s national jeans day.

#JustCurious: I’m totally into…

Nina: Tall Ship Hawaiian Chieftain
Built of steel in Hawaii in 1988 and originally designed for cargo trade among the Hawaiian Islands, naval architect Raymond H. Richards’ design for Hawaiian Chieftain was influenced by the early colonial passenger and coastal packets that traded among Atlantic coastal cities and towns. The coastal packet service was part of the coasting trade based on mercantile activity of the developing seaboard towns. The early packet ships were regular traders and were selected because they sailed remarkably well and could enter small ports with their shallow draft. Out of the gradual development of the Atlantic packet ship hull form came the ship design practices that helped produce some of the best of the clipper ships of the later 1850s.
The Hawaiian Chieftain
docked upriver of the Tower Bridge near 1210 Front St.
Sacramento, CA
Open through December 8th
$3 donation
Tuesdays through Fridays, 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. nina ahoy

Neda: Stockton Waterfront homes. 4504 Heron Lakes Drive Stockton, CA purchase tickets today. Cindy 2094812227. Proceeds benefit Helps women & girls get to college. AAUW Home Tours Today 10-4pm $35.

Mel: Tours a new Gym in El Dorado $25 Urban Sprawl Academy 1117 Winfield Way El Dorado, CA 95762 9169419213

Amy/Cody: Star Wars in Navajo language Melissa Bisagni Skype’s to talk about it. It first premiered Friday in Washington, D.C. and again today in New York. American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco next week on November 6, 2013. 333 Valencia Street Ste. #322 San Francisco, CA 4155540525

Nina: Continues from the Hawaiian Chieftain. Joined by local author Renee Bernard heather ship

Neda: Takes another Stockton Waterfront home tour.

Mel: National Jean’s Day
It’s National Jeans Day! Today They busted out the infamous MOM jeans, putting them on our mommy reporter Mel for a jeans fashion show!
Four Sisters Cafe
9050 Fairway Drive, Suite 165
Roseville, CA
630am-3pm, 7 days a week

Amy/Cody: Sugar Skulls
Sugar Skull Art exhibits several sugar art techniques such as the pressed sugar technique that involves a process to harden the sugar into a general skull shape. The artistry of the final sugar sculpture also includes the use of royal icing techniques by the way of air brush, painting and piping.
Sugar Skulls
More at the Californina Museum:
This is just impressive.

Amy/Cody: Marlene the Plant lady answers viewers questions. Marlene Simon of U.C. Davis Botanical Conservatory aka The Plant Lady

Amy/Cody: Chicken Vest creator Johannes Paul Skype’s in to talk about this unique invention. $20 for jacket. chicken-vest

Nina: Dia De Los Muertos Gallery
Dia de los Muertos is a traditional Meso-American holiday dedicated to the ancestors; it honors both death and the cycle of life.
Dia de los Muertos at La Raza Galeria Posada
Between 20th & J streets
Midtown Sacramento, CA
Sunday November 3

Neda: Takes another waterfront home tour in Stockton. A 60 foot paddle wheeler Boat.

Mel: New King’s Store
The Sacramento Kings are back in full swing as they won their season opener this past Wednesday night. Which means all the fans here in the Sacramento area are going to be shopping for Kings merchandise to wear on game night. So today Melissa was at the brand new Kings Team Store at the Roseville Fountains (the first Kings store in Roseville) where she’s checking out the must have items for a true Kings fan!
KINGS Team Store The Fountains.
1198 Roseville Parkway, Suite 145
Roseville, CA

Amy: Ernesto’s Mexican Food’s makes their famous Cowboy Shrimp.
This month Ernesto’s celebrates 22 years here in the community and they really wanted to do something special for those who have supported them over the last 2 decades. So today they are in studio sharing their 2 most popular dishes with us. They are also talking about the big “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) celebrations taking place this weekend in Sacramento and how they are preparing for it!
Ernesto’s Mexican Food
1901 16th St.
Sacramento, CA
Anniversary Celebration: Nov:15-17

Cody: NASA News: Eclipse. NASA pumpkins.

Cody: Maddox as kid Elvis aka Little King.

Amy/Cody: Marlene the Plant lady answers viewers questions.

Nina: Micah Lancaster’s Skills Camp
Micah Lancaster is a world renowned basketball skill development trainer who has worked with players at all levels – grassroots to the pros – including Kobe Bryant for an event with the London School of Basketball, and most recently working with players such as Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, Avery Bradley, Mario Chalmers, Evan Turner, Nolan Smith and others.
Hardwood Palace
1091 Tinker Road
Rocklin, CA

Neda: Home tours continue. Refreshments.

Mel: Sacred City Roller Derby
Sacred City Derby Girls was founded in 2006 and is an INTERNATIONALLY ranked women’s flat track roller derby league.
Nightmare Before Thanksgiving
Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
November 9th
Doors Open at 5pm

Lori: Pinterest Engagements… Amy’s Wedding. Involve the dog. Tying the knot. History. zz amy pablo

Amy: Marlene the Plant lady how to hang plants.

Cody: Ernesto’s is back making margaritas and tacos. They are celebrating 22 years in Sacramento November 15-16th.

Amy/Cody: Cal Fruits, Flakes, Nuts Book
From insane celebrities to wacky religious cults, if it’s weird, it happens in California – and Sacramento author David Kulczyk has documented it in his new book, “California Fruits, Flakes, and Nuts: True Tales of California Crazies, Crackpots, and Creeps” (Craven Street Books, November 2013). Kulczyk will tell hilarious and heartbreaking stories about California eccentrics, criminals and madmen at a special launch event for his new book at Time Tested Books on Wednesday, Nov. 6, at 7 p.m.
Book Launch and book signing for “California Fruits, Flakes, and Nuts”
Time Tested Books, 1114 21st Street
November 6: 7pm
9164475696 book

College Football Scoreboard:
Sac State falls to Montana State 51-48 in overtime.

Davis Can’t get by Cal Poly falling 34-16.

Auburn defeats Arkansas 35-17.

Stanford Bye

Cal Falls to Arizona 33-28

Syracuse blanks Wake 13-0

Final Thoughts:
The first weekend of November draws to a close with yet another great weekend of Good Day Sacramento. Cody and Amy guided us through another masterful show and despite a couple of minor issues with shots locking up the show appeared to run pretty smooth today. Nina was on the Chieftain and brought a couple of friends along. Author Renee Bernard and Good Day Sacramento intern Heather Brent with Camera guy Manny getting in on the fun.
Neda toured beautiful waterfront homes all morning and I must say these homes are beautiful and dreams of mine.
Mel started the day off with a little gym training. I felt like that was a good idea after she did so much activity after she ran around Four Sisters Café, challenged the girl at the Kings store to put on as many clothes as possible in the time allowed and then finished the day off with Roller Derby.
Nina also got to hangout with a trainer to a lot of sports stars and learn Mexican Culture.
Not to be left out of all the fun Cody & Amy had their share as well. A new fan favorite Marlene Simon stopped by all show long giving plant tips. They had 2 cool Skype guest the first was talking Star Wars in the Navajo language and its coming to San Francisco on Wednesday 11/6/2013. The second was about the chicken vest. Cody & Amy had some great guest in studio as well. The sugar art was amazing. Ernesto’s tacos are made so well it’s by far one of my favorite Mexican spots to go. I haven’t been there in awhile though.
Then it was Cute Kid. The Kid Elvis was so cute.
Finally in the last hour it was talked about. Lori started it and it was blush city for Amy as they finally talked about her engagement. Congratulations again Amy.
We also had 2 staples from Sunday. Eleanor bringing the latest gossip and Tina was Dishin with Tina at The Place in Roseville.
All in all a GREAT SHOW & Evan better weekend on Good Day Sacramento.
Thank you to everyone on the show that makes this writing come together. You have fun and always get the job done and you make watching & writing fun each and everyday.
What to look forward to:
Mark at the Movies Highlights later today.
Fun, Fun, Fun all week long on Good Day Sacramento and of course all of you because without you no one would read this.

