Oh Deer… Today in the News 9/30/2014:

Favorite Story / Story of the Day: A Kindred Spirit:
Today’s favorite Story of the day comes from Kristin who was at Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue. From Good Day: “Each spring and early summer, the telephone rings constantly at Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue in Loomis (off Auburn Folsom Road) with requests from animal control officers throughout the region wanting to drop off an injured, ill or orphaned fawn. And, after spending the summer months at Kindred Spirits receiving vital nourishment and care, the fawns are released back into the wild each October. As the Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue prepares for the upcoming re-introduction, they invited Kristin to come and check it out as well as you.”

Kristin even met a 5 day old baby fawn that is  so cute.
Fawn 2

Now for the rest of Today in the News…

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Ben from Empire Comic Vault has a new Kickstarter Campaign going for his “Union Street Choir comic” to be published! Head to this Kickstarter link and check it out and support it, share it, retweet it. Let’s Help Ben like he always helps Cody and Good Day Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nooligan/union-street-choir
Empire Comics Vault
1120 Fulton Avenue, Suite K
Sacramento, CA

A Message from Cody Stark. This is awesome: “Help a (fantastic) artist with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy get his comic published,” Head to his Kickstarter page and be prepared to be amazed….https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/43938175/f-w-chaos-beginning-the-journey

A Message from Tina Macuha:
To all of my fellow Breast Cancer Survivors! Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation needs 200 breast cancer survivors to participate in forming a synchronized human pink ribbon during halftime at the Sacramento Kings preseason game on Tuesday, October 7, 2014! Albie Aware is the beneficiary of the Sacramento Kings Breast Cancer Awareness night called “Pink in the Paint.” If you’re interested, read on…  Here is what you will need to agree to into order to participate: · Arrive at Sleep Train Arena at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct 7 and remain until after the halftime show · Participate in a rehearsal at Sleep Train Arena – most likely on Sunday, Oct. 5 in the afternoon (Confirmation on Friday). No charge for parking for rehearsal.  As a participant you will need to: · Purchase a ticket to the game- at a very discounted rate of $13 by October 1. · Pay $10 per car for parking day of the game (Carpooling with other survivors recommended) · Agree to wear t-shirt provided by an event sponsor during the half-time show  If you are interested, email Karen at kpenfold@albieaware.org soon! Tina

Live, breathe, and love soccer? Sign up your kids’ team for this Roseville-area fundraiser tourney 10/11-12 to help kids and their families who are battling cancer.

Julia Stanley-Metz created the “Wavy Mango and Salsa Potato Chips.” She has made it to one of the final 4 finalists for a $1 million grand prize from Lay’s. You can vote daily until October 18th athttp://dousaflavor.com/  You can also vote on Instagram with #SaveMango
To follow Julia and her progress you can like her Facebook page and Follow her on Twitter at Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/LaysWavyMangoSalsa
lays 3 lays 1

News You Can Use / Today’s Top Stories
Stand off taking place in Rocklin

Sacramento to vote for Strong Mayor

George Clooney Wedding Picture revealed in People

Good Day Sacramento:
Show Us Yours: Waffle Topping
waffle 1 waffle 2

Show & Tell: Ken: Hosted World Fest at Sac State on Saturday. Julissa went to the 49’er game and dinner after and met/saw Vernon Davis and Frank Gore.

#QuestionOfTheDay: Waffles, Pancakes, French Toast.

5am Club Member of the Day: Nicole and Luna

Marianne’s Daily List: Most of us do things the same way every morning – from how we get out of bed, to the route we take to work. We get hardwired to do the same thing every day. That can be a challenge when we get snacky every day at 3 o’clock! Research shows the fix is often as easy as changing your environment! On the Daily List this morning, we’ll show you three little changes that seriously curb cravings! Declutter to eat better. Traffic Light Labeling. Dim the lights.

Mark: Breakfast At Your Place:
3435 El Camino Avenue
Sacramento, CA
Hours Monday – Friday 6am – 9pm Saturday 7am – 9pm Sunday 7am – 3pm

430/5am Recap:
Ke was back and started off Show and Tell talking about his weekend hosting an event at Sac State. Julissa went to the 49er game and Vernon Davis and Frank Gore came to the restaurant she was having dinner in. Today’s Question of the Day was Waffles, Pancakes, or French Toast. Mark is preparing for Breakfast at your Place with Chewy’s. Today’s 5am Club Member was introduced. Today’s Daily List talked about ways to curve fod cravings including less clutter. Today’s Show us yours was Favorite Waffle Toppings.

