Cuddling?….. Today in the News 2/26/2014:

Opening Statement:
To kick off today I want to talk to you about 3 things. The first thing is I again have decided to cover My58 today. However should they continue this week Next week will ONLY be Good Day Sacramento because I have a very busy week ahead but more on that later next week.

The other thing I want to talk about is tomorrow on Good Day Sacramento, Produce Man Michael Marks will celebrate his 25th year on television. You can normally see Michael during Good Day Weekend with Cody and Amy but he does make occasional appearances on the Weekday show. Michael got his start from the GREAT Dewey Hopper asking him to do a segment 25 years ago. Congratulations Michael on your outstanding career the one time I met you was a pleasure.

All this and more including Dishin With Tina Today in the News…..

Special Announcements:
Sac Comic Con
Meet Stan Lee March 7-9, 2014
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3mMBRWIiAI stan lee

Spread to word about this event that benefits our friends at WEAVE, Inc. !
SHARE, SHARE, SHARE $10 DRESSES! All designers, all styles, even wedding dresses! 100% of dresses purchased will benefit WEAVE, Inc. too! A great cause and a great deal. Spread the word and join us for Now That’s A Dress. Click here for info –> http://bit.ly/1o64gqY dress

News You Can Use… Today’s Top Headlines:
Car got stuck on Light Rail Track, Car was removed without incident. 
Rain on the way
Yet another storm heading for East Coast 
Overturned big rig in Tracy Overturned strawberry truck snarls traffic on I-580 http://on.kcra.com/1cQdzcC big rig 1 big rig

My58 7-9:
New store in El Dorado Hills is just for runners http://on.kcra.com/1cQgdiB 

The Riggs Report: Roderick Wright gets paid leave of absence http://on.kcra.com/1cPTjI8

Genie Door Opener Recall 

Chicago PD and Law and Order SVU combine shows tonight starting at 9 and 10 on KCRA

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: KCRA 3/My58 TV: https://www.facebook.com/KCRA3   
Photos: My58

Viewers Voice: $30 for 30 minutes… starting today you can pay someone for cuddling. Its called The Cuddle Connection in Roseville, where professional cuddlers will give you the cuddle you need. If you’re feeling extra-cuddly you can for for an hour, just $49. Our Viewers Voice question: Would you pay a stranger for cuddling? 

This is a 2000 Corbin Sparrow. Kind of looks like a Jelly Bean right? The California Automobile Museum is giving people a look at the history of alternative fuel and electric cars until June 15. car

Today’s VIP Code Word of the Day for Comic Con William Shatner to enter to win. fox comic

Time 2 Cuddle preview in Roseville

Sabrina Talked about a Literacy Study 5. San Antonio, 4. El Paso, 3. Stockton. 2. Corpus Cristi, 1. Bakersfield. show most illiterate cities in USA.

Black Oak Casino in Fox40 Kitchen. 

Eric: Elk Grove aims to be fittest city in America

Zohreen: Beer Week coming up Feb 28 – March 9 Zohreen plays giant Jenga kung fu

High Tech Martial Arts Body Armor 

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Fox40 TV 
Photos: Fox40, Zohreen

Good Day Sacramento:
Show&Tell: None

5am #Questionoftheday: Favorite After School snack as a kid. 

5am Club Member: Missy and Jade.

Marianne’s Daily List: Daily List 3 Tips to Writing a Thank-You Note After a Job Interview – And Why You Should Keep it short. Re-hash the high points. Promise to follow-up.

Show us your: Storm Beat Street Team pics 

Mark: News of the Weird: Child took a beer to school after picking the wrong can out. 2 dogs take a truck for a spin. Woman gets condolence letter for her death, she’s not dead. 

