Culture Day on Good Day…. Today in the News Saturday Edition 9/27/2014:

Favorite / Story of the Day:
Today no one story stood out because the show seemed to have a theme of Culture. From Lori covering the Romanian Festival and Weekend at Greece to Cambi in Dixon for the Scottish Games. and then Farm to Fork bring many cultures together.

Not only was it all about food but Antiques from the Gypsy Fair and Antiques Peddler’s as well as the Theater of Arts with a Shrek the Musical Preview.

But when you thing that is all Gabe from Travelzoo gave different vacation spots that will further your Cultural experience making these great stories of culture today’s favorite story of the day.

So now lets see how it and more all played out Today in the News…

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Live, breathe, and love soccer? Sign up your kids’ team for this Roseville-area fundraiser tourney 10/11-12 to help kids and their families who are battling cancer.

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News You Can Use/Top Stories:
Heavy rain in Fairfield causes flooding


King Fire now 74% contained.

Airports must have breastfeeding rooms by 2016.

Show Us Yours: Game Day Face

#GdsJustCurious: Tales of Tailgating

Morgan: The Loomis Antique Peddler’s Fair
The Horse & Buggy
3793 Taylor Road
Loomis, CA
Today: 8am-3pm

Lori: Romanian Festival 2014
Royer Park
190 Park Dr.
Roseville, CA
Today: Noon-7pm

While You were at work – Best Of…

Cambi: The Dixon Scottish Games
655 S 1st St,
Dixon, CA
Today, 9am-5pm
$10 general Admission, $8 for kids

Cody: Slaps You with Science. Including a Phone Charger for your Skateboard and Disappear through lens.

7am Recap:
Morgan from KHTK was back checking out the Peddler’s fair in Loomis. Cambi was in Dixon checking out the Scottish Games. Lori was in Roseville for the Romanian Festival. Cody slapped us silly with Science. While you were at work Best of the Week Clips. Today’s show us yours Game Day Face. Today’s #GDSJustCurious was Tales of Tailgating

7am News Block:

Cody: San Francisco Bay Bombers
Sacramento Memorial  Auditorium
October 4th
Doors Open  at 7pm
Before the game Dakota makes a special Pregame meal called Smack and Cheese.

Morgan: Fall Gypsy Fair @ The White Barn
Today until 3pm
210 Twin Ponds Ln.
Lincoln, CA

Lori: Sac Republic FC
Previewed The Sac Republic FC Game tonight at Bonney Field 7pm. Lori tries to kick ball in the GIANT toilet and didn’t make one kick. Julissa will be doing Sideline reporting.
Sac Republic

Mel: Coupon Corner: How you can Make Money buying things.
coupon mel

Gabe: Travelzoo Getaway Ideas: Use this link to get the deals or you will miss out.

Cambi: Candy Palooza:
Julie Dawn Coles and Paris Themmen from Willy Wonka joined Cambi to talk about the event taking place today and tomorrow at the Jellybelly Factory
1 Jelly Belly Ln,
Fairfield, CA 94533

8am Recap:
Cambi was at Candypalooza at the Jellybelly factory. Lori was kicking Soccer balls in a Giant Toilet and talking about Sac Republic FC game tonight. Melissa told how you can make money in her Coupon Corner. Gabe from Travelzoo had deals from Travelzoo. Morgan was checking out the Fall Gypsy Fair in Lincoln.

8am News Block:

Gabe: Travelzoo Getaways Part 2

Cody: Shrek The Musical
Jean Henderson Performing Arts Center
607 Pena Drive
Davis, CA
Now-Oct. 5th

Mel: Coupon Corner Part 2 – Deals of the Week.
deals of the week

Morgan: At the Break for Brooke
Signups End Oct. 4
Tourney Oct. 11-12
Roseville, CA

Lori: Pizza Box Art
Lori was from Pizza Rock checking out Pizza Art for a chance to win Pizza for a year.
1020 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Cambi: CandyPalooza continued

9am Recap:
Cambi continued from CandyPalooza. Morgan was checking out a Special Soccer Game for Brooke taking place in October. Lori was checking out Pizza Box Art at Pizza Rock and you can vote via Facebook or Twitter. Melissa had deals of the week in Coupon Corner including a SWEET Deal on Shampoo. Gabe was back with more Travelzoo ideas. Shrek the Musical performed on the Good Day Stage.

