WE NEED WATER!!!, Now 100.5 Helps Firefighters…. Today in the News 9/18/2014:

Favorite Story / Story of the Day: Water Drop
As the King Fire continues to rage out of control and at the last update it had burned nearly 71,000 acres and only 5% contained it was learned yesterday that the firefighters battling the blaze had another issue to deal with.

As a brother of a local firefighter I understand that when he or any crews that go out on Strike Teams must continued to stay hydrated. With the evacuations taking place drinking water is running out so today from 7-10am Nina from Now 100.5 and Good Day Weekend headed to Bel Air Shopping Center in Folsom to collect Water for the firefighters.

I do not have an exact number but I can see from the photo Nina provided viewers and listeners responded in masses to get water to the firefighters.

This was an easy choice for today’s Favorite Story of the Day because it shows in a time of need people step up and do their part in the time of need and a GREAT JOB by Nina and Todd as well as everyone at Now 100.5 for heading up the effort.
water drop

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The Sacramento Comedy Spot
1050 20th Street, Suite 130,
Sacramento, California 95811
September 12-20, 2014 $55.00 All Access Passes Available Now!
sac comedy

Grub Run Wienerschnitzel: Enter to win lunch for you and up to 24 Coworkers now with Tina and Good Day Contest ends at 10am on 9/22/2014.
grub run weinerschnitzel

NOW 100.5 Presents the 2nd annual “Breast Concert Ever” with performances from O.A.R. and Andy Grammer. It happens on Monday, September 29 at Ace Of Spades. A portion of the proceeds from this all-ages show benefit Cure Breast Cancer, Inc.
Tickets are on now on sale. Click on the link for details!
breast concert

A Message from Tina Macuha:
To all of my fellow Breast Cancer Survivors! Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation needs 200 breast cancer survivors to participate in forming a synchronized human pink ribbon during halftime at the Sacramento Kings preseason game on Tuesday, October 7, 2014! Albie Aware is the beneficiary of the Sacramento Kings Breast Cancer Awareness night called “Pink in the Paint.” If you’re interested, read on…  Here is what you will need to agree to into order to participate: · Arrive at Sleep Train Arena at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct 7 and remain until after the halftime show · Participate in a rehearsal at Sleep Train Arena – most likely on Sunday, Oct. 5 in the afternoon (Confirmation on Friday). No charge for parking for rehearsal.  As a participant you will need to: · Purchase a ticket to the game- at a very discounted rate of $13 by October 1. · Pay $10 per car for parking day of the game (Carpooling with other survivors recommended) · Agree to wear t-shirt provided by an event sponsor during the half-time show  If you are interested, email Karen at kpenfold@albieaware.org  soon! Tina albie

Julia Stanley-Metz created the “Wavy Mango and Salsa Potato Chips.” She has made it to one of the final 4 finalists for a $1 million grand prize from Lay’s. You can vote daily until October 18th athttp://dousaflavor.com/  You can also vote on Instagram with #SaveMango
To follow Julia and her progress you can like her Facebook page and Follow her on Twitter at Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/LaysWavyMangoSalsa
and/or Twitter: https://twitter.com/WavyMangoSalsa
lays 3 lays 1

News You Can Use / Today’s Top Stories
King Fire explodes in size

Sacramento officials release renderings of Railyard MLS Stadium

General Mills calls for mandatory meeting in Lodi today. Employees are worried jobs could be lost.
Genral mills

Good Day Sacramento:
Show Us Yours: TBT Dog
tbt dog 1

Show & Tell: Met a couple who are in the Senior Companions Program. They are looking for more volunteers.

#QuestionOfTheDay: Where did you want to run away to.

Mark’s News of the Weird: Michigan thief chased by pregnant woman and he pushed her and she delivered. Woman renovates her home for her tiger. Naked photographer captures people reaction.

5am Club Member of the Day: Joann

Marianne’s Daily List: 3 Ways to Get Serious About Saving Money
The end of the year about three months away, but it’s not too late to put away some money — whether it’s for holiday spending, or saving for your future.
On the daily list this morning…. 3 ways to get serious about saving money! Autodraft. Hold on to your change. Bank your Raise.

Todd and Nina: Collecting bottled water for firefighters at Bel Air 2670 East Bidwell.

