A 3 Hour Tour Celebration… Today in the News 9/26/2014:

Favorite Story / Story of the Day: Gilligan’s Island:
Today the popular show Gilligan’s Island turns 50 and Dawn Wells aka Mary Ann joined via telephone to talk about the show and her new book What Would Mary Ann Do.

This was also the subject of today’s Daily List with Good Day’s Marianne giving facts you may not know about the show. Did you know it was only on 3 years? Did you know Raquel Welsh and others tried out for the show but didn’t get picked. SS Minnow was named after a man who Sherwood Schwartz didn’t like and Skipper was saved by Gilligan in WWII

It was these GREAT Facts in today’s Daily List and Dawn Wells joining to talk about the show that makes this “Gilligan’s Island” turning 50 my favorite story of the day.
mary ann and Marianne

Now for the rest of Today in the News….

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NOW 100.5 Presents the 2nd annual “Breast Concert Ever” with performances from O.A.R. and Andy Grammer. It happens on Monday, September 29 at Ace Of Spades. A portion of the proceeds from this all-ages show benefit Cure Breast Cancer, Inc.
Tickets are on now on sale. Click on the link for details!
breast concert

A Message from Tina Macuha:
To all of my fellow Breast Cancer Survivors! Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation needs 200 breast cancer survivors to participate in forming a synchronized human pink ribbon during halftime at the Sacramento Kings preseason game on Tuesday, October 7, 2014! Albie Aware is the beneficiary of the Sacramento Kings Breast Cancer Awareness night called “Pink in the Paint.” If you’re interested, read on…  Here is what you will need to agree to into order to participate: · Arrive at Sleep Train Arena at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct 7 and remain until after the halftime show · Participate in a rehearsal at Sleep Train Arena – most likely on Sunday, Oct. 5 in the afternoon (Confirmation on Friday). No charge for parking for rehearsal.  As a participant you will need to: · Purchase a ticket to the game- at a very discounted rate of $13 by October 1. · Pay $10 per car for parking day of the game (Carpooling with other survivors recommended) · Agree to wear t-shirt provided by an event sponsor during the half-time show  If you are interested, email Karen at kpenfold@albieaware.org soon! Tina

Live, breathe, and love soccer? Sign up your kids’ team for this Roseville-area fundraiser tourney 10/11-12 to help kids and their families who are battling cancer.

Julia Stanley-Metz created the “Wavy Mango and Salsa Potato Chips.” She has made it to one of the final 4 finalists for a $1 million grand prize from Lay’s. You can vote daily until October 18th athttp://dousaflavor.com/  You can also vote on Instagram with #SaveMango
To follow Julia and her progress you can like her Facebook page and Follow her on Twitter at Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/LaysWavyMangoSalsa
and/or Twitter: https://twitter.com/WavyMangoSalsa
lays 3 lays 1

News You Can Use / Today’s Top Stories
Fire at Chicago O’hare Snarls Air Traffic Appears to be set from a Worker with issues.

King Fire enters Day 14

Man hit by Amtrak while walking on a track

Felony Hit and Run in Roseville

Good Day Sacramento:
Show Us Yours: Soccer Player
Soccer 1 steve soccer Sac Republic

Show & Tell: Cody: While painting the fence a Goose was in the garage and when he left he looked both ways crossing the street. Cody: Heather Brent wearing a Corn Custom. Marianne: Recaps Mark Zuckerberg Wax Figure.

#QuestionOfTheDay: Do you have a Christmas Family Get Together with your families.

5am Club Member of the Day: Larry and Norika

Marianne’s Daily List: Gilligan’s Island premiered on CBS in 1964. Audiences loved the show, but the critics hated it, and it lasted just three seasons — but it lives on in re-runs. On the Daily List this morning, we present three things you might not know about this classic show! Different castaways. All purpose lagoon. SS Minnow was tribute to a man Schwartz hated. Gilligan saved Skippers life in WWII

430/5am Recap:
Gilligans Island turns 50 on Today’s Daily List Marianne gave 4 fact you may not have known however I didn’t know it was only on 3 years. Cody Handled Show and Tell first with a Goose in his garage then he showed Heather Brent in her Corn Costume. Marianne recapped her time with Mark Zuckerberg Wax figure yesterday. The 5am Club Member was introduced. Today’s Question of the Day was Do you get together with your families Christmas. Today’s Show us yours was Soccer player and viewer Steve who looks like Mark sent a picture from 1976.