Alan & Do It Yourself…Today in the News 10/17/2013:


Special Events:
Check out this November 13 event by Heather Rudolph Wood, Wife of Ken Rudolph of Good Day Sacramento. All are invited to attend just RSVP back to Heather via this link  In Sexy Feminism, co-founders Jennifer Keishin Armstrong and Heather Wood Rudulph offer simple ways for busy, young women to improve every aspect of their own lives by following feminist principles. With dozens of ways to take action,
Sexy Feminism explains how feminism helps women get what they want (and does not, contrary to many reports, ruin anyone’s chances at love, success, sex, beauty, or style).
It guides young women toward finding their own brand of feminism and using it to improve their lives and the world.
This event is FREE and everyone is invited

Pink Gala Event: the-pink-tie-gala

Special Announcement:

Opening Statement:
As I said in my October 6 post it’s an end of an era on Good Day Sacramento, Alan Sanchez who was a fixture in homes for many years first as an intern then a feature reporter has departed Good Day Sacramento. While he will be missed he will always remain a part of the history and a favorite of the long 18 year history of the show. Though as fans we wish our favorites would stay forever but that is not always possible. Like all of us we grow and sometimes need a change of scenery. Being a reporter on a daily news show or local paper can take its toll. Please join me in wishing Alan the best in his future. You can send Alan a message on his twitter page @alansanchez or his Facebook page. But Fear not Good Day Fans. The Moon may have set on his time at Good Day Sacramento but the Sun Will Still Rise and so will he…. Alanmoon sun

Now on to what I will be following today… The SHUTDOWN IS OVER!!! Thank god for these poor people who had their jobs ripped away from them because people paid and voted upon act like babies who can’t get along. Keep in mind this whole government BS will rare it’s ugly head once again in January. I’ll be following this and more Today in the News…..

Top Stories:
Shutdown officially over for 3 months. Businesses will still be hurt.
FREE Food in Stockton from Government. Must live in areas and meet other requirements.
Furloughed federal employees return to work
Sac State computer breech in August told staff yesterday.
6 Alarm Apartment fire in Redwood City, CA. Hearing Multiple Injuries. Possible deaths. fire 3 fire 2 fire 1

My58 7-9:
Lisa talks to Barkhad Abdi he is the hijacker in Captain Phillips. See the movie in theaters now. photo 2

The Daily Beast‘s 20 sexiest colleges

Ideas to ‘trick’ up your house for Halloween

Former Voice contestant, Karina Iglesias giving back in Sacramento Girls in the Lights 7pm October 18, 2013 Unity of Sacramento, CA 9249 Folsom Blvd. Sacramento, CA

Stockton University receives record setting donation

Downtown Modesto Harvest Festival this Saturday

Drug search at home uncovers alligator living in hot tub

Viewers Voice: Is the selfie art or a simple act of narcissism.

Pet of the Week: Roberto. Empty our Shelters $20 ALL Adoptions 11-6pm Friday-Sunday City of Sacramento Front Street Shelter, 2127 Front St. Sacramento, CA  Adopt A Pet with Sacramento SPCA  pet of week 40 Roberto

New Tractor Plow for easier harvesting in Willows

DIY Projects… Mirrors, Backyard Furniture and more.

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&tell: Ken: NFL lite brite type game to keep kids occupied. Age 3 and Up.

5am #Questionoftheday: What did you get in trouble for.

5am Club Member: Stacy.

Show us your…. Halloween Costume. trick or treat costumes

Mark: News of the Weird… Spanish teacher poses for Playboy fired but getting backing from students, parents. Gas attendant dances. NC shelter says get a cat and keep Zombie away.

Mel: Dark Days Danger Self Defense Class
Daylight saving time is coming — and darker days earlier raise the risk of danger. A FREE self defense class is available so you don’t fall prey to an attacker. Melissa’s with Grandmaster Clint Robinson with everyday scenarios you may encounter and tips to stay safe!
All Robinson’s Taekwondo locations
Free October 18th

Ju: Thrifty Thursday
Our favorite thrifty tweens Gianna & Sidney, are back!!! this morning they gave us some fashion tips for fall!! Teens can be fashionable and thrifty!!
Visit Webpage

Doug… The Car Czar Auto Repair
2301 El Camino Ave, Sacramento
and Corner of San Juan & Greenback, Citrus Heights
The Car Czar Show
Sunday Mornings at 11am
Following Good Day Sacramento
Gives tips when he tries “The Wipe New” says will renew your car Bumper. DO NOT SNIFF! USE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES! Final assessment.. Sort of works.

Tina: Jimboy’s Tacos Grand Re-Opening
Jimboy’s Tacos is using the Grand Re-Opening of its Roseville & Carmichael Stores to provide a platform for raising Money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Two Free Tacos!!
Saturday Oct. 19 10am-5pm
1821 Douglas Blvd., #C8, Roseville, CA
7401 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael, CA
100% Donations Go To Muscular Dystrophy Association

Mark: The Science of Sports
Mark teams up with local students to learn the science of sports!! To help get kids excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Chevron is bringing a HUGE, one-of-a-kind exhibit to the School for Engineering and Sciences in Sacramento. The STEM Zone allows kids (and adults) to experience how these subjects are at play in the world of sports, such as when throwing a baseball or jumping in the air.
Check out the STEM Zone for Yourself!
Tonight 4pm-8pm
School of Engineering and Sciences
7345 Gloria Dr., Sacramento, CA

Laura: Kibble & Bids
How about a week at an 18th century Italian farmhouse, a trip to Ireland or eight days at a luxury Tahoe getaway? Those are just a few of the fabulous auction items up for grabs at this year’s Kibble and Bids, an event that puts the “fun” in fundraiser and where four-legged friends are welcome!
“Dancing with the Dogs”
Saturday, October 19, 2013
California Automobile Museum
2200 Front Street, Sacramento
Exclusive Sponsor Hour: 5-6PM
General Admission: 6-930PM

Kristin: UC Davis Shovel Sculpture
This past April, we were live as the UC Davis and the City of Davis joined forces to collect used shovels for a special sculpture project. Today we see how their hard work has paid off! All the shovels are being used in a 17′ high gateway to a Native Plant Garden! Sculptor Chris Fennell has been working on the shovel sculpture all month and today we’re live to see all the welding action!!
Native Plant Sale
Sunday 10/20/2013 9am-1pm
UC Davis Arboretum Teaching Nursery shovel

Mel: Corbett’s Haunted House of Horror
Inside Zombieland, your mission should you choose to accept it- shoot Zombies with laser guns! A local haunted house is waking up the walking dead in this interactive haunting game! Melissa’s at Corbett’s Haunted House of Horror in Roseville trying it out!
360 North Sunrise Ave., Roseville zombie 2 zombie 1

#9amtopic: What rules do you have for your kid on social media.

