#NationalCoffeeDay / SHE’S HAVING A BABY…. Today in the News 9/29/2014:

Julissa and husband Steve Large are adding to their family. Julissa is having a baby and is due in March. Congratulations to both of them as well as daughter Natalia for becoming a BIG Sister.
soccer ju 1

Favorite Story / Story of the Day:
Today is National Coffee Day and Good Day Celebrated in Style. From Marianne’s Daily List with unusual ways to use coffee such as using it as a facial exfoliant, pet repellant, and to fight odors in your fridge. However because it is National Coffee Days businesses are offering some sweet deals for the coffee lover in you.

Dutch Bros:
Today Marianne and Julissa talked with one worker about the deals they are offering  $1 Americanos (Any Size) All Day at all Dutch Bros. Coffee Locations

Krispy Kreme:
Krispy Kreme is giving a Free Cup of Coffee.

Peets Dropped off Coffee to the Studio and their deal today is… Buy One, Get One & Give the Freshest Cup – purchase any beverage and receive a second FREE beverage of choice to enjoy or share.Free coffee and espresso samples all day long. Get $2 off a bag of Peet’s fresh coffee, 12 oz. or larger (ground or whole bean).

Coffee is being offered all over so check with your local / favorite spot for deals today on National Coffee Day.

Now for the rest of Today In the News…

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Good Day Sacramento is now on Instagram…. http://instagram.com/gooddaysac Follow #QuestFor5000

Ben from Empire Comic Vault has a new Kickstarter Campaign going for his “Union Street Choir comic” to be published! Head to this Kickstarter link and check it out and support it, share it, retweet it. Let’s Help Ben like he always helps Cody and Good Day Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nooligan/union-street-choir
Empire Comics Vault
1120 Fulton Avenue, Suite K
Sacramento, CA

A Message from Cody Stark. This is awesome: “Help a (fantastic) artist with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy get his comic published,” Head to his Kickstarter page and be prepared to be amazed….https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/43938175/f-w-chaos-beginning-the-journey

A Message from Tina Macuha:
To all of my fellow Breast Cancer Survivors! Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation needs 200 breast cancer survivors to participate in forming a synchronized human pink ribbon during halftime at the Sacramento Kings preseason game on Tuesday, October 7, 2014! Albie Aware is the beneficiary of the Sacramento Kings Breast Cancer Awareness night called “Pink in the Paint.” If you’re interested, read on…  Here is what you will need to agree to into order to participate: · Arrive at Sleep Train Arena at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct 7 and remain until after the halftime show · Participate in a rehearsal at Sleep Train Arena – most likely on Sunday, Oct. 5 in the afternoon (Confirmation on Friday). No charge for parking for rehearsal.  As a participant you will need to: · Purchase a ticket to the game- at a very discounted rate of $13 by October 1. · Pay $10 per car for parking day of the game (Carpooling with other survivors recommended) · Agree to wear t-shirt provided by an event sponsor during the half-time show  If you are interested, email Karen at kpenfold@albieaware.org soon! Tina

Live, breathe, and love soccer? Sign up your kids’ team for this Roseville-area fundraiser tourney 10/11-12 to help kids and their families who are battling cancer.

Julia Stanley-Metz created the “Wavy Mango and Salsa Potato Chips.” She has made it to one of the final 4 finalists for a $1 million grand prize from Lay’s. You can vote daily until October 18th athttp://dousaflavor.com/  You can also vote on Instagram with #SaveMango
To follow Julia and her progress you can like her Facebook page and Follow her on Twitter at Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/LaysWavyMangoSalsa
and/or Twitter: https://twitter.com/WavyMangoSalsa
lays 3 lays 1

News You Can Use / Today’s Top Stories
More violence in Ferguson, MO

Kevin Johnson talks about when he was detained by police when younger

Car Thefts up

Fire overnight at Mexican Restaurant deemed arson .

Good Day Sacramento:
Show Us Yours: Favorite Coffee and/or Mug
Morning coffee 1 National Coffee day 1 National Coffee day 2

Show & Tell: Julissa: Recap from Sac Republic FC game.
sac republic wins 2 sac republic wins 1

Mark’s News of the Weird: Jedi School in Chili. Gambler hits Jackpot as he was being arrested. Gator tries to get a kitty.