430/5am News Block:

Marianne’s Daily Joe: Study of food tweets. Pancake artist Nathan Shields makes the Beatles in Pancakes. Monkey will not let kitten sleep.

Mark: Breakfast at your Place – Rocklin
breakfast 1
6am Recap:
A Couple of BREAKING News Stories took the 6am hour over including a 4 car accident on 99 and 50. Marianne’s Daily Joe talked about an artist that made the Fab Four out of pancakes, A Monkey trying to wake a kitty and a new study about food. Speaking of food Mark revealed Breakfast at your Place in Rocklin.

6am News Block:
4 Car Accident on HWY 99 and 50 slows traffic.

99 ax 2 99 ax 99 ax 1

Mark: Breakfast at your Place Part 3.

Ken: Sharon from CNet talked about a New Social Media site…  Ello

Mark: Breakfast at your place Part 4

Tina/Ju: IHOP Waffullicious Waffles
Extreme waffles! IHOP recently unveiled their Waffullicious waffles, which feature some of your favorite ingredients baked right inside! They offer their waffulicious waffles in two varieties: Bacon & Cheddar and a Very Blueberry Cheesecake! Today we whip them up in the good day kitchen!!
Available until Nov. 2

Marianne: Black Tie 2 Black Top
1 Woman, 1 Bike, 1 Year…all 50 states and Canada!!! Today we meet the woman attempting to break a world record!! Danell Lynn made her way to Sacramento after kicking off her SOLO motorcycle adventure on September 19th from Phoenix Arizona!! Danell not only loves motorcycles, she also loves fashion!! She is the couturier for Dl-Couture fashion house in Phoenix and designer of Humani Handbags!!

7am Recap:
Marianne talked with Danell Lynn who is attempting to break a record for a longest ride in a Country. Mark with Chewy’s finished up Breakfast at your place. IHop made some delicious waffles and Tina and Julissa helped. Sharon from CNet joined to talk about a new Social Media Ad FREE site called Ello.

7am News Block:

Mark: Breakfast at your Place – Go to School….

Marianne/Ken: Stalker Actress Maggie Q joined to talk about the new show coming to CBS13 Wednesday at 9pm

Marianne: French Jazz Guitarist Roland Dyens
Roland Dyens is a world-renowned classical guitar composer. His compositions are taught in music schools around the world and enthusiastically performed by guitarists everywhere.
Oct. 4 – Harris Center, Folsom Lake College
Oct. 5 – First United Methodist Church
2100 J Street, Sacramento

#9amtopic: Do you think the Good2Go app would work? Or is it just a bad idea?

Kristin: Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue
Each spring and early summer, the telephone rings constantly at Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue in Loomis (off Auburn Folsom Road) with requests from animal control officers throughout the region wanting to drop off an injured, ill or orphaned fawn. And, after spending the summer months at Kindred Spirits receiving vital nourishment and care, the fawns are released back into the wild each October. As the Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue prepares for the upcoming re-introduction, we invite you to come out and witness their efforts to preserve local wildlife.
Fawn 1

Roland Dyens performed another song on the Good Day Stage.

8am Recap:
French Guitarist, Roland Dyens performed 2 songs on the Good Day Stage. Kristin was in Loomis checking out a Fawn Rescue. Mark sent the Breakfast at your place family to work and school. Maggie Q from Stalker joined to talk about her new show on CBS. Today’s #9amtopic was talking about a new app to prevent rape. Do you agree?

8am News Block:

Kristin: Kindred Fawn Rescue continued.
Fawn 2

Mark: Infotainment – Beyonce Had a wardrobe malfunction. George Clooney Wedding photos to appear in People. Amanda Bynes arrested in LA for DUI.

Jason: Truck Tracker Update.

Tina: Denim For Cancer
Pay $5 to wear denim to work! Money goes to fighting breast cancer in conjunction with American Cancer Society. The upcoming Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk is on on October 19.
Lee Denim Day
Friday October 3
Donate $5 to wear denim
American Cancer Society

Mark’s News of the Weird:
Lamb born 4 days ago with 2 heads. Pygmy Hippo born in Thailand. Australian swimmers swim with whales.