430/5am News Block:

Marianne/Cody/Tina: Gilligans Island:
Mary Ann aka Dawn Wells joined via telephone to talk about the show and the 50th Anniversary. She has a new book out called What Would Mary Ann do?
mary ann and Marianne mary ann book

Mel: Scandia Haunted House (Opens Tonight!)
Ready for a Friday Fright? Scandia just opened its Haunted House and we’re giving you the first peek at a screaming good time!
5070 Hillsdale Blvd,
Sacramento, CA

Marianne’s Daily Joe: Kids argue about weather could be Cody and Carol as kids. Dog plays in London Water Fountain.

Mariane: KHTK Madden 15 Tournament
Winners will get to play the NEW Madden 15 game with former pro linebacker. Click for a chance to win!

Mark: Infotainment – LIVE FROM NEW YORK. George Clooney Set to marry this weekend. Just Bieber needs ear surgery.

Ju: High School Kickback – Homecoming Game and Ceremony
Friday, Sept 26
Cesar Chavez vs. Golden Valley
Chavez Stadium
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Introducing of Royal Court.

6am Recap:
Mark is Live in New York. Julissa is in Stockton for High School Kickback at Cesar Chavez HS for Homecoming. Marianne had her Daily Joe with kids fighting over weather. Melissa was at Scandia for Haunted House and TV Legend Dawn Wells phoned in to talk about Gilligan’s Island turning 50 and her new book What Would Mary Ann Do. Marianne told of a KHTK Madden Tournament.

6am News Block:

Mel: From Scandia Part 2. With Insane Clown Posse
scandia clown 1

Ju: High School Kickback – Homecoming Relay
HS Kickback 2

Mark: From NYC  – BREAST Concert EVER Tickets still available.

Ju: HS Kickback – Band
HS Kickback 1

Mark: Infotainment – Mark sat down with Denzel Washington Antoine about The Equalizer in theaters today. Kim K was tackled on Red Carpet.

Lori: Style Swap
Tomorrow (Sept. 27) 6pm-9pm
235 N. San Joaquin Street
Stockton, CA

7am Recap:
Julissa continued with HS Kickback in Stockton. Mark was live in NYC. Lori was shopping at a Style Swap. Melissa was being haunted by clowns at Scandia Haunted House.

7am News Block:

Teens Tunes – 1982

Mark: From NYC. At New York Film Fest.

Marianne/Cody: Replace Your Divots
Ladies, it’s time to put those high heels to good use and replace those divots!!  Getting the field primed and ready for action ahead of tomorrow’s Lasher Polo Classic to benefit the programs and services of the Sacramento SPCA!!  And of course we’ll have some cute and cuddly animals from the SPCA make an appearance!
Lasher Polo Classic
Tomorrow (Sept. 27)
Chamberlain Ranch
Wilton, CA
Tickets: 9165042802

#9amtopic: I wish it never ended.

Lori: Stockton Sports
Stockton Arena being invaded by sports this weekend. Roller Derby and Volleyball are just 2 of the 8.

Cody: Handsome men matched together.

Marianne/Cody: Talked with Joanna from High School Ag Farm Field Day
Horses and pigs and sheep, oh my! The Future Farmers of America (FFA) club of Elk Grove High School are hosting their third annual 3rd Grade Agriculture Field Day This event will be held at the Elk Grove High School Agri-Science Center.

8am Recap:
In this very busy hour Teens tunes was played. Lori was talking Volleyball at Stockton Arena this weekend. Marianne and Cody talked with an Ag Student for Farm Day at Elk Grove High School. Mark continued from New York. Marianne and Cody talked about Replace Your Divot taking place tomorrow. #9amtopic was introduced I wish it never ended. Cody match up celebs in to one to see how handsome they are.

8am News Block:
Fog Blankets the Valley.
Fog 1

Lori: Previews the Roller Derby taking place at Stockton Arena.

Ju/Laura talked with Joanna from Elk Grove High School Ag Farm Field Day.

