Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flags photo 2 (2) photo 3 Color Run

English: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ar...

English: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. –CJKpi 18:58, 10 June 2007 (UTC) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today in the News 5/27/2013:
Top Stories:
Memorial Day Events
Rain on the way for the Memorial Holiday

Viewers Voice: Who are you honoring!
Much of the same stories were shown on the 3 networks just some have more fun doing it and or tell it with more interesting ways of telling the story. This by no means slamming Fox40.

Rise of prices over beef
Sacmusicfest Recap
25,000 guest wedding…. Who knows that many people
My58 question: What are you grilling today

Good Day Sacramento:
Show & Tell: Amy fed the Sloth Eddy at zoo.
5am question: How do you remember loved ones?
5am Club Member: Megan & Justin
Clip of Saving Private Ryan was shown… One of my FAVORITE Movies
Mark: Breakfast at your place… Camping: Stockton KOA
Color Me Rad 5k run with Amy to benefit Special Olympics had 5000+ runners
Kristin Vietnam Wall traveling replica (This story was covered on all shows)
Mel: BBQ money saving tips Great grocery store deals on things for your BBQ needs
Alan: Day camp in Manteca GK Music & Fine Arts Academy June 3 2099234121
Mel: Barbershop 1/2 All services donated to wounded warriors. Kaperszak 621 Plumas Street Yuba City 5308708971
Ken: fact: Taps is played up to at least 30 times a day at Arlington National Cemetery….. Chilling
Tomb of Unknown Soldier Story as told by one. That was chilling. Did you know each soldier Must get 95-100 questions right to be considered
Courts Tunes: Theme America
Ken’s Manly Minute: Proper ways to honor Memorial Day: visit cemeteries , visit memorials, fly us flag at half staff, national moment of remembrance, 12, renew pledge
Kristin: 10k wounded veteran run in Folsom
Marianne: Daily List: How to stay healthy during holiday BBQ…  Fill before go, assess situation, eat one helping
Mark: Hydro-peddle bike racing in Delta A race for the ages a fight to the finish. Or just good fun entertainment
Alan: vintage military vehicles. Flags of our father military vehicle convoy. A club in Lodi
#9amtopic Pics of heroes

Happy Memorial Day to all the Soldiers Past Present

Matt D




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