Ken’s Manly Minute: Nicknames, which contrast with formal, deferential modes of address, demonstrate the equality of members of a group, and any fully fledged member of a group may bestow a nickname on another. The ability to coin a good, clever nickname can in turn give a member more status and popularity. What makes a good nickname? A nickname that will stick manages to distill down a story or a defining personal trait into one or two words. Here are the 5 basic types of nicknames and what they mean to men. Referential. Public. Private. Generic. Group.

#FinalQuestionoftheDay: Late Night Craving.

9am Recap:
Today’s #9amtopic sparked a very hot debate as shared by Julissa and Laura. Mark had infotainment and News of the weird. Kristin continued from the Fawn Rescue in Loomis. Tina was learning more about Lee Denim day taking place Friday for Breast Cancer Awareness. Ken’s Manly Minute talked about why Men love nick names. Jason gave a preview of what is to come on tomorrow’s show. Tina’s Final Question was Late Night Craving.

9am News Block:

Sources/Photos Courtesy of: Good Day Sacramento CW31/CBS13 TV
Photos: Good Day Sacramento.

Final Recap:
Best of the Rest:
Happy 20th:
Today we honor Camera Guy Dave who started working for Good Day 20 years ago today. Dave started at Action News which then turned into Good Day 1 year later. Throughout the morning Dave remembered some of his most memorable stories he covered in his 20 years.
dave coffee 1 Tina Dave Courtney Traffic Team

Breakfast at your Place:
Today Mark took Breakfast at your place to the neighborhood of Rocklin. Today’s provider of breakfast was Chewy’s who was last weeks Dishin With Tina feature.

Sharon from CNet joined today to talk about a new Ad-FREE Social Media site. Ello is changing the game and taking ads off. One catch…. You have to be invited to join.

Waffullicious Waffles
Bacon and Cheese, Cheesecake, These are just 2 Waffullicious Waffles you can get now through November 2nd at IHop. Julissa and Tina got to make the waffles in the Good Day Kitchen.

Record Attempt:
Danell Lynn is attempting to break a record. She is a solo bike rider attempting to cross the United States and part of Canada in a year. She started in Phoenix AZ. and is in California today. She hopes to return to Arizona by September 19, 2015. The record she is attempting is Longest Journey on a Motorcycle in a single country.

Actress Maggie Q joined to talk about the new show coming to CBS13 Wednesday at 9pm

Guitar Gently Weeps:
Today on Good Day we got a very special, beautiful performance from Roland Dyens a French Guitarist performing 2 shows in the area. The first at Harris Center in Folsom on October 4th and then on the 5th at First United Methodist Church in Sacramento.

Denim for Cancer:
Tina was at the UC Davis Cancer Center learning about Lee Denim day for Cancer. October 3 with a donation to Lee Denim of $5 you can wear denim on Friday October 3rd and all profits stay local for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Good Day Nutshell
Curb your Craveing:
Today’s Daily List talked about how to curb your cravings Declutter to eat better, Traffic Light Labeling and Dim the lights are 3 suggestions.

Today’s Mark’s News of the Weird talked about Lamb born 4 days ago with 2 heads. Pygmy Hippo born in Thailand. Australian swimmers swim with whales.

Daily Joe
In today’s Daily Joe Marianne showed an artist that made pancakes look like the Beatles. John, Paul, George and Ringo and a kitten trying sleep had a monkey try and wake him.

Mark’s Infotainment talked about Beyonce having a wardrobe malfunction, George Clooney wedding pics and Amanda Bynes DUI Arrest.

Manly Nick Names:
Today’s Manly Minute with Ken talked about why Men like Nick Names. The List Ken used are as follows. Referential. Public. Private. Generic. Group.

Cody returns and Dishin With Tina at Vientiane in West Sacramento, Board Game Collection, Million Dollar Mansion, Washing Power Lines, Hope Wellness Institute, and Cheese Celebration, Story of Mini Cody highlight tomorrow’s show.

What To Look Forward To This Week:
Cody Returns:

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Doug The Car Czar:

Gina from Thrift Town DIY Thrifty Thursday:

Dance Party:

Good Day Sacramento Weekend with Cody & Melissa:

Melissa’s Coupon Corner:

Good Day Sacramento Weekend with Cody & Lori:

Ask Eleanor:

Dishin With Tina at…


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