Ken/Mark: Goofball Basketball Game Highlights or low.
http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/9881008-goofballs-vs-hornets/ goofs 4

1630 S St,
Sacramento, CA
Hours: M-TH: 11:00AM-11PM FRI 11:00AM-1AM SAT: 10AM-1AM SUN: 10AM-11PM

Ju: Red’s Coffee, Tiny space with a lot of Personality (92 Square Feet) 
13 South San Joaquin St.
Stockton, CA

Marianne: Micheal Marks Celebrates 25 years in Television 
Cambi: Cuddle Connection
Opens Today
151 North Sunrise Ave., Suite 511
Roseville, CA

Marianne/Cody: Talk to Deion Sanders about Deion’s Family Playbook airing on Own Network

Court’s Tunes: Retro Commercials

#9amtopic: What makes you feel uncomfortable

Mark: Wells Fargo gives back to the Hungry with their version of the Hunger Games. ALL food donated will go to Sacramento Food Bank. 

Amy: Sacramento’s Gold Rush Saloon’s: El Dorado in a Shot Glass

You can meet this local librarian turned author  James Scott at his Book Signing
Feb. 27 7pm
Time Tested Books
1114 21st St,
Sacramento, CA
http://gooddaysacramento.cbslocal.com/video/9885870-history-of-sacramento-saloons/  book

Ken: Robert Ray, Artist uses matchbooks to paint. All his paintings fit in the palm of your hand. 

Dishin With Tina Cambi Brown – Choice at…
11th & O Streets
Sacramento, CA
Hours: Monday – Thursday 7am – 930pm / Friday – Sunday 7am – 10pm

Cambi shows 5 cuddle positions. 

Ju: Kids Clothes Fashion show with Wun Way, Paige Lauren Baby and Junior Beads



Mark: Continues with Wells Fargo and Hunger Games donations. 

Ken: Robert Ray finishes up his newest art project for Ken and Good Day. Micro Visions: Smaller than Small

Courtney: Solving Simple Problems with Courtney

Ken’s Manly Minute: None

Final #Questionoftheday: Cuddler or no Cuddlie?

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV 
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.
Quick Thought:
Today was a very odd day on each of the shows. It felt like a major storm hit but yet is a little bit of rain.

On My58 today the highlights were a Genie Garage Door Opener recall and 2 shows on NBC tonight combining.

On Fox40 they talked about ‘Beer Week, Elk Grove wanting to become the fittest city, Martial Arts Body Armor and Literacy

Good Day featured Micro Art, Deion Sanders, Saloon book and cuddling with Cambi in addition to it be a Dishin With Tina day. 

I really don’t know how much more I can keep My58 in the everyday rotation. I am going to try and do for the rest of the week with 2 shows to go knowing that next week will be Good Day Only due to a different schedule for me. Today they talked of a new running shop in El Dorado Hills opening, Genie Garage Door opener recall and Law and Order SVU teaming up with Chicago PD. 

Today on Fox I think Zohreen got the luckiest. She seemed to have the funnest segments with a mini car, Giant Jenga and beer. Luckily she did the car before the beer. Eric talked about Elk Grove wanting to become the fittest city and Sabrina talked of a study that showed Stockton at #3 in most illiterate in America. Black Oak Casino was in Studio for the cooking segment and tomorrow Paul will talk Idol Recap from tonight. The Comic Con Code word of the day is William Shatner. Enter your could to win VIP tickets. 

Good Day Sacramento:
Do to a Light Rail incident Show and Tell was pushed back. Mark had his News of the Weird. Courtney had today’s 5am Club Member, Marianne’s Daily List talked about sending Thank you notes after an interview. Tina’s Question of the day was Favorite snack as a kid after school and Ken broke down the high or low lights from the Sac State Lady Hornets vs. Goofball game. It was more Sac State Highlights.

Due to an overturned Big Rig and a rainy day nothing really took place in the 6am hour. I will say it appears the 7am hour seems like it will pick up with the teases. They did talk about the couple from Northern, CA that found Gold Coins from the 1800’s while walking on a trail. 