Cody: Truly Unique Estate Sale
It’s an estate sale for people who can appreciate the weird! This one is at a home of a local award-winning artist and is full of unusual items! This is just amazing. Watching this my mouth is opened in SHOCK!
Thursday-Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 9am-3pm
7793 Sunset Avenue
Fair Oaks, CA

Teens Tunes: Mixed. teens tunes

Courtney: What the Heck is That!!!?
3555 El Camino Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821-6597
(916) 482-1900

Thrifty Thursday:
Gina from Thrift Town 410 El Camino Ave, Sacramento, CA 9169229942 Open till 9 PM
Thrift Town 5005 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 9164540435 Open till 9 PM
Thrift Town 6328 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael, CA 95608 Corner of Marconi & Fair Oaks 9164800312
Today’s topic… Modern Jewelry to look like new.

Mark: Evangeline’s Trendy Costume ideas. Duck Dynasty. Game Of Throne. Horse Mask. 1920′s Great Gatsby. Zombie. Fox.
113 K Street in Old Sacramento, CA
Store: 9164432181 Fax: 9164432751

2013 Baby Names:
Girls: Imogen. Charlotte. Harper. Eleanor. Amelia.
Boys: Asher. Finn. Declan. Atticus. James.
Gender Neutral: Rowan. Quinn. Kai. Sawyer. Avery.

Ken’s Manly Minute: 5 Famous Military Inventions. GPS. Duct tape. Jeep. Microwave oven. Aviator sunglasses.

Final #Questionoftheday: How do you check on your kids.

Fun Fact:
October 17, 2013 is Black Poetry Day!
October 17, 2013 is Four Prunes Day!
October 17, 2013 is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty!
October 17, 2013 is Mulligan Day!
October 17, 2013 is National Pasta Day!
October 17, 2013 is Wear Something Gaudy Day!

Final Thoughts:
One more day and we can officially dance into the weekend but it’s always nice to see Good Day Sacramento’s Courtney Dempsey get the party started early like she did today on Teens Tunes.
Today was a DIY Thursday to the fullest. All 3 shows had a segment or 2 on DIY projects. My58 with Halloween decoration ideas, Fox with furniture for your home indoor and out. Good Day Sacramento first with Tween Fashion ideas then of course the Thursday staple with Gina from ThriftTown.
I love GREAT Special Events, and this town is jammed packed with them not only this week with Empty our Shelter, Pink Gala, Kibble & Bid, UC Davis Shovel Sculpture, Girls in the Lights, all the haunted houses and the big 2 in November first on the 13th with Ken’s Wife Heather Sexy Feminism and finally THE Good Day Sacramento TALENT SHOW November 18th. (Programming Note that day Today in the News will be an exclusive Good Day Sacramento edition)
Couple of other news & notes from today… All 3 stations did very well providing information and entertainment value. In the Today in the News ratings from 3-1 3. My58. Really enjoyed Lisa’s one on one with Barkhad Abdi from Captain Phillips. Be sure to catch Mark S. Allen all weekend long on Mark at the Movies about this film, Carrie and more on Reelzchannel, AFN, CW31 or download the mobile app for all the latest in Movies.
Fox40 at the #2 spot. Enjoyed Bethany with the Pet of the Week, Sabrina on DIY and Zohreen with the tractors.
Good Day Sacramento holds #1 with Mark teaching us while learning Science, Ken’s Manly Minute, Cody Estate sale (This stuff was amazing, wish I could’ve seen in person.) Courtney What the heck is that? Love this game show. Ju: DIY Queen every Thursday in the 9. Laura the Weather Queen and hostess with the mostest in the 9 conducting our #9amtopic with Ju. Tina & Dave from the airport. Mel first getting safety tips yelling FIRE! at 6am then Laser Tag Zombie shooting. This might be okay for kids. Looks fun and all the GREAT VIEWERS of Good Day Sacramento who respond to Show us yours… Without you we’d have to look at old clips of Mark with his wild hair cuts. Thank you fans.

One more Programming Note: Not advising you go away from Good Day Sacramento but if you watch regular news 5-7am starting Monday on CBS13 Laura & Audrey add the GREAT Ron Jones to the Mix… Yes this is for the ladies who need better eye Candy in the morning.
Until Tomorrow set your DVR’s to Reelzchannel at 9/6am for an all new Mark at the Movies…
See ya tomorrow.

Alan Sanchez/NASCAR/Pies & More… Today in the News 10/9/2013:


Alan Sanchez/NASCAR/Pies & More… Today in the News 10/9/2013:

Opening Statement:
Alan Sanchez: For years we loved watching him do crazy antics in the 209 area including the classic video of Alan dressed as a bunny on Easter losing his head then placing it back on backwards.
As days pass it appears those days of Good Day Sacramento are over. At first I thought Alan was just on vacation like many of you but then he has been seen around town & at different events as himself not reporting for Good Day Sacramento. Taking all this into account I decided to reach out to Alan only to have my email returned to sender. I then checked the website and noticed his profile was taken down. Knowing this and past history of cast members on the show it has been a long outstanding stance for CBS Corp. to not comment on the release or departure of cast members of Good Day Sacramento. Is this right? It’s not really for us viewers to decide their policy but it would be nice to hear a goodbye from our favorites. I know many of you are posting on Facebook & other websites as well as asking me & on air talent, Where is Alan and as much as I know the current talent would love to say & tell us viewers the whereabouts to not only Alan but as well as those in the past they can’t and until given permission they won’t. So I’ve learned that though the names & faces of this GREAT show that we all
love may change the one thing we can all count on is the format of the show will remain the same. Keep in mind that Good Day Sacramento is NOT the only station to have this policy because the same took place at Fox40 when fan favorite Annalee Penny left the station and was not heard from again until a few weeks ago when she popped up in her home state of Atlanta. So with that said this will
most likely be my last time addressing Alan and I wish him well but I will NEVER GIVE UP ON Good Day Sacramento after all they do & have done for me and on that note here is what is happening Today in the News…

Motivational Wednesday. Today’s motivation comes from Mark S. Allen… Success is not the destination, but the journey

Top Stories:
House fire overnight in Midtown Sacramento.
New iPads release October 22.
Snow expected in mountains. Hail & Rain at Blue Canyon – 5 thousand Feet
Pipeline explodes in Oklahoma.
Not child abuse to spank with wooden spoon.
Child arrested at Cleveland Elementary school when he brought a gun he bought from Ice Cream Man.
Fatal accident in Richmond.

My58 7-9:
Brian: Race for a cure this weekend with media NASCAR racing. NASCAR racing against breast cancer in Roseville

Roseville students participate in International Walk or Ride to School Day

World’s most powerful women 2013

Sierra businesses eager for winter weather to bring in crowds Sierra prepares for snow storm

Squealing over bacon

Viewers Voice: Is banning all balls on playground going to keep your kids safe.

Mark Dempsky NASCAR in Roseville. NASCAR Comes to Roseville 

Cichy Co Food truck New food truck in Sacramento area. Follow on twitter @cichyco Facebook: Website: Phone: 9167985995 Email:

Local Students Win Award at the “All-American High School Film Festival” 

Stockton Unified School District Combats Truancy 

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&tell: Cody: Cowbell article.

5am #Questionoftheday: Last music purchased. question

5am Club Member: Sue Ann & Joey.

Marianne’s Daily List: 3 reason why you should ride a bike. Torches calories. It tones you all over. Saves joints.

Your Daily Joe: Knife throwing with ping pong paddles. Drunk driver would not pull over until he finished his McDonalds. Cute cat.

Show us your….. Bike bike

Mark: News of the Weird: Lady in Maryland gets an order to stop decorating home for Halloween. Dog runs a marathon in Indiana. Preschooler brings coke to school.

