About Me:

I am unable to work due to a Brain/Eye tumor so I watch a lot of Morning News on the local level. I then highlight, recap and provide comments on some of the topics of the day. I am also the unofficial social media person for Good Day Sacramento Weekends and the 3 time Emmy Winning Mark at the Movies Television shows.

I am also a Toy Soldier Collector and an avid lover of my former hometown NFL team Buffalo Bills.

If you want more info just ask.


5 thoughts on “About Me:

    • Alan has decided to move on from Good Day. You can fellow all his adventure on his Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/TeamAlan As to why nothing is or was said it is all up to management in CBS NY/LA and they decided not to allow him or the staff speak of his departure. The staff would love to comment but they are not allowed to or will face discipline


  1. I am a new business owner, to. The sac area wanting to know how or where to get information on spreading it in sacramento i am also incorperating young men to earn while they learn in the construction feild and home remolding… and clean outs or. Those who would like to sell home


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