#QuestionOfTheDay: Other than coffee what is your go to beverage.

5am Club Member of the Day: Natasha Dotson.

Marianne’s Daily List: 3 Unusual Uses For Coffee
Ah, coffee — it’s a big part of our lives here — but why limit its goodness to just drinking it? On the daily list this morning…. 3 unusual uses for coffee! Pet Repellent.  Fridge Odors, Facial Exfoliant.

Mark’s Infotainment: George Clooney marries over weekend. Empire State Building honors Derek Jeter.

430/5am Recap:
Today is National Coffee Day Today Daily List gave 3 unusual ways to use coffee including a pet repellant. Julissa recapped the coverage of Sac Republic game over the weekend in Show and Tell. In Mark’s News of the Weird Mark talked about a school in Chili for Jedi Training. Today’s 5am Club Member was introduced. Today’s Question of the day was Other than Coffee what is your go to beverage. Today’s Show us yours was Coffee and/or Coffee Mug. Mark had a brief Infotainment report talking about George Clooney.

430/5am News Block:

Ju: Instagram Update.

Marianne’s Daily Joe: A Blogger makes creative Lunches for kids. Kitten sleeps with a stuffed bunny. 2 year old recreates dance moves.

Ju/Marianne: Dutch Bros. $1 Americano Deal
$1 Americanos (Any Size)
All Day
All Dutch Bros. Coffee Locations

Mark aka Uncle Gene from IHop talking National Coffee Day.
Uncle Gene Coffee 1

6am Recap:
Julissa gave an Instagram update on the quest to 5000 followers. Mark aka Uncle Gene was at IHop for National Coffee Day. Marianne and Julissa talked with Dutch Bros about the deal they are giving for National Coffee Day. Marianne’s Daily Joe showed a kitty sleeping with a stuffed bunny, and food art.

6am News Block:

Uncle Gene: Part 2

Ju: Classroom Secure
It’s a fast and easy way to lockdown a classroom in the event of an emergency! And the devicewas created locally!

Marianne/Laura: Peet’s National Coffee Day Offer (Sept 29 Only: Peet’s Nationwide Stores)
Buy One, Get One & Give the Freshest Cup – purchase any beverage and receive a second FREE beverage of choice to enjoy or share.
Free coffee and espresso samples all day long.
Get $2 off a bag of Peet’s fresh coffee, 12 oz. or larger (ground or whole bean).

Uncle Gene Part 3

Kristin: Small Wonders of Africa
Kristin was at the Sacramento Zoo taking a peek at the brand new Small Wonders of Africa exhibit that just opened to the public this past weekend!  From unique animals to interactive activities for kids, this is one exhibit that’s fun for the whole family!
Sacramento Zoo
3930 W Land Park Dr.
Sacramento, CA
Open Daily 9am-4pm
Aadvark Zoo 1 Aadvark Zoo 2

7am Recap:
This hour Kristin was learning about a new exhibit at the Sacramento Zoo “A Small Wonder of Africa. Mark aka Uncle Gene continued making friends at IHop. Julissa was with a local business making school more secure and how your child’s school can get one of these new locking devices. Laura and Marianne checked out Peets Coffee that was dropped off for National Coffee Day.

7am News Block:

Marianne/Ju: NCIS Los Angeles
Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J joined to talk about NCIS Los Angeles premiering tonight on CBS13 at 9pm

Mel: Free Coffee @ Krispy Kreme!
Krispy Kreme Donuts
2809 W March Ln
Stockton, CA

Uncle Gene – Part 4

#9amtopic: What Big Announcement Do You Have

Tina: Check This Out:
Tina showed her Snark Tuner.

Good Day Sports Report with Laura and Jason.

Uncle Gene Part 5

Teen’s Tunes: 1980.

8am Recap:
Uncle Gene continued from IHop. Laura and Jason gave the Good Day Sports Report. Melissa was in Stockton checking out the Krispy Kreme Coffee deals. Tina showed her instrument that helps her tune her ukulele called a Snark. LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell joined to talk about NCIS Los Angeles airing tonight on CBS13

8am News Block:

Uncle Gene Part 6

Ju: Trending Topics:
Frozen Sexy Halloween Costumes.

