Battles…. Today in the News 4/30/2014:

Today was show us your siblings day and for many viewers no one knew Sean Bennett had a twin brother. Colin sent his photo in and I was amazed how he and Sean look alike and Sean said he is 11 minutes older. Julissa also caught up with the McNulty kids who will be turning 8 in May. These four bundles of joy have grown so much and they are all doing great.

I’m A Survivor…. Today in the News 4/29/2014:

A Message from Tina Macuha and my response to her…
5 years ago… I had this nervous butterfly-in-my-stomach feeling. Anxious. It was such an emotional time in my life. I was about to have a double mastectomy because I was diagnosed with breast cancer – stage 0 DCIS. My mom died of breast cancer in 1983. She was with me though that day in spirit. I kept telling myself that everything will be okay. Stay strong. Breathe. My life would change forever.

Cody Fest.. Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1:

Many people often ask me why I care so much about 2 shows and the people in front of and behind the camera and I tell them it is simple, ALL THE People that work for Good Day Sacramento and Mark at the Movies are as important to me as my own family. The inspiration, the motivation and the friendship not to mention the opportunities that I have gotten from both shows in my daily health battles I will always give back to those who give to me. That is why I love Good Day, Mark at the Movies and especially Cody and Mark who are like brothers to me and have opened not only my eyes but doors that I would never had thought possible. I realize I need the 2 shows and them more than they need me but I will not give up on them and I hope I never let them as well as the 2 shows down.

The Pro Bowlers?…Today in the News 4/25/2014:

Good Day Sacramento loves games and today it was time for the ultimate Good Day Challenge when 10 members battled head to head and in teams to see who was the better bowler. The head to head match ups consisted of Cody Vs Lori, Mark Vs. Tina. Ken Vs. Courtney. Julissa Vs. Melissa. and Marianne Vs Laura. It started off by Tina who was quite the bowler in her day getting a strike against Mark but Mark would come back with one of his own. Mark scored 13 while Tina scored 19. Julissa and Melissa tied at 12 and then it was time for Marianne and Laura Marianne won but not by much. Lori did not have enough to beat the Alabama Kid Cody after he picked up a strike and a spare. Ken was too much for Courtney with 2 strikes of his own. The total for the teams had Team B taking down Team A 121 – 73 in this first ever Good Day Bowling Tournament. Plus they all had cool shirts from Danoc.