Spectre Has Big Opening / @Markatthemovies Episode 320 Highlights

Box Office Report:
We have a new #1 Movie this first full weekend of November. This newest Bond Movie in the series Spectre takes the box office Opening with our favorite Agent in Mexico City on the Day of the Dead Celebration where it takes off from there. As of Sunday Spectre will gross around $73,000,000 with about a $28,000,000 Friday Opening. Also opening this week and doing very well for itself is that loveable Beagle with the Peanuts Gang The Peanuts Movie should finish around $45,000,000. With the 2 movies doing very well The Martian will drop to 3rd with around $9,300,000. Goosebumps Movie should take the 4th spot and make around $6,965,000 and Bridge Of Spies will round out the top 5 with $6,086,000.

Box Office Winners:
1. Spectre $73,000,000
2. The Peanut Movie 45,000,000
3. The Martian $9,300,000
4. Goosebumps Movie $6,965,000
5. Bridge of Spies $6,086,000

All totals are estimates and will be updated Monday.

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Opening Skit:
Mark and Brian Crystal enter through Elevator talking Spectre and Craig Robinson showed up.

Opening Insult:
Matt Damon

Retro Reel Review:
The Martian

Mark talked with the cast of the movie

Mark talked with Alabama about the movie.

Role Call:
Mark, Brian, Erica Cobb, Lonni, Crystal, Chris

Movie 1:
The Peanuts Movie

Lonni LOVED this movie

Mark talked with Charlie Brown, Sally Brown, Linus Van Pelt,

Mark talked with Colin who saw the movie at a Special Screening.
Me as a peanut 1 peanuts 1

Movie 2:

Brian said the movie is non stop Action,

Mark talked with Daniel Craig and Dave Batista

Erica said Sam Smith doing the Soundtrack will be a huge success for him after his vocal rest

Mark talked with Sam Smith.

Lonni loves the new Bond girls and that they are older.

Mark thinks this is a Bond Classic
MATM 320 Spectre 6 MATM 320 Spectre 4 MATM 320 Spectre 2 MATM 320 Spectra 1 MATM 320 Spectre 5 Matm 320 Spectre 7

New on DVD/Blu Ray:
1. Inside Out – Lonni loved the storyline / Crystal said it’s good for all ages.
2. Vacation – Brian talked with Christina Applegate

New Next Week:
1. The 33
2. Love The Coopers
3. My All American

Final Thoughts:
Episode 320 is now complete and this week Mark and crew consisting of Erica Cobb, Brian Crall, Lonni Rivera and Crystal Donahue with Special Guest Announcer Chris Emery talked about the domination The Martian had on the Box Office up until this week. Mark talked with Radio Host Alabama about the movie.

New this week The Peanut’s Movie. If you grew up on Charlie Brown this will be one movie you will want to see. Everyone loved it and from the 2nd place finish at the Box Office the audience did as well.

The BIG movie of the week is Spectre this newest edition of the Bond Franchise had it’s second Best opening weekend. with $73,000,000.

New on DVD/Blu Ray this week is Vacation which Brian loved and Inside Out from Pixar that everyone on the panel this week loved.

Next week The 33, Love The Coopers and My All American. My guess is Spectre will once again take the top spot but we will find out next week on Episode 321 and until then I will see you at the movies.


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