Mark: Gets breakfast at Country Gable Café. Best thing on menu Chicken Fried Steak.
Country Gables Café
699 Washington Blvd, #C1, Roseville, CA
6am-9pm Daily KIDS EAT for $0.99

Mark: Race for a cure this weekend NASCAR racing at the All American Speedway in Roseville, CA. Meet NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip and Michael Self. All American Speedway
800 All America City Blvd., Roseville, CA 956789167862025  nascar mark

Ju: Tries out for Sacramento Republic Soccer team.  Sacramento Republic FC

Amy: Bishop Pumpkin Farm. Secret of baked goods including Pies, Muffins & more.
Bishop Pumpkin Farm 1415 Pumpkin Ln, Wheatland, CA 5306332568
October Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday & Saturday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Cody: Local Pie Company starting up. Two sisters with over 50 years of baking experience between them decided to share their love for pies with the rest of us! Now their little start-up company has become a family affair with everyone from aunts and uncles to kids and grandkids getting in on the baking action! This family owned pie company Two Slices Pie Company. 9162517247. Need help opening a shop and you can help by going to…  pie 1 2 slices

Courtney Rides her bike in Mama’s Got A New Bike
Court is kicking off a new segment called “Mama’s Got A New Bike!” The plan is to ride to work or school with our viewers as Mobile 13 tracks our progress. Today she rides with West Sacramento Mayor.
Gear Up for Youth

Teens Tunes: TV show themes.

#9amtopic: I would never check my phone.

Today on Tina Macuha @tvtina_ju is Dishin’ with Tina: Great Harvest Bread Company
850 E Bidwell St
Folsom, CA 95630 9169841830
Mon-Sat 7am-6pm

Ken’s Manly Minute: 5 Cool/Manly Halloween Costumes. Jack Sparrow. Neo from Matrix. Kill Bill Assassins. Gladiator. Football player.

Final #Questionoftheday: What do you use your cell phone for.

Behind the Scenes… Post show meeting at Good Day Sacramento.  behind

Final Thoughts:
Today was a pretty good day on all 3 shows. Each show had their own content but 1 thing was the same and that was The Breast Cancer Race this weekend at All American Speedway in Roseville. The 3 reporters involved have all raced each other in Media event races so all 3 know the track & cars well. But today & this weekend it’s all about raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness. It should be a GREAT event on Saturday.
The other cool things from today was first on Fox with Cichy Co. Food Truck. Hope he does well and I believe we will see a lot more of him and the truck on more shows ahead. Good Day started a new segment with riding your bike with Courtney, I liked it a lot. The Harvest
Bread Company was this weeks feature on Dishin With Tina. Finally Two Slices of Pie… OMG! those looked so good. If I didn’t have to give up ALL treats I’d order from you. Tomorrow we DIY with Ju, and Gina from ThriftTown.

Until then have a great rest of your day and please get tested this for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Dancin’ in Streets Today in the News 9/13/2013:

cody denny

Dancin’ in Streets Today in the News 9/13/2013:

Opening Statement:
With so much breaking news occurring yesterday/last night I will leave that up to the real news people. Today is Friday the 13, are you scared?
All week you may have noticed Lisa G missing from My58 in the morning, Lisa has been on special assignment in Hollywood. Lisa was back last night co hosting the 5, 6, 630, 10, & 11pm news. She should be back in the mornings on Monday. Like I said a lot went on yesterday & last night so lets see what is happening Today in the News…. night lisa

Top Stories:
A 6 alarm fire the a New Jersey Boardwalk broke out at a ice cream shop & quickly spread to others shops, destroying 50 of them. boardwalk 4 boardwalk 5 boardwalk 2 boardwalk 1 boardwalk 3
Flash floods continue in CO.
Truck into power pole in Stockton in HWY99.
Western Span of Bay Bridge may be named Willie Brown.
Minimum Wage should increase to $10 per hour today when Governor Brown signs it into law.
3000 people lose power in Oak Park.
Morgan Fire started by someone Target practicing. Now 95% contained.
Barry Bonds obstruction of justice conviction upheld. Should get fine, 30 days at home.

My59 7-9:
Mike: Pro-am Water Ski event this weekend in Rio Linda

Do you have any superstitions?

Healthiest states for seniors

Business News: Twitter files papers to go public

Exclusive: Parents of allergy victim give update on awareness effort, event

Fox 40:
Viewers Voice: Are you superstitious.
Zoot Suit at the Colonial Theater Sacramento, CA $20 Thursday – Saturday 8pm Sunday 2pm Now – September 29 See Zoot Suit the Play at the Colonial Theatre 
New Cracker Jack flavors. Cracker Jack’d
Evans Kitchen Lodi Wine Pairings Dinner
Julie Chen has plastic surgery
Wendy Williams talks of her new season Wendy Williams Show. Following Fox40 Live mornings at 10am.
Gary: Pro-am Water Ski event this weekend in Rio Linda

Dessert Time: Peach Lasagna  @FOX40

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&tell: none
5am Question: none
5am Club Member: Eddie & Rhonda.
Marianne’s Daily List: 3 Fun Facts About Friday the 13th. President Roosevelt would not travel. 13th dinner guest. Positioning.
Your Daily Joe: Dog found on Google maps. Fan pays $115K for Texas A&M license plate. Fisherman use hair to catch fish.
Show us your… Superstitions? 13
Mark: High School Kickback…. Whitney HS Rocklin, CA.
Ken: Harry Potter spinoff planned.
Tina: Visits the 13th floor at the Hyatt. Tina jumps on bed. jump
Alan: Lodi Grape Festival
The festival’s mission and main purpose is to promote the agriculture and agricultural products of San Joaquin County, and to offer diverse forms of agricultural education.
413 E. Lockeford St. Lodi, CA Today – Sunday monkey
Jason: Scarecrow Art
She’s known around the town as the Queen of Halloween! Now this local crafter obsessed with all things creepy and crawly is giving scarecrows a facelift!
Scarecrow Art Display  Sunday-Nov. 1 9-8pm Daily
Cool Patch Pumpkins  6585 Milk Farm Rd. Dixon, CA scarecrow
Cody/Ken: You’ve seen her on the Big Screen, heard her on the radio now you can see Queen Latifah as she joins via satellite to talk about her new adventure The Queen Latifah Show On CBS13 Premieres Monday, Sept. 16 2pm queen
Ken: ProAm Water Ski Tournament
For the first time in over 10 years, a Water Ski Pro Tour event will be held in Sacramento at Bell Acqua Lake in Rio Linda. This used to be the site for the Malibu Open which was held for a number of years in the 90′s and early 2000s.
Diablo ProAm Water Ski Tournament Today-Sunday
Bell Aqua Lake 930 E Street, Rio Linda, CA
Friday 8 am – 7 pm with our top Amateur skiers from California, Oregon, Washington, Canada and more
Saturday 8 am – 5 pm (approx.) Open Men, Masters 55 and Open Women skiing.
Sunday 9 am – 3 pm Come out and watch the Finals of the Open Men and Open Women boat
Cody: WOW! Duo Fusion Contortionists team.
The husband-and-wife team of Duo Fusion is in town with Ringling Bros. Circus and combines Latin heritage with strength, agility and balance!  Ringling Bros. Circus  Sleep Train Arena: Friday-Monday  Stockton Arena: Sept. 20-Sept. 22  Tickets: (800) 745-3000
Kristin and a Body Builder Jeremy Train… A rookie Roseville body builder is preparing for a competition known as the “Super Bowl of Fitness” in Las Vegas, where he hopes to earn the coveted title in the body building world during Olympia weekend.
Marianne/Cody: Scarlett Johansson & Joseph Gordon-Levitt join via satellite to talk about new movie Don Jon opening Friday, September 27, 2013
Teens Tunes: 1979.
#9amtopic: Best Dance move…
Mark: Berco Redwood Inc. opens in Roseville. Special Grand Opening Saturday 9/14/2013. Nascar on hand. 9am-2pm 860 Riverside Ave. Roseville, CA. Mark builds a chair.
Cody & Deney Terrio have a Dance off with the Wheel of Dance. deney wheel
Deney’s dance moves are known worldwide thanks to a little film he choreographed called “Saturday Night Fever.” During his heyday with Dance Fever, he appeared in a number of films, including “The Idol maker,” “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” “A Night in Heaven” and “Knights of the City” and guest starred on popular television series of the time, including “The Love Boat.”
Friday Night Fever Hosted by Deney Terrio
Tonight 8pm (Doors Open 7pm)
Sunrise at Night Concert Series
Sunrise Marketplace, Citrus Heights, CA
Tickets: (916) 536-9267 deney
Final Question: I weird dance habit do you have.
Dance Party: The Trammps Disco Inferno.