430/5am Recap:
Ken talked about a Senior program looking for volunteers in today’s Show and Tell. Mark’s News of the Weird talked about a naked photographer who takes photo’s of peoples reaction to his nudity. 5am Club Member was introduced Todd and Nina are collecting water for the firefighters of the King Fire. By the time you read this the event will be over. Today’s Question of the day was Where would you run to if you ran away from home. Today’s TBT Show us yours is Dogs. Marianne’s Daily List talked about ways to save money.

430/5am News Block:

Ju: Talked with Maria from Humani Pilates
2020 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
This is the first machine led pilate studio of it’s kind now open in midtown

Marianne’s Daily Joe: Pictures of Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Butterfly lands on nose of a flute player. Jimmy Choo (dog) and owner Rafael take photos with each other

Mark/Ken: Todd talked about Water Drop that Nina will be appearing at. in Folsom

Doug the Car Czar
The Car Czar Auto Repair
2301 El Camino Ave, Sacramento, CA
and Corner of San Juan & Greenback, Citrus Heights, CA
The Car Czar Show
Sunday Mornings at 11am
Following Good Day Sacramento
Today’s Topic: State by State Rude Drivers – Idaho tops the list

6am Recap:
Julissa was checking out Humani Pilates in Midtown. Marianne’s Daily Joe talked about a man and his dog taking photos. Todd from Now 100.5 talked about the water drop in Folsom. Doug the Car Czar talked about a new survey about states worst driver. California ranked 17, Idaho ranked 1.

6am News Block:
King Fire Update 70,994 acres 5% contained.

Mark/Ken: Liam Neeson joined to talk about his new movie opening Friday in theaters “A Walk Among Tombstones”

Ju: Funko Pop Kooky Collector:
Julissa was in Sacramento with a local man who has a Kooky Collection of Funko Pop figures. He has 170+ in his collection.
kooky collector 1

The Car Czar: Customers are unaware of Marker Lights on their cars.

Mel: American Giant
It’s being called the Greatest Hoodie Ever Made- and it’s made in the Bay Area! American Giant’s hoodie sweatshirt sells out faster than they can even be made. THERE’S EVEN BEEN A WAITING LIST! Some say it’s the most comfy sweatshirt ever created!  Inspired by his dad’s Navy Sweatshirt the CEO is combining comfort with fashion and this morning Melissa was in San Francisco taking us on an exclusive tour!
ginat clothes

7am Recap:
Julissa was checking out a Kooky Collector who collects Funko Pop figures. Liam Neeson joined to talk about his new movie. Doug was back talking about Marker lights on your car. Melissa was in San Francisco checking out the BEST Sweatshirt Hoodie ever made in USA at American Giant.

7am News Block:

Doug answers viewer auto questions via Facebook. Steve Adams talked about a Day with a Deputy at Bayside Church in Rocklin this Saturday

Marianne: Teri from Petco talked about Fashion for your dogs.
Haven Dog Rescue provided the dogs for today’s fashion show

Mark: Mobile Mariachi
Everything is better with a little mariachi!!  A talented local group tags along with Mark to add some musical accompaniment to his otherwise mundane morning routine!
Sunday, Sept. 21
4pm (Doors Open 3pm)
Tickets: $37.50
mariashi Mark

Mel: Continues from Giant American Hoodies.

Courtney: Check This Out
We’re upon another NFL weekend and no doubt there are some infants awake for feeding time. So let’s talk about baby fanatics sports gear for the kiddos!

Mark: Mariachi Ambush continues

Teen’s Tunes: 70’s

8am Recap:
Mark teamed up with a Mariachi band for Fiestaval taking place this Sunday. Teen’s Tunes was played. Melissa was checking out Hoodies. Courtney wants us to Check This Out – Baby Products for our sports teams. Petco was giving a Fashion Show with Rescue dogs. Doug answered car questions from Facebook.

8am News Block:

Mel: Continues from American Giant in San Francisco.