A new trend is popping up in restaurants and Amy was at Hook n Ladder checking out the Artisanal Toast Bar coming March 2. Julissa was in Stockton checking out a 92 square foot space Coffee Shop, Reds Coffee is in a small space but full of personality. Michael Marks celebrates his 25 years in Television. 

In this hour the show felt like it got started. Cody and Marianne talked to Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders about his new reality show. Mark was at Wells Fargo for their Hunger Games Food drive donating to Sacramento Food Bank. Ken was hanging out with Robert Ray who paints on small canvases like Matchbooks. Amy was talking to a local author about his new book and the history of Saloons in our area back in the days of yesteryear. Court’s Tunes was played and Cambi was cuddling with a stranger in Roseville as a new cuddle spot opens today. This segment led to today’s #9amtopic What makes you feel uncomfortable. 

In this hour Julissa and Laura took us through the hour and the #9amtopic. Today is a Dishin with Tina day and it was Cambi’s choice. Vallejo’s. Next week (Sunday, Wednesday) is Ken’s choice. Cambi showed the 5 ways to cuddle with a stranger for money at Time 2 Cuddle. Ken finished up with Robert Ray who paints Micro art at Red Dot Gallery in Sacramento. Mark had one more report from Wells Fargo for the food drive. Julissa previewed new kids fashion outfits from 3 different companies but it was the 3 kids modeling that stole the segment, they were so cute. Courtney asked Did you know there’s a cure for that? Tina’s final question of the day was are you the Cuddler or Cuddlie

Before getting to my final thought I have a very special message from my friend Jenn Brian aka The Queen of Dating. This news she is sharing with us is special and quite honestly made me cry because we need more people like her in this world. So with that said Jenn Thank you for sharing this….
I am very excited to announce the next chapter for myself as a business owner. I have decided to venture into the Non-Profit world and will now be employing special needs students, as well as foster youth as part of the non-profit effort to give back to the community through various outreach efforts. My focus is to support education and I would like to hire the students who have had such an impact on my life. So if you are a former student living the the Sacramento area or know of anyone who fits the bill of who I will be hiring, please let them know I will be hiring in the next few weeks. Please pass along the word. Also, if the students need community service hours, this would be a great opportunity.

Final Thoughts:
As I mentioned in my quick thoughts today felt odd. Yes, the rain came early and did create a havoc on roadways but all 3 stations seemed to be slow going at first. 
The 6 am hour of Good Day Sacramento was almost nonexistent. They’ve never really dropped format unless it was BREAKING NEWS! But perhaps the segments didn’t call for any in the hour. 
Both Fox and Good Day covered the Cuddle spot in Roseville. However it was Cambi Brown who put it to the test for the most part of the show. It was kind of creepy. I don’t mind cuddling but if I’m paying she better be beautiful. 
I loved Cody being back and him chatting with Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and bringing up the play Bo Jackson ran over him while in college. 
The Saloon book seemed interesting too that Amy talked about which sort ties in with Fox’s Zohreen playing Giant Jenga for beer week. 

Going back to cuddling, last week we saw 6 Good Day players attempt to take care of FAKE babies. First the results were going to be Friday, then it got pushed to Monday and today and yet no results. Are they that bad that they just dropped it completely or did it end up on the cutting room floor for today again? Either way the only time I’m talking about it is if it actually happens so this will be my last comment on this topic trying to figure out what day it’s happening. 

All in all Good Day & Fox had the better of the 3 shows today and stay tuned later for video recaps on Facebook and Twitter. 

Until then stay dry and here’s an early look at what’s coming up tomorrow…

Looking Ahead to what’s coming up on Good Day Sacramento:

Gina from ThriftTown

Dance Party Friday

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Pig Fest – Davis, CA

Good Day Weekend w/ Cody and Amy
Ask Eleanor
Dishin With Tina at… Ken Rudulph Choice.
Nina’s Day

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