9am News Block:

Lori: Weekend in Greece 2014
Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church
9165 Peets Street
Elk Grove, CA
Today & Tomorrow

Mel: This Boy That Girl & Matt Ryan King
The Assembly
1000 K St. Sacramento, CA 95814
Tonight: 7:00pm
For tickets: (916) 341-0176
For more info about the Music Is My Language Anti-Bullying Tour
email info@bigdreamprod.com

Cody/Mel: Comedian Lil Duval
Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Powell adopted the stage name “Lil Duval” to pay homage to his birthplace, Duval County, Florida. After graduating from First Coast High School, Powell relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he started working in the comedic circles, performing stand-up at the Atlanta staple, Uptown Comedy Corner, which led him to become a regular performer.
Punch Line Comedy Club
2100 Arden Way Ste. 225
Sacramento, CA
Tonight & Tomorrow
lll cody

Mel: Hot Headlines: Today’s Hot Headlines included George Clooney’s Wedding taking place.

Cambi: Candypalooza – Cambi goes in the Dunk Tank for Charity

2014 Farm-to-Fork Festival
Capitol Mall
Sacramento, CA
Between 3rd & 7th Streets
Today: 11am-6pm
Admission is FREE

This Boy That Girl performed on the Good Day Stage before that and Matt Ryan King open for Aaron Carter tonight at the Assembly.

10am Recap:
Cambi got dunked. Lori went to Greece in Elk Grove, Melissa Danced with Matt Ryan King. Morgan was checking out Farm to Fork taking place today 11am-6pm. This Boy That Girl performed on the Good Day Stage. Melissa had Hot Headlines that included George Clooney. Lil Duval stopped by to talk about his show tonight and tomorrow at Punchline.

10am News Block:

Final Thoughts:
Best of the Rest:
Peddlers Fair:
Morgan was in Loomis at Horse and Buggy checking out the Loomis Peddlers Fair.

Lori was checking out authentic Romanian food and the Romanian Fest.

Cambi was in Dixon checking out the Scottish Games learning about the games and bagpipes. One game she learned about was the stone throw.

Slap you with Science:
One of my favorite segments on the weekend is Cody Slapping us with Science. Today his stories Included a Phone Charger for your Skateboard and Disappear through lens.

SF Bombers Meal:
The San Francisco Bay Bombers Roller Derby will be in town next weekend. Today Skater Dakota made her special pregame meal of Smack and Cheese. Check them out next Saturday at the Sac Memorial Auditorium starting at 7pm. Try out for the team Friday at 4pm

Fall Gypsy:
Morgan’s Antique Road Show continued in Lincoln checking out the Fall Gypsy Fair.

Sac Republic FC:
Lori Previewed The Sac Republic FC Game tonight at Bonney Field 7pm. Lori tries to kick ball in the GIANT toilet and didn’t make one kick. Julissa will be doing Sideline reporting.

Melissa’s Coupon Corner:
Today on the Coupon Corner Melissa showed how you can Make Money buying things. Then in the 9am hour she gave the deals of the week. Get her Coupon Cheat Sheet by emailing her at MCabral@kmaxtv.com

Gabe from Travelzoo showed great deals to get away. Remember to use this link to get the deals or you will miss out.

Candy Palooza:
Julie Dawn Coles and Paris Themmen from Willy Wonka joined Cambi to talk about the event taking place today and tomorrow at the Jellybelly Factory. Cambi even went into the Dunk Tank for Charity oh and Producer Morgan made her.

Shrek The Musical:
Shrek the Musical is playing now through October 5th in Davis at the Jean Henderson Performing Arts Center. Today they performed a song on the Good Day Stage.

At The Break For Brooke:
Morgan was in Roseville checking out a special Soccer game coming up in October on October 11-12 in Roseville. PLEASE Like the Facebook page and show your support for this great girl to Kick Cancer in the Butt.

Pizza Box Art
Lori was from Pizza Rock checking out Pizza Art for a chance to win Pizza for a year.

Weekend in Greece:
Lori was checking out the Weekend in Greece at Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Elk Grove. If you want to go to Greece and then go home a few hours later head to Elk Grove from 11am-10pm today.

This Boy That Girl / Matt Ryan King:
Performing tonight at the Assembly in Sacramento Matt Ryan King. Today he performed on the Good Day Stage and Melissa became his backup dancer. Then This Boy That Girl took the Good Day stage to perform. See them both tonight at the Assembly in Sacramento.

Lil Duval:
Performing this weekend at Punchline Lil Duval. Before he takes the stage tonight he stopped by Good Day Studio to talk about the show and other stuff. Go see his show. He is hilarious.

Hot Headlines:
Today’s Hot Headlines included George Clooney’s Wedding taking place.

Farm to Fork:
Morgan was checking out Farm to Fork taking place today in Sacramento.

Coming up on Tomorrow’s show our 2 staples for Sunday Ask Eleanor and Dishin With Tina. In addition to those great Sunday Treats are Sactoberfest Cooking Demo, Reptile Show, Hot Pink Fun Run

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

What’s Ahead:
Good Day Sacramento Weekend with Cody & Lori:

Ask Eleanor:

Dishin With Tina at…

Sactoberfest Cooking Demo

Reptile Show

Hot Pink Fun Run


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