Thursday Night Football:
In the first Thursday night football game of the year on NFL Network it had the NY Jets taking on the New England Patriots. It was an incredible sloppy game. At the half the score was 13-7. During halftime local boy from Roseville Tedy Brusci was honored into the Patriot HOF. Then the heavy rains came to make the game even more sloppy. New England punted 11 times which is more than they had 1st downs. The final score was New England 13 Jets 10.

Final Thoughts:
It’s official the weekend is here and we danced into the weekend with an iconic legend leading the way. Yes Cody Stark err Deney Terrio took us out leading the Good Day Sacramento crew in the dance party Friday. cody denny

Anytime you get Tina jumping on a bed in the 13th floor of a hotel on Friday the 13th, Mark leading the charge at Friday’s HS kickback, Cody playing wheel of Dance with afore mention Deney Terrio, Scarlett Johansson, Alan with a monkey, and Ken who did not I repeat DID NOT jump the shark at the Pro-Am Water Ski event is enough to win ratings and full attention of Final Thoughts you know it was a good day and a Good Day Sacramento day.
Don’t forget tonight is Friday Night Lights I will be tweeting live updates from Sheldon HS. Plus we have Today in the News Weekend Edition tomorrow & Sunday. One quick note: I will be going to an Open House show/Dinner Saturday in the Bay Area so Weekend Edition Part 1 might not get posted til late Saturday night or Sunday with Part 2. Planning on heading down shortly after show is over tomorrow so just depends how much can be written, edited and posted before I head out.
Until tomorrow have a great Friday/weekend.

Return of the Geek Today in the News 9/9/2013:

Stevie game 1 09082013

Return of the Geek Today in the News 9/9/2013:

Opening Statement:
If you want to see a very cool exhibit go to 9/11 Flag Tribute Like many people, a West Sacramento man wanted to honor those we lost on September 11, 2001. So that day he took his flag and waved it from the overpass of his West Sacramento home. His tribute has now grown to 400 American flags and 3000 small American flags, one for each victim, as well as several displays depicting locations where the planes hit. Corner of Jefferson Blvd. and South River Rd. West Sacramento, CA September 7th-11th Open 24 hours a day…..
The weekend is gone but it appears but the hot temps remain. A fire at Mt. Diablo has homes in its path as it has burned up to 800 acres thus far. These stories and more Today in the News…..

Top Stories:

BREAKING!!! Legendary Car Salesman Cal Worthington has passed at the age of 92. Cal did more for car sales than any other dealer and he always had his dog spot which might have been a tiger in some of his commercials. More tomorrow in Today in the News on this loss.

Man drowns in American River.

Fan falls to death at Candlestick Park.
Fire destroys apt complex overnight in Sacramento.
The Morgan Fire at Mt. Diablo continues to burn. 10% contained. 7am update now 1000 acres. 9am update 1500 acres. di diablo1 diablo2 diablo3 diablo4

Fire destroys South Sacramento Home.

My58 7-9:
Dr. Oz Season Preview.

What brand or product can you live without?

World’s happiest countries

These paramedics are trained to move in with SWAT to help — even before the scene is secure.  Tactical medics train with SWAT team

Business News: Microsoft rolls out free Xbox Music service

Consumer Reports slices and dices the best food processors

Best back to school tech gadgets

Viewers Voice: What is your season outlook for both the Raiders & 49ers.

Sabrina: Don’t be that guy… Front yard neglector. Learn tips from Green Acres. Ways to Keep Your Yard from Being an Eyesore 
Bethany: Mama Bootcamp relief back pain tips. Relieve Back Pain with Exercises, Stretches 
Kirk Fox The Test.  A new TV show that tells you who the father is.
Dr. Wendy Bazilian Easy breakfast tips. Easy Breakfast Recipes for Back to School 

Behind the Scenes of Arsenio Hall’s Show 

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&tell: Ken: Takes family to funderland on football Sunday. Courtney shows pic of family from a BBQ. Mark. St Joseph most cans
raised for can food drive 49K+. Marianne cleaned her closet and donated a ton of clothes to Woman’s Empowerment.
5am Question: What do you like about parades.
5am Club Member: Kim & Eric.
Marianne’s Daily List: Best Dog for Your Lifestyle. Fitness buffs. Kid friendly. Super Social.
Your Daily Joe: Herbert Chavez has 19 surgeries to look like superman. Home in Vegas built for an underground bunker. Target in 1960′s started in 1962 in Roseville, MN.
Show us your….. Wonderful weirdo. weirdo
Mark: News of the Weird.
Julie Chen & Sharon Osborn join via satellite to talk about the new season of The Talk.
Amy: Shows the pillow with a chill “Chillow” $19.99 & Eye Know! “Eye Know” is a high protein moisturizing eye serum, along with an
instruction book with facial eye lift exercises you can do for 60 seconds to get rid of saggy dark crow’s feet and wrinkles. Mama Mio Skincare
Alan: 8 Buck Pizza Truck The Manteca-Lathrop area has been a buzz for the newest pizza place in the valley. So much so that not only can you walk into the restaurant for great pizza pie, but you can also find this business roaming the streets in its new pizza truck.
8 Buck Pizza Truck 1231 E. Louise Ave. Manteca, California 95336 2098246892
Amy is Listening To Joints….Your joints are trying to tell you something! What’s a subluxation, and why should you care? It’s time to tune into your cracks and creaks because they could be signs of larger issues! First Responders Free Adjustments Today-Wednesday
The Joint 1028 Florin Road Sacramento, CA 9169749819
Mark: Star Wars Pet Fashion Show
Now man’s best friend can show their Star Wars love thanks to Petco’s new Star Wars Pet Fans Collection!
Mark: Previews Great American BBQ Tour The Great American BBQ Tour makes a special stop at Good Day! Today we met a husband and wife team that know a thing or two about BBQ.
Great American BBQ Tour RubStock BBQ Championship Friday & Saturday
Christa McAuliffe Park 2400 Merrychase Drive, Cameron Park
Courts Tunes: 80′s
#9amtopic: I absolutely geek out over… 9amtopic
Alan: Pet Mobile Adoptions Truck A non-profit organization based in Turlock saves and rescues unwanted and abandoned cats.
Friends of Turlock Animal Shelter 2096346714
Mark: Entertainment News.
Courtney: Doissants Some folks in New York have trademarked the “cronut” but it doesn’t mean someone in our area can’t improve the recipe and call it a “doissant!” Nuny from… Sweet Dozen Bakery 5207 Madison Ave Suite E Sacramento, CA 95841 9163442000
Amy: Got Sparkles by Christy Taylor. She is a local jewelry designer to the stars! Everyone from Renee Zellweger to Nina Debrov, stars in Hollywood love her sparkly designs.
Taylors Art and Soul 114 K Street Old Sacramento
Ken’s Manly Minute: It’s guaranteed that there will be a variety of single, desirable women in attendance at a wedding. It’s best if you approach this unique situation with a variety of new techniques. On the Manly Minute, we look at some techniques of scoring at a wedding. How To Score At A Wedding. Raise her spirits. Go solo. Location location location. Daytime wedding. Lend a helping
Final Question: Favorite food combo.

