NASCAR, Twins & Weddings… Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 2/23/2014:

Opening Statement:
One of the things as a Sports fan to look forward to after the Super Bowl is the Super Bowl of racing. When most sports have their championship games at the end the Daytona 500 is and has always been the BIGGEST race of the season. The 56th Annual Daytona 500 is today and while many believe Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, and Dale Jr. are favorites I need to go on the side of my BEST friend who loved Jeff Gordon. When she found out he was a local boy (Vallejo) she immediately adopted him as her driver and I will always support that and her. 

But before we can racing we need to see what takes place Today in the News, so without further ado, Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2…..

Special Announcements:
Sac Comic Con
Meet Stan Lee March 7-9, 2014

Cody Stark: We all know Cody from Good Day Sacramento but for those who have never met Cody over the next couple of weekends I am going to try to introduce you to the man long time Good Day Viewers love. Cody was born in Alabama and has a set of beautiful parents and a sister. Yes Cody graciously took his sister to prom after the gentleman she was going to go with broke her heart prior to. Cody did attend Auburn University however he left prior to graduating to pursue a different adventure.

When we last left off Cody attended Auburn but left early to pursue a different adventure. Cody was at one time a Jungle Cruise Skipper at Disney World and yes he knows deep dark Disney secrets. Cody lived in England for awhile before getting his first weather job in Alabama at a small station. Cody worked in several markets prior to landing in Indianapolis but it was Good Day Sacramento that he wanted. 9 years ago that dream drew closer with him hired at CBS13 in the Weather Department. So what happened next? Find out more next week….

When we last left off Cody was recently hired at CBS 13 Weather but it was still Good Day that he wanted. Eventually that day would come and after the departure of Chris Burrous Cody would step in as main host of Good Day Weekend, at that time the show was airing at 6am-10am He has seen his share of Co-host in his tenure of the weekend show starting off with Taryn Winter Brill, when Taryn left Kelly Chapman, Jackie Trancedia, Lori Wallace, Mark Mathis, Melissa Cabral, Amy Carabba. But through it all and all the changes at Co-Anchor Cody has made the weekend show what it is today and took a show that was good and made it better. Cody has introduced the 838 stretch, Birthday Nod, #JustCurious. Cody has broke twitter on several occasions including #IronBowlCody, #ShouldhavebeenthereCody to name a few. Cody also takes time during the week to tweet TV shows which is where #HalfCow was born during the live tweets of the CBS Show Under the Doom and trust me his tweet up during this show makes it better. 

One final thought about Cody Stark. As many of you know Cody is a very “Real” person and getting to know Cody as I have and do I am lucky to call him friend. Cody is like a brother to me and I am grateful that I’ve gotten to become friends with the Legend of Cody Stark. Cody is the person who thought of the idea for me to write “Today in the News” amongst other things. Cody is a TRUE friend and is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. 

I hope you liked this 3 part series on Cody Stark.

News You Can Use… Top Headlines:
Cody is still out ill.
Amy and Lori dress as twins.
Shot’s fired at Naughty Gras Saturday night
Mountain Lions spotted in Vacaville

Dishin With Tina Cambi Brown – Choice at…
11th & O Streets
Sacramento, CA
Hours: Monday – Thursday 7am – 930pm / Friday – Sunday 7am – 10pm
http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/9873084-dishin-with-tina-vallejos/  dishin cambi

Ask Eleanor:
Follow Eleanor 7 Days a week on Facebook and see her reports every Sunday live on Good Day Weekend
Today Eleanor talked about… Glen Campbell is not doing well. Christina Aguilera expecting. Marie Osmond not working with current husband who was her first. Brooke Burke FIRED from DWTS. Amazing Race Tonight on CBS / Survivor Wednesday on CBS check local listings. 

Show us your… Twins for Twin Day twins

#GDSJustCurious: What tattoo would you get and where. 

