Magical Mystery Tour… Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1

Lori was previewing the Cesar Chavez march despite rain or shine. Cambi was checking out a family fun workout class called Sami’s Circuit in Roseville. Cody was talking to one local student that made a Dr. Who inspired Dalek dress for Comic Con. Gabe was back with more Travelzoo ideas. Tina’s Turlock Mom and Pop Shop tour continued taking her to Dust Bowl Brewing Company. The highlight of the hour was Doug Lipp Author of Disney U sharing his stories from Disney and where you can see him today signing his book.

Riding the Storm Out…. Today in the News 3/27/2014:

Before getting into the shows today I want to address some comments I have been reading about the shows today. Yes, it appears that most viewers not just on Good Day but Fox40 and My58 as well viewers are sick of the Storm coverage and the tornado that touched down last night. Is it overkill? Yes, but you can’t escape it from any station so just embrace it. I will admit I too was disappointed Good Day broke normal 430/5am format to cover the storm that hit last night that every station covered from 5-730pm last night plus their normal Newscasts at 10 and 11pm but I would rather see coverage of a storm than people being killed. That’s how I feel so with that said here is what took place on Today’s shows.