WAKE UP!!! It’s Today in the News 2/24/2014:

Opening Statement:
To lead off today we are going to have a variety of topics mainly because I am in the mood to write and when that happens I have a lot of thoughts. 

First I want to welcome back My58. They got a 2 week Olympic Break from me so now they are back. 

Yesterday was quite a day in the Sports world. The Sochi Games closed, and the Daytona 500 had a 6.5 hour rain delay and after it was all said and done Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the Checkered flag. Jeff Gordon finished in 4th. But you can’t go wrong with Dale.

Yesterday the Box Office numbers were released and  Everything is Awesome this week for The Lego Movie. For the 3rd week in a row this loveable movie takes the top spot at the Box Office sending the competition out of the room. With The Lego Movie making over $31 Million dollars it has a 3 week gross of $183,160,000 and it only cost $60M to make. Earlier this week the Movie company announced this franchise would continue with a part 2. Kevin Costner may have had 3 Day’s to Kill but it barely wounded Pompeii to take the #2 spot. With that said Pompeii opened to a disappointing 3rd followed by Robocop at 4 and Monuments Men rounds out the top 5.
Box Office Winners:
1. The Lego Movie $31,450M
2. 3 Days to Kill $12,300M
3. Pompeii $10,010M
4. Robocop $9,4000M
5. The Monuments Men $8,100M  maatm 230 3

What is taking place Today in the News…. 

Special Announcements:
Sac Comic Con
Meet Stan Lee March 7-9, 2014
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3mMBRWIiAI  stan lee

News You Can Use… Today’s Top Headlines:
Funeral services for fallen CHP officers today. 
BART trains running again on Bay Point Line after derailment
Netflix to download faster
Senator Ron Calderon expected to turn himself in today.
Auto vs. Ped in West Sacramento
Selma Hayek’s Brother involved in a crash that killed his passenger. 
Actor Harold Ramis has died at age 69
http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2014/02/24/ghostbusters-actor-harold-ramis-dead-at-69/ harold

My58 7-9:
Is your child an AP candidate? http://on.kcra.com/1cI6zyu 

Got a Birthday coming up? Happy birthday to you! Check out the free stuff you can get on your birthday at these chains.http://on.kcra.com/1h6eO9c  http://ow.ly/i/4Hkqr 

15 most memorable Sochi moments http://on.kcra.com/1cHYr0Y 

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: KCRA 3/My58 TV: https://www.facebook.com/KCRA3   
Photos: My58

Viewers Voice: Sacramento’s Canna Care marijuana dispensary is squaring off against the IRS in court today. The business is refusing to pay a $100,000 settlement offer which would allow them to stay in business. They claim the IRS isn’t allowing them to deduct normal business expenses like rent and employee salaries because marijuana isn’t legal nationally. Our Viewers Voice question: Should the IRS treat marijuana dispensaries like other businesses? 

Don’t Be That Guy hits home today… Sabrina talked about Noisy Neighbors! From lawnmowers and leaf blowers before the crack of dawn, to the brilliant parents who give their kids a brand new drum set for their birthday.

Everything must go – out with the old and in with the new. An auction will be held at the old Campbell’s Soup facility on Franklin Boulevard to make way for the new owners.
Get details of the auction here —> http://go.fox40.com/1jsvEiI soup

Zohreen: Local restaurant owners are taking part in the Green Restaurant Symposium today. Big topic is CA drought crisis  Green restaurant

The Roaming Spoon in the Fox40 Kitchen

Oakhill Elementary school helping students with a clothes/shoe donation drive for school in Louisiana. 420 lbs of clothes collected so far.

Bethany Motivation Monday with Mama Bootcamp with Loriann  HIIT workouts give high benefit. Stay hydrated.www.mamabootcamp.com 9163008576 Mention Fox40.

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Fox40 TV 
Photos: Fox40

Good Day Sacramento:  ad 8
Show&Tell: Courtney: The artist’s signature work at Capital one floor tile is missing. Ken: Met a kid with a High Top Fade. 

5am #Questionoftheday: Name something you slept through that you shouldn’t have. 
http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/9874958-question-of-the-day/ question

5am Club Member: Cameron Fitzpatrick

Marianne’s Daily List: Perk Up!  3 Fun Facts About Smiley Faces. Cheer up insurance employees. Someone else capitalized. Smiley face stamps created in 1999

Show us your: Sleep pics  sleepy pics

Mark: On his way to meet a Game Show Family Mark stopped by Chucks to find out What’s for Breakfast.
Chucks  Hamburgers
6034 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95207
Mon-Thu 6 am – 5 pm Fri-Sat 5 am – 6 pm

Melissa struggles today because she forgot her phone forgot phone

Mel: 15 year old Olivia put the Vibrating Alarm to the test over night and the results are…. It woke everyone up but Olivia who was awake but annoyed. 

Mark: Continued to put people in Chucks to the Game Show test. 

Courtney: Weird or Worth it… Exert Body Spray helps keep you cool when your body heat rises. $30 a bottle

Mark: Meet  the Sass Family, Why? Because they are playing the Feud tonight at 7 on the Family Feud on CW31. This family 
is full of Game Show history.

Ken: Facebook Bringing You Down? Ryan from Nerds on Call has tips and tricks. 
Nerds on Call
4315 Marconi Ave.
Sacramento,  CA
800-919-NERD 8009196373

Amy: Front Street Shelter Fashion.
Front Street Shelter has new clothes for your pet
Front Street Animal Shelter 
2127 Front Street
Sacramento, CA 

Mark: Continued from the Sass Family x2

Cambi: Sleep Study tips with…. 
Sutter Neuroscience Institute

Ken: Nerds on Call – Online Job Scams and how to spot them.