Sunday NFL roundup:
The Raiders opened their season in Indianapolis and though falling 21-17 they played far better than expected.
San Francisco led by Joe…. Err Colin Kaepernick with over 400 yards passing beat the Green Bay Packers 34-28.
The Dallas Cowboys went to the bakery and got 6 turnovers from the NY Giants winning 36-31.
Rookie QB EJ Manuel took on the New England Patriots. Early turnovers and penalties proved to be too much as the Buffalo Bills could not hold off Tom Brady’s 4th quarter comeback, falling 23-21. Stevie game 1 09082013
What’s on tap:
The Philadelphia Eagles travel to Washington to take on the Redskins. San Diego Chargers host the Houston Texans on the season opener of the Monday Night doubleheader.

Final Thoughts:
Today was a pretty good day. When I first saw the tease during football on Sunday I really wanted to see the story on the SWAT
Medics today on My58. It was pretty cool, however Good Day Sacramento was a far better show with all the fun & topics that they had. It was a nice welcome to have Mark S. Allen back from vacation & Toronto Film Fest. It was also nice to see Lori Wallace reporting today with Ju, Kristin, Mel, & Sean not on today.
Fox you didn’t do it for me today. I want to like the Don’t be that guy segment with Sabrina but I felt like I got better tips at other times.
I did like some of what Wendy had to say about healthy eating but much of what was said I’m unable to do. I wish stations would have tips for those who had Gastric Bypass Surgery because the size portions & foods that can be eaten differ from normal portions.
All in all Good Day Sacramento won my ratings followed by My58 mainly for the SWAT story with Fox finishing 3rd today.
Reminder Cody goes under the dome tonight at 9pm on CBS13 and a group of us live tweet about show. Follow @tvcody @gdproducertessa tonight at 9 for all the fun. 2 shows left.
Have a great rest of your day and I will see you tomorrow.

Star Trek Day Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 9/8/2013:

live long

Star Trek Day Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 9/8/2013:

Opening Statement:
What a great show Saturday turned out to be. Watching it back I had to laugh at Tina during her fishing segments. You can see clips from yesterday’s show in Part 1 or on the Good Day Sacramento webpage under video.
I am so ready for today. Not only do we get Lori, Nina, Eleanor but most of the NFL plays today. Raiders taking on Colts. Packers travel to San Francisco. Cowboys vs the Giants and my favorite the Patriots travel to Buffalo to take on Fairfield native Stevie Johnson & the Buffalo Bills. But before we get to football lets see what Good Day Sacramento has Today in the News….

Today on @gooddayweekend Tina Macuha @tvtina_ju is Dishin’ with Tina: Sunrise 2 Sunset Grill 10113 Folsom Blvd. Rancho Cordova, CA 9163687660 6am-9pm Daily.

Ask Eleanor:
Follow Eleanor 7 Days a week on Facebook and see her reports every Sunday live on @gooddayweekend
Lamar Odom missing from rehab. Clint Eastwood and wife, wife swapped. Stacy Keebler attends Burning Man. Dancing with the stars having drama already.

Show us your…. Vulcan Salute vulcan live long

#justcurious: What’s for breakfast.

Alan: New Consignment Shop Just Cause Consignment 100 North Palm Turlock, California 95380 2094858796
Nina: Checks out viewer Dustin’s Star Trek collection in Elk Grove.
Neda: The Croixnut It’s the pastry that is sweeping the nation, the cronut! This is described by many as a half croissant, half doughnut and it has been talked about by people everywhere. We found a bakery that makes their own version of it!
Estelle’s Patisserie 901 K St. Sacramento, CA 9165511500 Open 7 days a week
Cody/Amy: Tina bloopers. Clips of Tina bloopers.
Cody slaps you with Science. Virgin Galactic breaks sound barrier. Japanese send robot to space….. He speaks japanese only. Science experiment. See video to hard to explain.

Alan: Football Breakfast Men’s Auxiliary Steak & Egg Breakfast Veterans of Foreign Wars 12455 E West Ripon Rd, Ripon, CA 95366 2095996815
Nina: Run to Remember Capitol Mall 6:45 a.m. Race day registration 9:11 a.m. 10K Run (6.2 miles) and 5K (3.1 miles) Run/Walk
9:30am Tribute remembrance event.
Neda: Nutcracker Auditions It’s that time of the year, when thousands of kids in the Sacramento area are coming together for one reason — the Sacramento Ballet’s Nutcracker Auditions!
Sacramento Ballet’s Nutcracker Audition
Sacramento Ballet Studio
1631 K. Street Sacramento, CA
Today: 830-330 pm
Cody/Amy: Star Trek trivia.
Cody: Just enough Sports joined by Mort the Sport. Eminem joins broadcast crew at College game. Uh ok? NFL kick off. Broncos player drops ball at end zone before scoring.
Sleep Apnea Agenda
It is estimated that 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, with 80% of the cases of moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea going undiagnosed. Dr. Michael B. Guess of Guess Orthodontics is bringing in some of the newest appliances and devices for snoring and sleep apnea to demonstrate on Cody & I who suffers from it gained some great tips Guess Orthodontics 9169330123

Alan: Tracy Bean Festival
The Tracy Dry Bean Festival is a celebrated community tradition of fun, families and of course beans!
Bean Festival Downtown Tracy, Tracy, CA 10-6pm Free admission, free entertainment, free fun!
Nina: Continues at Run to Remember.
Neda: Sacramento Toy Expo
If you were or still are a G.I. Joe fan, then this is the toy show you want to be at! The Sacramento Toy Expo is an annual convention for
fans of Vintage Toys and Pop Culture Collectibles. Sacramento Toy Expo Scottish Rite Center 6151 H St. Sacramento, CA Today:
10am-4pm General Admission is $6, Children 12 and under FREE
Cody/Amy: Courtney from Just Because Cosmetic does nose maintenance on Cody & Amy’s nose hair.
Carabba on the Catwalk: Phoebe, The Dress Fiend Blog Facebook: Fashion for pregnant moms.
Gabriel Angelo: Master Blaster He’s known all over the streets of San Francisco as the “The Trumpet Kid,” but his stage name is actually “MasterBlaster G.” Gabriel Angelo is just 13-years old and already plays the trumpet like a pro! MasterBlaster G 5108665193 Master Blaster
Uncle Bernie cooks up cat fish.