Nina: Nascar Birthday Party
Hunt’s Race World
900 Riverside Avenue
Roseville, CA 
http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/9873004-nascar-party-basics/  nascar nina

Cambi: What’s For Breakfast
The Avenue Grill
506 W Lodi Ave.
Lodi, CA

Mel: Empire Comics Talking all things Marvel Comics and The Guardians of the Galaxy
Empire Comics
1120 Fulton Avenue, Suite K
Sacramento, CA

Nina: Goes under the hood at Bill McNally Racing. 
BMR/NAPA Auto Care
900 Riverside
Roseville, CA
Kids get a FREE hat/shirt Monday in honor of the Daytona 500
http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/9873068-nascar-party-basics-pt-2/ nina

Cambi: Estate Sale
445 Madrone, Ct.,
Lodi. CA
Today: 9am-3pm

Mel: Vibrating Alarm: Will It Work
Will it Work??

Amy: Contestant #1 Kathy from Throwdown challenge introduced. Uses turkey over ground beef. 

Lori: Chase Contestant #2 for Throwdown Challenge introduced. Use cheese on top and potatoes on bottom and Vegetable beef soup. 

Amy: Wedding Trends with FEARON MAY EVENTS

Nina: Flappy Guppy Charity Event. 
From Nina: “Ever since the creator of “Flappy Bird” pulled his app all kinds of clones have been popping up EVERYWHERE!!!  I had no idea the game was so big!  There have been Fall Out Boy clones, Miley Cyrus clones, etc…..but this clone is probably one of the best.  Introducing, “Flappy Guppy”.  The Creators of the app are from Sacramento AND they want to help your favorite charity. How?  Who ever has the highest score on “Flappy Guppy” by Feb. 28th gets to choose which charity the “Flappy Guppy” guys will donate $1,000 to.  That’s so awesome!!!!”

Cambi: Ernie’s General Store
Open Daily 6am
4407 E. Waterloo Rd.
Stockton, CA

Lori: Camp Bow Wow
9263 Bendel Place
Elk Grove, CA 95624
Weekdays: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Weekends: 7:00 am – 11:00am; 3:00 PM-7:00 PM

Mel:  Cabral’s Coupon Clinic
Cabral’s Coupon Clinic
For a Cheat Sheet email Melissa at mcabral@kmaxtv.com

Amy: Wedding Trends continued with Fearon May Events talking about Wedding Dresses from Enchanted Bridal Shop. 

Amy: T.S. Elliot is our 3rd competitor for the Throwdown Challenge, she uses Coconut Cream in her recipe. 

Jason: Truck Tracker Update Flashmob in Stockton yesterday and Any ideas for next weekend. Send ideas to goodday@kmaxtv.com 

Nina:  Dream Wedding Show
Cal Expo
1600 Exposition Blvd
Sacramento, CA

Cambi: Stockton’s Newest Engaged couple that used a Flash Mob proposal. Daniel and DeAndrea relive the special moment from Saturday. 

Mel: Coupon Clinic continues. 

Lori: Hot Headlines: Jessica Alba and family go to Target. One Direction Harry and girlfriend call it quits. Hulk Hogan 60 years old coming back to WWE. Simon Cowell out and about on the lake minus baby. Christina and Fiance out on the town.

Amy: Meet the judges including Papa Murphy’s Pizza and Dan and Michelle Mornings on Mix 96 from 5-10 a.m. Today’s Hits and Yesterday’s Favorites for today’s….
Shepard’s Pie Throwdown Challenge

Amy: Wedding Trends Continue with Ice Cream Bar and Phone app for Wedding pics. This takes the place of the throw away camera’s on the table I think. 

Jason: Truck Tractor update. Pig Fest in Davis, CA next Saturday.

Amy: The ThrowDown Challenge Winner is…. Chase. 

Quick Thought:
Cody was still out ill today but Melissa and Nina were back. So with Melissa, Nina, Lori, Cambi, and Amy it was yet another Ladies of Good Day Sacramento Day. Melissa definitely brings that upper energy that we all love as does Nina. Lori and Amy had to handle the Throwdown Challenge while Cambi knows how to keep it real in the 209 today. 


