Denzel and The Equalizer Takes Top Spot /  @Markatthemovies Episode 261 Highlights:

Week of 9/27/2014 – 9/28/2014

Box Office Report:
The Box Office Numbers are in and this week  The Equalizer will take the top spot with an estimated $35,000,000. Falling 1 spot to #2 was The Maze Runner with $17,500,000. Coming in a nice 3rd place finish Elle Fanning and Ben Kingsley in The Boxtrolls $17,250,000. Falling to fourth and continuing to disappoint This is Where I Leave You with $7,010,000 and staying in the 5th spot Dolphin Tale $4,835,000.
matm 261 3

I am not surprised at all with The Equalizer taking the top spot. Anytime you put Denzel in anything it’s going to do well. Plus we found out during Mark at the Movies he has a nervous tick.

For more on that and the other movies this week here is what took place this week on Mark at the Movies Episode 261….

Opening Skit:
Entering the Elevator talking about older guys kicking… Chris talks about Abe Vigoda and the younger kids don’t know him.

Opening Insult:
Denzel Insults

Retro Reel Review:
The Maze Runner with Power 106 LA Yesi Ortiz. – See her in Love Hip Hop Hollywood on VH-1 Monday’s at 8pm

Mark Shows interview with This is where I leave you stars Tina Fey and Justin Bateman.
matm 261 1

Role Call:
Mark, Rachel, Heather, Anna, Dionna, Alexa, Big Al, Special Guest Appearance Chris.

The BoxTrolls:

Alexa: Talks With Elle Fanning, Sir Ben Kingsley, and the animators Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable

Everyone liked the movie.

The Equalizer:
Mark: Talks with Martin Csokas

Mark also talked with Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington

Everyone likes this movie.
matm 261 2

New on DVD/Blu Ray:
1. Neighbors. Shows interview with Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne.

Box Office Winners:
1. The Equalizer $35,000,000
2. The Maze Runner $17,500,000
3. The Boxtrolls $17,250,000
4. This is Where I Leave You $7,010,000
5. Dolphin Tale $4,835,000

New Next Week:
1. Annabelle
2. Gone Girl
3. Left Behind.

Final Thoughts:
This week on Mark At The Movies the crew talked about 4 movies total.

The first movie talked about was The Maze Runner in the Retro Reel Review. This movie was talked about with Mark and Special Guest Yesi Ortiz. You can hear Yezi on Power 106 Los Angeles and see her Monday’s at 8pm on Hip Hop Hollywood on VH-1.

The NEW movies talked about this week was The Box Trolls. This Stop Animation film stars Elle Fanning the younger sister of Dakota. I am so amazed how the 2 look so much alike. It also stars Sir Ben Kingsley. (Allow me to go off track for one moment, I owe everyone an apology) For weeks I have called one of the new girls on Mark at the Movies I have called her Lexy, Lexie and Lexi. Her name is none of those I am so sorry to Alexa. I still don’t have a lot of information on her but I can confirm her name is Alexa and this week she sat down with Elle, the lead Animators and Sir Ben Kingsley. Her interview with Ben was very fun as it appears he was flirting with her.

The other New Movie talked about this week was Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer. Mark sat down with 3 of the stars Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington, and Martin Csokas.

Of the 2 new movies this week the panel all liked the movies.

The Final Movie talked about was Neighbors which is new on DVD. Brian has not seen this movie and the crew tried to convince him to watch it. Rachel even said this was her favorite movie of the summer.

Now that we talked about the movies this week we can look ahead to the next. Annabelle is sure to creep you out and it is based on the Conjuring. Gone Girl stars Ben Affleck and Left Behind stars Nicolas Cage. New to DVD Transformers with Mark Wahlberg

Until then I will see you at the movies…..

Yesi Ortiz:
Power 106 LA


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