North West appears at Fashion Week in front row.

Julissa’s Daughter Natalia holding up a sign saying she is going to be a big sister. JULISSA IS HAVING A BABY!!!!!!
baby news 1

Mel: Hodge Podge Bowtique

Uncle Gene: Part 7

Tina: Breast Cancer Quilt Gallery
On Display Thru Oct. 11
Open Daily 7am-7pm
Sutter Cancer Center
2800 L St.,
Sacramento, CA
Open to the Public

Laura: Epicurean Weekend
The Ritz-Carlton,
Lake Tahoe, CA

#FinalQuestionoftheDay: None

9am Recap:
Julissa is having a baby. Tina was checking out a Breast Cancer Quilt Gallery, Melissa was checking out a Bowtique. Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe gave a cooking demo and Uncle Gene finished up at IHop.

9am News Block:

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Final Recap:
Best of the Rest:
Uncle Gene:
Mark aka Uncle Gene was giving free coffee to anyone who came to his IHop location for National Coffee Day.

Classroom Lockdown:
One of the most scariest things is when a School goes on Lock Down. Today Secure Lock was in studio with a way for your local school to get a Kickstarter campaign where if a school gets 3 nominations Secure Lockdown will start a Kickstarter with this new device to keep your kids safe.

Small Wonders of Africa:
Kristin was at the Sacramento Zoo checking out a new exhibit called Small Wonders of Africa. She met an Aardvark, Bats, and other animals. The Zoo is open daily from 9am-4pm.

NCIS Los Angeles
Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J joined to talk about NCIS Los Angeles premiering tonight on CBS13 at 9pm

Snark Tuner:
Tina showed off her Snark Tuner that helps her tune her Ukulele

Good Day Sports:
The Good Day Sports Reporters Laura and Jason were back with the weekend in sports.

Trending Topics:
Announced in trending topics today Julissa will be having baby #2 with her husband Steve Large. Julissa is due in March so plenty of time for gifts to be sent and showers to plan.

Hodge Podge Bowtique:
Melissa was in Salida checking out Hodge Podge Bowtique where they make Bows for hair.

Breast Cancer Quilt Gallery
Tina was at the Sutter Cancer Center checking out the Breast Cancer Quilt Gallery. This is open daily 7am – 7pm now through October 11  before they have a live auction at 10am on the 11th.

Epicurean Weekend:
This weekend at Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe they are having a Epicurean Weekend. Today the excuetive chef from Ritz Carlton came into the studio for a cooking demo.

Good Day Nutshell
Today in News of the Weird Mark talked about a Jedi School in Chili. For 2 years you can learn to become a Jedi.

Daily Joe:
In today’s Daily Joe Marianne talked about a kitty that falls asleep with a stuffed bunny. It is so cute.

With Courtney on vacation Tina already returned this week so she will already be here tomorrow but Ken will return and the fun begins at 430am. No Under The Dome tonight so no live tweeting with Cody so I will see you at 430am

From the Weekend Box Office:
The Box Office Numbers are in and this week  The Equalizer will take the top spot with an estimated $35,000,000. Falling 1 spot to #2 was The Maze Runner with $17,500,000. Coming in a nice 3rd place finish Elle Fanning and Ben Kingsley in The Boxtrolls $17,250,000. Falling to fourth and continuing to disappoint This is Where I Leave You with $7,010,000 and staying in the 5th spot Dolphin Tale $4,835,000.

What To Look Forward To This Week:
Ken Returns:

Cody Returns:

Dishin With Tina at…
1001 Jefferson Blvd. #600
West Sacramento, CA
9163731556Hours Mon 11:00 am – 3:00 pm 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm Tue 11:00 am – 3:00 pm 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm Wed 11:00 am – 3:00 pm 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm Thu 11:00 am – 3:00 pm 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm Fri 11:00 am – 3:00 pm 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm Sat 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm Sun Closed

Doug The Car Czar:

Gina from Thrift Town DIY Thrifty Thursday:

Dance Party:

Good Day Sacramento Weekend with Cody & Melissa:

Melissa’s Coupon Corner:

Good Day Sacramento Weekend with Cody & Lori:

Ask Eleanor:

Dishin With Tina at…


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