Alan: More from Tracy Bean Festival.
Nina: Folsom Home Theater By viewer Tony shows off ultimate home theater to make your friends jealous.9168477500
Neda: New French Bar Thanks to one new restaurant, a little bit of France has come to Sacramento! Absinthe Bistro just 9 days old, Sacramento is a unique restaurant and lounge that draws their inspiration from the spirit of Belle Époque (the era of beauty).
Absinthe Bistro & Lounge 1023A Front Street Sacramento, CA 9162879800
Lori: Bruno Mars named halftime performer at Super Bowl. Kylie Jenner new look… Grunge. Angelina Jolie out with kids.
Miley kicked off Vogue cover. Juicing just fruits high in sugar.
Cody/Amy: Uncle Bernie continues cookin up his fish from yesterday.
Uroclub Inventor Dr. Floyd Seskin inventor of The UroClub, the club is discrete, sanitary way for your urgent relief. Created by a Board Certified Urologist, it looks like an ordinary golf club, but contains a reservoir built into the grip to relieve yourself.
Master Blaster G returns for another performance.

College Football Scoreboard:
OSU Beavers take a bite out of the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors winning 33-14. OSU shut Hawaii down the entire second half. osu

UC Berkeley gets by Portland State 37-30

UC Davis falls to Nevada 36-7

North West Squeezed the Pulp out of the Orangemen 48-27

Stanford Runs over San Jose State 34-13.

USC falls to Washington State 10-7

Auburn Tigers jumped all over Arkansas State 38-9

Michigan defeats Norte Dame 41-30 QB Devin Gardner with 376 total yards

Final Thoughts:
Star Trek rules the day on Good Day Sacramento with the themed show. Both Cody & Amy looked great in their Star Trek outfits and even Lori joined in with the fun in the final hour of the show. Had a couple of audio issues today when Neda lost her audio at the Toy show cutting the segment short then during her tease at the French restaurant they cut to a tease of the Car Czar Show.

Great seeing Nina cover the Run to Remember. Master G was a great performer but I preferred his horn blowing over the singing. Not that it wasn’t good just felt the horn was amazing. All in all the weekend show was strong. Great fun jammed packed 4 hours. Until next weekend have a great week & remember Mark at the Movies review tonight & live twitter chat tomorrow at 9pm PST with Cody aka @tvcody Under the Dome #Halfcow.
One more final thought before closing of today. Thank you so much for Neda coming down from Reno to help out this weekend. Your
professionalism is one of a kind and I love having you a part of the Good Day Sacramento family.

Huskies Extinguish Flames Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1 9/7/2013:

photo 3 (3)

Huskies Extinguish Flames Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1 9/7/2013:

Opening Statement:
Just when you think the summer is gone its slaps you in the face much like Cody slapping you with science, a fun segment when he presents science news and then pretends to slap the camera or PA Kevin. You can look for that this weekend and more Today in the News Weekend Edition….

Show us your…. Sports team Bills1

#justcurious: The weird thing I’m strangely obsessed with…

Alan: FREE Fitness Day in Manteca. 199 Vanderbilt Circle 8-4pm Core Performance.
Neda: Recipe from Home. Neda came down from Reno to head to a viewer’s home to get a taste of an burger. What is it you ask? German Bierocks.  It has ricotta in the burger, mozzarella, crispy pancetta, sun dried tomato aioli, heirloom tomato, onion and arugula tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette. The burger is sweet, sour, juicy, crispy and a hint of spice. neda1Michael: Renaissance fruits & vegetables
Mel: 2 Minutes of Mayhem.  Photographer Terry Haggert may have been bitten by a shark on vacation. No video today.
Tina: Fishing with Tina. Tina learns to fish from viewer, Uncle Bernie on Free Fishing Day.
Cody/Amy: While you were at work… Best of the week clips.
Twitter Tape creator Adam Vaughn Skype’s in from England to talk about his Twitter tape invention that
allows him to print out his twitter messages.

Alan: THE LAST! Lodi Warehouse Sale of the year. 25-90% off items. 229 S. Sacramento Street Lodi, CA
Neda: More from Recipes from home. German Bierocks. neda
Michael: More Renaissance fruits & Vegetables.
Tina: Gone Fishin’ Fish without a license today only. Tina catches 5 thus far. See
Uncle Bernie fry some fish tomorrow on Good Day Sacramento.
Cody/Amy: Questions for the Plant Lady. Marlene Simon of U.C. Davis Botanical Conservatory
Cody: Just enough sports. Giants get 26 outs can’t get 27th before giving up the 1 hit. Scuffle in
Japanese baseball. Huge collision at plate in double A baseball.
Gabe from Travelzoo with Getaway deals.
Amy freaks out from special guest on camera.
National Salami Day
It’s National Salami day and Good Day celebrated with everything salami! Chris from Roxie Deli showed off their famous salami sandwhiches, and of course in true Good Day Sacramento fashion they did a salami toss!
Roxie Deli 3340 C St Sacramento, CA 9164435402

Alan: 8th Annual Kingdon Drags Friday, September 6, 2013 – Sunday, September 8, 2013
Kingdon Drags 12145 N. DeVries Rd. Lodi, CA drags
Neda: CrossFit for Confidence Women are doing Crossfit to gain more confidence! Firebreathers in Training Club, Inc. (F.I.T. Club) in partnership with local Crossfit gyms is holding a fundraiser launch at Sports Chalet in Roseville. neda3
Tina: 9/11 Flag Tribute Like many people, a West Sacramento man wanted to honor those we lost on September 11, 2001. So that day he took his flag and waved it from the overpass of his West Sacramento home. His tribute has now grown to 400 American flags and 3000 small American flags, one for each victim, as well as several displays depicting locations where the planes hit. Corner of  Jefferson Blvd. and South River Rd. West Sacramento, CA September 7th-11th Open 24 hours a day.
Cody/Amy: Salami Toss.
Ask the plant lady Marlene continues.
More travelzoo deals.
Author Rob Kroese’s New Book Cody’s favorite local author has a new book out and it’s brilliant. He’ll talk about “Schrodinger’s Gat” and tell us why Cody wasn’t written into this one.
Cody: Renaissance Fair Meal fit for a king. The Renaissance Faire kicks off this weekend in Cameron Park Lake, but before some fair maidens head to the faire, they are stopped by the studio first to give us an exclusive preview! Renaissance Tudor Fayre Cameron Park Lake 9162236725 Today: 10-6pm Sunday 10-5pm
Adults: $12 & Kids & Seniors $8.

Alan: More from 8th Annual Kingdon Drags
Neda: Team Sports Class It’s time for some tiny tots to get down and dirty and play some football! The Fair Oaks Park and Recreation is putting on a team sports class today that is meant to teach young kids how to bond with each other in sports. Fair Oaks Youth Flag
Football Ages 5-14 Boys and Girls September – November 9169661036
Mel: Hot Headlines: Princess Diana film getting bad reviews. Lady Gaga new look. Simon Cowel happy with new baby on way. Carrie Underwood  falls on stage. Victoria Beckham falls off bike. Kristin Calvari gets ticket for driving with California license.
Tina: Sport Poomsae Tourney American River College is hosting the 5th Technical Sport Poomsae Tourney, featuring an artistic form of
non-contact Taekwondo focused on performing techniques to perfection, similar to an athletic ballet. Poomsae at American River College Gyms 4700 College Oak Drive Sacramento, CA Today until 5pm 8882497853
Cody/Amy: Comedian Maz Jobrani
Maz Jobrani came to the United States when he was 6 years old and was raised in Marin County. Since getting his start in several
comedy clubs, Jobrani has made appearances on shows like “The Colbert Report,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” He has also appeared in movies such as “Friday After Next,” “13 Going on 30″ and “The Interpreter.”
Punch Line 2100 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 9169255500 Tonight: 7pm & 9pm
More from Renaissance Fair…. Sword fighting with Cody & Maz. sword
Marlene is back with more plant Q&A’S. plant

Final Thoughts:
It is always great to see old friends from Good Day Sacramento past like today with Neda coming down from Reno to help out. neda2

Today’s show was jammed packed 4 hours of fun. Check out the record breaking performance from Friday Night lights last night below & remember to tune into Good Day Sacramento tomorrow with Ask Eleanor & Star Trek plus we are Dishin With Tina… See you tomorrow Football Sunday.