Mark: Mariachi Ambush continues in the streets of Sacramento

Gina from Thrift Town…
5005 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA  9164540435 Open till 9 PM
Thrift Town 6328 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael, CA 95608 Corner of Marconi & Fair Oaks 9164800312
http://www.thrifttown.com Today’s topic Dip Painting Baskets

Cody: Search and Rescue.
The old Party Concierge building in Sacramento that burned in 2012 is now being used for USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) training.  This crew has been everywhere from World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina, and Oklahoma City Bombings to name a few.
search and rescue

Ken’s Manly Minute: 5 Gym Mistakes
The gym locker room is a place to catch your breath, scrub up, and congratulate yourself after crushing a tough workout. But it’s also a breeding ground for bacteria.
“The warm and moist environment in the locker room allows for germs and bacteria to be found everywhere,” says Jack Foley, ATC, director of sports medicine and head athletic trainer at Lehigh University. “It’s often the things you can’t see that harm you the most.”
Unfortunately, you can’t avoid stripping down and showering-unless your cubicle mates are cool with working next to a sweaty beast. Instead, steer clear of these common locker-room blunders to emerge from the gym germ-free. Forgetting flip flops in shower. Sweaty Clothes don’t forget to launder and put into a plastic bag to bring home. Water Fountain. DON’T USE!!!! Not Washing hands when you leave. Toweling Down – Gym Towels are not as clean as you think.

#FinalQuestionoftheDay: If you were to do it all over what would you grow up to be.

9am Recap:
In this hour Melissa continued from American Giant. Laura and Julissa answered today’s #9amtopic. Gina from Thrift Town showed how to dip paint baskets. Cody was learning Search and Rescue with Sacramento’s USAR team. Ken’s Manly Minute talked about 5 mistakes at the gym. Mark continued his Mariachi Ambush. Tina’s Final Question was If you were to do it all over what would you grow up to be.

9am News Block:

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Final Recap:
Best of the Rest:
Today Julissa was talking to a former State worker who just opened up a new machine led Pilates class. Maria and Humani Pilates has been open 4 days at her Midtown location.

The Car Czar:
Today The Car Czar answered viewer auto questions but also talked about a new survey about states worst driver. California ranked 17, Idaho ranked 1. Doug also talked about car owners not aware of the Marker Lights on their car.

A Walk Among Tombstones:
Actor Liam Neeson joined Mark and Ken to talk about his new film A Walk Among Tombstones in theaters Friday.

Funko Pop:
Julissa was in Sacramento with a local man who has a Kooky Collection of Funko Pop figures. He has 170+ in his collection.

American Giant Hoodie:
Melissa was in San Francisco checking out American Giant. They have been deemed Best Hoodie ever made. While Melissa was talking Courtney was back in the studio modeling the hoodie. She then talked to the design team in the 8am hour.

Pet Fashion Show:
Petco was in studio with Haven Dog Rescue talking about Fall Fashion for dogs. The Haven Dog Rescue provided the adoptable dogs

Mark was going around town with a Mariachi Band for the upcoming FIESTAVAL taking place this weekend featuring Los Lobos

Check This Out:
Dress your babies up with these team spirit accessories in today’s Check This Out with Courtney Dempsey. They also have baby utensils to eat with to show your spirit.

Thrifty Thursday:
Today Gina from Thrift Town showed how to dip your baskets into paint to dress them up.

Search and Rescue.
The old Party Concierge building in Sacramento that burned in 2012 is now being used for USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) training.  This crew has been everywhere from World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina, and Oklahoma City Bombings to name a few.

Good Day Nutshell:
Save your Pennies:
Today’s Daily List talked about how to save your money including saving your pennies in a jar.

Daily Joe:
Today’s Daily Joe showed a man and his dog going around taking photos with each other who is getting quite the Instagram following

In today’s News of the Weird Mark talked about a photographer who he is naked and takes photos of the people he comes in contact with as the react to seeing his naked body.

That’s Manly:
Today’s Manly Minute Ken talked about 5 mistakes made at the Gym. Some you wouldn’t even think about. His tips included…. Forgetting flip flops in shower. Sweaty Clothes don’t forget to launder and put into a plastic bag to bring home. Water Fountain. DON’T USE!!!! Not Washing hands when you leave. Toweling Down – Gym Towels are not as clean as you think.

Bring your dancin shoes for the Friday Dance Party as we dance into the Cody Stark Birthday Weekend with Melissa on Saturday and Lori on the the actual birthday Sunday.

What To Look Forward To This Week:
Dance Party:

Good Day Sacramento Weekend with Cody & Melissa:

Melissa’s Coupon Corner:

Good Day Sacramento Weekend with Cody & Lori:


Ask Eleanor:

Dishin With Tina at…


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