Psychic Nancy Bradley Answered Viewers questions.

Tina: Salmon Dish Champion
Sacramento-area restaurants had a chance to create their most unique wild salmon dishes and the public got to vote for their favorite. The winner is… Executive Chef Mike Lim of Frank Fat’s! Tina checked out the Forbidden King Salmon dish!
Frank Fat’s
806 L Street
Sacramento, CA

Mel: Gospel Stage Play “Olivia”
It’s a non profit that puts on inspirational plays to help students go to college.   Sound Vision, Inc. uses proceeds from shows to sponsor scholarships for high school graduates.   Melissa was checking out a rehearsal as they get ready for their upcoming feature “Olivia!”
October 17th and 18th

#FinalQuestionoftheDay: Chinese Take Out – What do you want?

Dance Party Song / Artist: Naughty Boy featuring Sam Smith  / La La La

9am Recap:
Lori previewed the Roller Derby at Stockton Arena. Melissa previewed the Play Olivia. Julissa and Laura talked about Elk Grove HS Ag Field Day. Tina was at Fat’s in Sacramento talking about their award winning King Salmon Dish. Nancy Bradley answered Viewer questions. We danced into the weekend with Naughty Boy featuring Sam Smith  / La La La

9am News Block:

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Final Recap:
Best of the Rest:

Haunted Scandia:
Melissa was at Scandia Fun Center for the 2nd Annual Haunted House opening tonight.

KHTK Madden 15 Tournament:
Winners will get to play the NEW Madden 15 game with former pro linebacker. Click for a chance to win! Listen to KTHK for more details.

High School Kickback – Cesar Chavez Stockton:
Julissa takes High School Kickback to Stockton today for Cesar Chavez High School for their Homecoming game tonight against Golden Valley. Julissa was introduced to the Royal Court to lead things off.

In the first game it was Homecoming relay and the band played Happy as well.

Style Swap:
Lori was in Stockton today previewing a Style Swap at Huddle taking place tomorrow night. For just $10 you can fill the bag with all kinds of new styles.

Replace Your Divot:
Cody and Marianne talked with a group getting ready for a Polo game, hat show and more called Replace Your Divot to benefit the SPCA tomorrow in Wilton.

Stockton Sports
Lori was in Stockton today checking out the Stockton Arena being invaded by sports this weekend. Roller Derby and Volleyball are just 2 of the 8.

High School Ag Farm Field Day:
Horses and pigs and sheep, oh my! Today on Good Day Marianne and Cody, Laura, and Julissa in the 8 and 9am hours talked with Joanna from  The Future Farmers of America (FFA) club of Elk Grove High School who are hosting their third annual 3rd Grade Agriculture Field Day This event will be held at the Elk Grove High School Agri-Science Center.

Psychic Nancy Bradley:
Nancy answered viewer questions

Today Tina was at Fats checking out the Salmon Dish Champion. They are getting ready for their 75th Anniversary of the restaurant starting October 1.

It’s a non profit that puts on inspirational plays to help students go to college.   Sound Vision, Inc. uses proceeds from shows to sponsor scholarships for high school graduates. Melissa was checking out a rehearsal as they get ready for their upcoming feature “Olivia!” taking place on October 17th and 18th

Good Day Nutshell:
Daily List:
Today’s Daily List is part of Today’s Favorite Story of the Day.

Daily Joe:
In today’s Daily Joe Marianne talked about 2 kids argue over weather could have been Cody and Carol in their younger days.

Mark was on the road in New York for the NYC Film Fest so today he took his infotainment on the road talking about George Clooney getting married this weekend, Justin Bieber needing ear surgery and Denzel Washington talking about The Equalizer in theaters today.

Now that we have danced into the weekend with help from Naughty Boy featuring Sam Smith  “La La La”  we get ready for Cody and Melissa on Saturday. One thing to look forward to is Melissa’s Coupon Corner. Tune in at 7am for all the weekend fun.

What To Look Forward To This Week:
Good Day Sacramento Weekend with Cody & Melissa:

Melissa’s Coupon Corner:

Good Day Sacramento Weekend with Cody & Lori:

Ask Eleanor:

Dishin With Tina at…


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