The Kick is…. Today in the News 1/31/2014:

I really appreciate my friends because each of my closets friends have their own unique qualities. One loves Sci-Fi and got me into Doctor Who, One loves movies and got me into understanding how the box office works, one got me into fashion and fine dining so now I can enjoy shopping and eating at restaurants that clean off the table with a brush while my other friend has shown me that anime art is pretty cool in fact it is really cool. I’ve always enjoyed art and now I’ve gotten to see a really good anime artist’s work up close it is amazing, just beautiful. The one thing I know for sure is my friends are like family and they will always be in my heart and never out of my mind because if they help me get through my day I feel it is only fair to help them get through their day whether it is good or bad everyone needs support and if I can make my friends smile my job for the day is complete because I know I can smile.


The Thrill of the Chase…. Today in the News 1/30/2014

I am so grateful to my friends and family both personally and professionally. but throughout my life I have learned you can never take for granted what you have today because tomorrow it may all be gone. What I mean by that is we have so many things going on in our lives whether it is kids, jobs, etc but what we don’t realize is the other things in life that we get so use to we don’t realize the importance of other things around us. So over the next few days I encourage you to take a step back and remember what we as a whole love the most and give thanks because what we have today may not be what we have tomorrow..