First to kick things off this hour was already better than yesterday’s when Lori and Amy dressed alike today and both looked so pretty. Also Melissa was at Empire Comics checking out all things Marvel and talking about the upcoming movie Guardian. Cambi was in Lodi finding out what’s for breakfast at The Avenue Grill. This spot has some GREAT looking food and a lot of happy customers. It was packed full. Nina was checking out how to get ready for NASCAR and today’s Daytona 500 at Hunt’s Race World in Roseville. Eleanor was in studio all the juicy Hollywood Gossip including some sad news that Country Singer Glen Campbell is not in very good health. It was also discovered that Jake Gyllenhaal DOES NOT have a twin. 

Nina was in the Bill McNally garage changing tires and using power drills this hour. Cambi was at a Lodi Estate Sale, We met 2 of the first competitors for the Sheppard’s Pie Throwdown Challenge. Melissa was dropping off a very unique alarm clock for one local girl to try tonight and we will get the results tomorrow on Good Day in the 6am hour. Today is Sunday so that means Tina is Dishin With Tina – Cambi Brown’s choice at Vallejo’s in Sacramento. 

In the 9am hour Amy and Fearon had more Wedding Trends for 2014 including dresses, Melissa was sharing coupon secrets at the Coupon Clinic. Nina was in Downtown Sacramento with a team of app makers who made the Flappy Guppy app and has challenged everyone to play and if you have the highest score by Feb 28 they will donate $1000 to your favorite charity. Cambi went back to Ernies General Store to check out just how amazing the store is. It looks like a gas station on the outside but it’s a whole other world on the inside, gifts, liquors, deli and more.

From NASCAR, to Changing tires, to Flappy Guppy’s Nina has her 4th costume change in this hour checking out the Wedding Expo. She may not be a bride today but no one in their right mind will wait much longer to put a ring on this one’s beautiful finger. Cambi was in Stockton meeting the newly engaged couple who used a Flash Mob to help propose. Melissa continued giving GREAT coupon tips at her Coupon Clinic. Jason gave yet another Truck Tracker update that included checking out the Pig Fest in Davis next Saturday. Lori had her Hot Headlines that included Jessica Alba and family taking a trip to Target. Amy talks more Wedding Trends including a Waffle Ice Cream bar. Do we need a wedding for that I say skip the wedding and just have Ice Cream. The winner of the Sheppard’s Pie Throwdown Challenge is announced and the WINNER IS CHASE!!! Chase used a cheese topping that overwhelmed the judges. 

Final Thoughts:
When we last left on Friday we danced into the weekend as we always do to get ready for Cody and Amy to take the controls but this weekend Cody was out ill. Amy and Lori did a GREAT job guiding us through the show not just today but all weekend long. It is always difficult when shorthanded but they and everyone did the job they are expected to do and for that I want to thank everyone at Good Day Sacramento.

Nina did a GREAT job working NASCAR I would like to see her do more when NASCAR comes to Sonoma for the SaveMart 350 in May. I LOVE Melissa and she always brings the fun train with her on live shots and that still holds true today with her Coupon Clinic, Comic Book segment and Alarm Clock drop off. Cambi is a GREAT reporter who I love having on Good Day and Good Day Weekend. her personality is perfect for the show. 

I love Sunday’s on Good Day because it’s Eleanor Day as well as Dishin with Tina and both delivered great segments today. 

I love my mom’s Sheppard’s Pie with her Garlic Potatoes but even I was impressed with the contestants recipe’s today. I would love to taste the winners pie it had cheese. on top. Yum.

I don’t have plans to get married anytime soon but I thought the tips from Fearon were very cool. I really liked the Ice Cream Social idea for a part of the reception. 

The comments poured in for Cody to get well today as well.

All and all the show today was very good but it is time to think about the week ahead and for that we can now look ahead to the week

Looking Ahead To Good Day Sacramento:

FAKE Baby Results
Vibrating Alarm: Will It Work
Will it Work??
Watch Good Day Tomorrow 6:12!!

Tina Returns
Good Day men take on Sac State Woman in Basketball

Cody Returns
Dishin With Tina Cambi Brown – Choice at…
11th & O Streets
Sacramento, CA
Hours: Monday – Thursday 7am – 930pm / Friday – Sunday 7am – 10pm

Gina from ThriftTown

Dance Party Friday

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Pig Fest – Davis, CA

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina at…

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