#9amtopic: According to “Nerds on Call,” happy posts on Facebook tend to bring people down. We want to hear your thoughts. Does Facebook bring you down?

Mel: New Year For You Viewer Regina gets a makeover 
Lisa Kennedy
Personal Stylist // Closet Candy
@vipclosetcandy (Instagram handle)
Kim Shak
Makeup Artist // Pure Studio
Kristin Harris
Hairstylist // Esthetics by Jeanette

Amy: With Matt Wilson talking about Upscale Junk Food
To get Tickets and Info on Make-A-Wish Northeastern California and Northern Nevada:
Matteo’s: http://www.pizzamatteo.com/

Court’s Tunes: Retro Commercials 

Courtney: Fashion Forum.. Looking back at past Award Show fashions and Mercedes Benz Fashion Show for the upcoming trends for the year. Aisha Taylor takes spill in platform shoes. 

Ken: Good Day Goofballs get practice time in before they take on the Sac State Ladies in a Basketball game on Tuesday but it wasn’t so much they really can’t play Mark dropped and shattered his phone. 

Ju/Laura talked to Naptime Mommy who reviewed products for moms and kids. Go to her website to enter a chance to win a diaper bag worth nearly $200. 

Mel: Makeover Reveal… WOW! She looked amazing.

Ken’s Manly Minute: 5 Tips For The Big Game.  Focus on the now. Worry about yourself. Have fun. Forget personal goals. Be distracted. 


Final #Questionoftheday: It might not look like it but I’m really good at _____

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV 
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.
Quick Thought:
My58 was given a 2 week break for the Olympics so they are back today.
Fox did a nice job today with a lot more segments to talk about than My58 did.
Good Day was waking up people, testing their sleep and knowledge, and lots of fashion even for your dog.

All this and more in Today in the News… 

My58 is back after I gave them a two week break, I may extend that after today. I think the best story is what Free things you can get on your birthday and 15 moments from Sochi. Other than that not much to go on Sorry.

Today on Fox40 Bethany talked workout for Motivational Monday, Zohreen talked about restaurant’s coming together during the drought, Eric talked about Oakhill Elementary school helping another school collect clothes and shoes. and Sabrina had my favorite segment from Monday’s on Fox Don’t be that guy. 

Good Day Sacramento:
In this hour Courtney talked about the art in the Capital including the artist’s signature of leaving 1 tile out on the floor so he knew it was his, Ken talked about a young man he met Friday with a High Top Fade in today’s Show and Tell, Marianne had her Daily talking about the history of the Smiley face. Courtney had the 5am Club Member of the Day and today’s Question of the Day of What did you sleep through that you shouldn’t have. The Show us your sleepy pictures is today’s photo topic of the day.

In this hour Melissa revealed the results of the alarm clock from yesterday. IT WAS REALLY LOUD and annoying. Mark continued from Chucks in Stockton. Courtney had another Weird or Worth it with Julian for Exert Body Spray. It appeared to have mixed results. 

This hour we met the Sass family for 2 segments. Mark was talking with this local Stockton family before their Family Feud showing airs tonight and they have a history of being on game shows, Price is Right, Minute to Win it, Millionare and more Amy was at the Front Street Shelter checking out their newest fashion line for your dogs. Ken was talking to Ryan from Nerds on Call about how Facebook brings people’s moods down. 

In the 8am hour Mark continued with the Sass Family from Stockton. Ken chatted with Ryan from Nerds on call about Online Job Scams. Melissa was there when one local viewer got a makeover and Amy was checking out Gourmet Junk Food which is a benefit to donate money to Make-a-Wish. This event is in March so get your tickets now before the 1st. Cambi was at Sutter Roseville talking about Sleep issues and learning about Sleep Studies and more. The #9amtopic was introduced “Does Facebook Bring you down” and Court’s tunes was played. 

In this hour we met the players of the Good Day Goofball Basketball team who will be taking on Sac State Girls tomorrow. Let’s hope they don’t keep score because it will be ugly. Courtney had another edition of her Fashion Forum. Melissa revealed the viewer makeover, Julissa and Laura guided us through the hour and the #9amtoptic in addition to talking to Naptime Mommy about her blog and product reviews. Ken had his Manly Minute how to focus on the Big Game you might be playing in. Courtney had the final question of the day was asked What are you good at.

Final Thoughts:
Received a message from Ken Rudulph today regarding FAKE baby results. While not saying why the push back it makes sense that they pushed it back to Wednesday because this is the one day EVERYONE involved is in house. Amy and Cambi use this for their Friday while Jason, comes back and Tina comes back on Tuesday and Ken and Mark are there Monday – Friday. Ken did confirm he dropped out on Tuesday though I do not have confirmation on Cambi, Jason, or Amy I can confirm Mark and Tina completed the challenge that ended on Friday. 

I am really sorry about the lack of My58 today. I haven’t decided what if anything I will do with them but at the time of this writing I may drop them until March 8, 2014. More on that date later next week.

Fox40 and Good Day did a nice job today with content I like to use for this blog. I understand at times you need to drop stories much like Good Day had to do today but My58 is just so disappointing at times. 

To leave on a Good Note we saw a preview of the Goofballs today on the court as they get set to take on the Sac State Womens Team. 

So what else is taking place tomorrow and this week…. 

Looking Ahead to what’s coming up on Good Day Sacramento:

Tina Returns
Good Day men take on Sac State Woman in Basketball

Cody Returns
FAKE Baby Final results
Dishin With Tina Cambi Brown – Choice at…
11th & O Streets
Sacramento, CA
Hours: Monday – Thursday 7am – 930pm / Friday – Sunday 7am – 10pm

Gina from ThriftTown

Dance Party Friday

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Pig Fest – Davis, CA

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina at…
Nina’s Day

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