Catfish (SS-339) underway, during her visit to...

Catfish (SS-339) underway, during her visit to the Far East, 1956. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today in the News 5/29/2013:
Top stories:
Rain falls over night/chilly temps
Police search for robbery suspect
Hwy50 closing overnight for road repairs.
Flint MI suffers tornado

Viewers Voice:  Does the fact some businesses will be forced out to build new arena change how you feel.
Obama gets lipstick on shirt blames Jessica Sanchez aunt.
Snap Chat: a new iPhone app that takes pics & then u & friends can chat about it. Don’t we do that already on Facebook, twitter and Instagram?
Can you spare a square? Buy an extra pack while shopping, donate it to charity at @UnitedWayCCR & @FOX40 #TPDrive at Cal Expo on June 13

My58 7-9:
Teens stopping others from texting & Driving
Shakira talks Voice

Good Day Sacramento:
Show and Tell: USS Catfish pics of city in
1951SF through periscope SFgate Blog
5am question: I’m weak when it comes to…
5am Club member: Christian and Kalite (Spelling)
Show us your 2 wheels: Viewers send pics of their motorcycles and/or
Bike/ Author, Rene Cormier rides bike around world in 4 year period. Spent $25 a day.
Mark: Breakfast at your place from executive chef Reyes To talk about The Grape Escape a cooking challenge Saturday Cesar Chevaz park 4-7 Tickets at save-mart $35.
Amy: Farmers market in furniture store in Vacaville 12 vendors in all. Eco Chic 318 Main Street Vacaville, CA 7076246168
Wedding Day Fail: Hall County, GA 27 people fall into lake
Beer Brewing Program: From UC San Diego also available at UC Davis
Truck Tracker: Wax Museum made by a local school as part of a History Project. 5th grade class. Amazing how still kids are
Most lucrative song ever: jimmy Buffet Margaritaville
This is not what it looks like. #9amtopic
Kristin: goes behind the scenes at Thunder Valleys kitchen
Dishin with Tina  – La Familia taqueria Mexican Food.
Mark: Local dj’s get cash for charity
Marianne’s Daily List: Avoid Temptation: Imagine your future self, Phone a friend, change your environment
Bikes for the Ballet… A silent auction to raise money for Sacramento Ballet company. May 31-June 12 bidding on bikes.
Ken’s Manly Minute: Ways to date an aggressive woman: Be just as aggressive, don’t get scared, try new things, intrigue her, kiss her off guard.
Final question of the day: Who would you represent at wax Museum

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