Raley Field

Raley Field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Colin Kaepernick prepares to pass the...

English: Colin Kaepernick prepares to pass the ball in an away game against Hawaii Rainbow Warriors, October 16, 2010. Cropped from original. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today in the News 7/10/2013:
A lot of the headlines from yesterday were from the NTSB news conference regarding Asiana 214 finding that 2 flight attendants flew out of the back of the plane and survived. The other big story is a friend of NFL player Aaron Hernandez stated Hernandez was in fact the shooter that led to the death in which he is charged. So what’s happening Today in the News?…

Top Stories:
TSA disrespects Purple Heart soldier.
3 fires break out in Roseville minutes from each other
HWY128 in Winters closed due to large fire burning.
SMUD power outage to 3000+ Sacramento customers.
20 people injured when a deck collapsed in North Carolina.

My 58 7-9:
Eppie Great Team race through William Pond Park. www.thegreateace.org. Saturday 7/20/2013

Viewers Voice:  Have you ever witnessed discrimination in the workplace?
Race for the ring preview. July 13, 2013 to benefit Sacramento Food Bank.
Formula 209: Heritage Elementary in Lodi does California art out of trash.
Pan roasted chicken breast from Café Bernardo’s
Sacramento Magazine summer escape checklist

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&tell: Marianne: Hostess adds. Countdown clock for Twinkie returns. Cody: Nicholas from Garden app interviews President Obama not
the First Lady as planned. Will be in studio Friday to talk about trip.

Kings trade for Mbaha Moute for 2 draft picks.
5am Question: what talk show would you like to be a part of.
5am Club Member: Mother/Daughter: Kathy and Tiffany having son soon naming Gunner.
Marianne’s Daily List: 3 illegal interview questions: Have you ever been arrested. Married/Kids. Drink socially?
News of the Weird: snake in a car. 20lbs lobster found off coast of Mass. Monkey in India sneaks in a pool and swims.
Baby Names: Girls: Imogen Charlotte Harper Eleanor Violet. Boys: Asher Finn Declan Django James.
Summer Plans…
Sacramento Soccer Day coming July 18, 2013 at Raley Field.
Amy: Pina Colada Day. From Early Toast 761 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Roseville, CA 9167841313 Made piña colada omelet, pancakes, waffle & French toast as well as drinks. Open 7 days a week Hours: Sun-Wed 6-3pm / Thurs-Sat 6-9pm.
Mark: Water Proof technology and Apps. www.gasbuddy.com Poster Gram. Send digital post card for $0.99. Water Proof iPhone case. Water
proof blue tooth.
Marianne/Cody: Viagra for woman: Bill Willis from Grandpa’s Pharmacy talks about it. Helps increase sensitivity in area. It’s like a cream rubbed into body 7563 Green Valley Road Placerville, CA.
Colin Kaepernick poses nude for ESPN Magazine Body issue.
14 month old Portland girl buys car on eBay.
Farmers & Chefs event this Saturday 530pm – 930pm 926 J Street Sacramento, CA 9164924450.
Tina: Slot Flops holds credit cards in your flip flops. Flop tops cute designs that fit in your flip flop.
#9amtopic Was Purple Heart soldier disrespected by TSA?
Teens Tunes: 80’s
Dishin’ with Tina: @tvtina_ju Siam Patio 9830 Fair Oaks Blvd. Fair Oaks (916) 844-2102 Specializing in Coconut rice and Thai Ice Tea.
Michael Marks: Sacramento Food bank Farm to Fork program.
Ju: Trending Topics: Flask bracelet. Turkish man locks head in cage to quit smoking. Woman gets letter from NASA saying no plans to allow
women in space. Abercrombie bans black clothing from their stores.

Kristin: Summer of Service Program. Art and writing a book for kids show casing project at McClatchy HS on 7/25/2013. You can also share your stories as a kid/teen by sending your stories to…sutterminers25@gmail.com
Final Question: I would like a
fast pass for….
Final Thought:
Normally I talk about mainly the morning shows and I will be but remember when I started this blog I said I would talk about other news shows throughout the day. Well 2 weeks in a row Where the news comes first whoever is in charge of spell check has failed. Okay grant it I’m
not the best speller but I don’t get paid to be either. Last week they spelt service with an “S” Servise. Last night they spelled Injured Injuured. Come on, really? You guys boast about how great you are but you can’t even spell simple words used in 1st grade. (See pics).
photo 3photo 2

Now onto My58… Your attempt at humor sucks. My best friends 4 year old nephew tells better jokes. Leave the humor to Good Day Sacramento and not Brian Hickey or Tao Torres.
Fox 40 did good today of course no address for the cooking segment but at least you were filled with a ton of not boring segments in the 9am hour.
Good Day Sacramento I thought had a great #9amtopic about the soldier and TSA. Some great responses on Facebook and twitter. I felt all there segments provided a ton of info as well as educational. The Sutter Middle School program is just a great idea. I love Dishin with Tina on Both Sunday & Wednesday. Tomorrow one of my other favorite segments when Ju does DIY in the 9.
So until tomorrow reach out and tell someone close to you that you love them because you may not have the chance tomorrow.

photo 1 photo 2 road


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