Friday Night Lights:
After the drive down to Lodi from Elk Grove we finally found the Grape Bowl Stadium and parked about 2 blocks away to only stand in ticket line for about 15 minutes, made the long trek to the other side of the stadium from one end zone to the other to the 50 yard line
and got to enjoy a couple of quick Sheldon scores before the 3 minute mark of the 1st quarter. The Huskies led the Flames 21-0 at the end of 1. At the end of the 1st half Sheldon leads Lodi 48-6. Sheldon led by 4 TD’s passes from Nolan Merker. The Huskies extinguished the Flames 68-13. Merker finished the night with 8 TD passes setting a school record. photo 3 (3) photo 2 (2) photo 1 (2) photo 5 photo 4
El Camino defeated by Colfax 35-28.
Elk Grove 60-7 over Foothill of Redding.
Rodriguez falls to Deer Valley 49-7.
Del Campo runs all over Fairfield. 55-12.

Football Friday Today in the News 9/6/2013:



Football Friday Today in the News 9/6/2013:

Opening Statement:
We made it to Friday and we yare now into full on football mode. The NFL is underway college is a week into it and Friday enters into week 2 or Week 1 in High School because some teams have 0 week taking their bye later in the year. Today also marks the return of High School Kickback on Good Day Sacramento. In previous years when Ashley Williams was a part of it the team covered went 12-4 in an unofficial stat that I would keep track of. You could say Ashley was good luck.
Lets see what else is taking place Today in the News……

Top Stories:
Fire at Stockton recycling plant.
President Obama continues to seek support to attack Syria.
Several Fires (5) burned in Lincoln. Most likely arson.
Rim fire 237K acres 80% contained.
Fully involved home in Sheridan.
From ABC News: August Jobs Report: 169,000 Jobs Added

My58 7-9:
Granite Bay students fired up for Game of the Week

How do make sure you get the best deals when you shop for groceries and other home good?

Who’s your all-time favorite TV actress?

Viewers Voice: Should Non citizens have the right to serve jury.
How to Save on Car Insurance Rates
Dana’s Family Kitchen.
Gary: Cap’s Bar & Grill…. From Farm to Fork. Cap’s Bar & Grill
900 West Capitol Avenue West Sacramento 956919163714200
Polio Plus Motorcycle Rally: Join Rotary’s Fight to End Polio
Arsenio Hall’s Show Coming to FOX40 this Fall arsenio

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&tell: Cody: Brothers in Croatia made Facebook ice cream.
5am Question: What chore were you in charge of as a kid.
5am Club Member: Tara Rogers Carpenter.
Marianne’s Daily list: 3 Foods to Eat for Better Focus. Caffeine. Orange juice. Nuts & chocolate.
Your Daily Joe: Husband funds new kidney for wife by wearing sandwich board. Airline
nanny. Chicken eats British woman diamond earring.
Show us your… Team Pride
Ju: High School Kickbacks: Lodi High School taking on the Sheldon Huskies. Played several games. But can they score touchdowns? More
later. photo 3 (2) photo 2 photo 1 (3)
Toots Maloney: Cool Patch Tractor Facelift Cool Patch Pumpkins is giving its iconic hay tractor a facelift! For years, it has represented Cool Patch Pumpkins and World’s Largest Corn Maze. Jason joined Cool Patch crews as they finish demolishing the old and assemble large bales of hay into a tractor shape, and paint it a John Deere green.
Cool Patch Pumpkins
Open Sept. 15-Nov. 1 9-8pm
6585 Milk Farm Road Dixon, CA 5303040163
Mel: Ten Four Goods
A single mom forced to furlough because of job cutbacks found a creative way to make some extra cash! She took her tax return to launch Ten Four Goods, where she makes reusable canvas bags printed with her family’s artwork!
Courtney: Using Stuff The Wrong Way. Dental Floss. Peanut Butter. Reynolds Wrap.
Alan: Art Break Day
For the past two years, over 10,000 people in cities across the country have participated in the free and public art event. Art Break Day is a daylong celebration that encourages people to sit down, take a short break from their busy lives, and make art for free.
Victory Park 1201 N. Pershing Ave. Stockton, CA
Cody: Natomas principle gets duct taped to wall after scoring high on test. But first they got to practice on Cody.
Kristin: Boxing Donkey Food Roseville’s Boxing Donkey has some new and unique items they’ve added to their menu — including a monster, colossal burger-zilla. donkey burger
Courtney: Mix & Match Patterns with Maisha Bahati, One of the biggest trends has been mixing and matching different patterns and colors, but how do you do it without looking like a textile swatch from Joann’s Fabrics?
Maisha Bahati DESIGNS
Teens Tunes: 70′s
#9amtopic: What would you give up to look younger. 9amtopic
Alan: Mission Trip Rummage Sale
A local church group is looking to do missions to help people around the world, and need a little help to get to the locations.
After months of collecting slightly used items from the community, the group is having a huge rummage sale.
1220 Canal Blvd, Ripon, CA 95366 2095999399
Mel: Launch Fashion Event
It’s the biggest fashion event to hit Sacramento! Top designers from hit shows “Fashion Star” and “Project Runway” will be debuting their line at Launch.
Launch Fashion Event TONIGHT 7:30 p.m. 828 I St Sacramento, CA Tickets start $39
Ken’s Manly Minute
A barber is trained to cut with clippers, the main tool in cutting a man’s hair. Cosmetologists, on the other hand, are trained to use scissors. That’s why when you ask the stylist at SuperCuts to use the number 2, you walk away with a bad haircut; but, a barber can employ the clippers with finesse.Why Men Love The Barbershop. Barbers are trained. Great place to chat. Great shave. Father / Son bonding. Feel like a real man.  c barber
Question: Favorite Football team.
Dance Party: Sugar Hill Gang. Rappers Delight.

Thursday Night Football:
After a long off season the NFL is back on Thursday night. This Week 1 game had the Baltimore Raven’s defending their Super Bowl title on the road against the Denver Broncos. After a 34 minute rain/weather delay the 2 teams kicked off the 2013 season. At the start both
teams seemed sloppy but later settled in to the two teams we all expected them to be. After the first half the Ravens led the Broncos 17-14. When the 2nd half began it became the Peyton Manning show. Peyton finished with over 400 yards & 7 TD’s. The final score was 49-27 Denver, thus making Laura Skirde very happy and Kristin Marshall not so much after losing a bet had to wear orange today. lost bet

One College game of note saw Sac State fall to Arizona State 56-0. The Hornets need to eat their honey to get their sting back now 0-2.

Final Thought:
Now that the weekend is here we can all sit back and enjoy the weather. Yes it is said it will be HOT in triple digits so what’s
better than watching college & NFL all weekend. weather1

It’s defiantly a football Friday on Good Day Sacramento today as they brought back High School Kickback. Also on MY58 previewing their game from Granite Bay. I’ll have much more from the high school level tomorrow in the weekend edition of Today in the News. College scores on Sunday & of course the NFL Monday & Tuesday. So don’t forget to sit back relax & watch Cody & Amy this weekend on Good
Day Sacramento Weekend 7-11am. Until then have a great weekend and dance into the weekend..