Mermaid Thunder From Down Under… Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 1

I Dooooo!
What says I love you more than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? That pretty much says it all and today on Good Day Sacramento one local couple and the wedding party skydived into the actual ceremony but did legally marry before jumping out of the perfectly good airplane.

Inspired… Today in the News 5/28/2014:

Each of us are Inspired differently each day in our lives. Some through church, a teacher, a mentor, a quote or a family or friends. But today we lost a GREAT inspiration in Maya Angelou. Maya inspired others through her words and her poetry while Maya the person will be missed her words will live on forever. It was a fitting tribute in today’s #9amTopic to ask for words that inspire you and the responses really hit home whether it was Maya’s words, your own words or the words of Jimmy V from his Espy speech “Don’t Give Up Don’t Ever Give Up”. Tying in with the question was Tina’s final question of Who Inspires you. I could not help but to think of these lists of people who inspire me

Are You Kidding Me…. Today in the News 5/27/2014:

Finally The Wrath of Fix 50 has hit us once again. Even the alternative routes suggested created nightmares. Traffic in one spot saw delays up to 40 minutes. 50 in itself saw Tina and Dave delayed over 30 minutes just to go 4 miles. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! For those who work downtown, West Sacramento, The Bay Area I feel sorry for you especially If you have to sit through that. One report later today from a media source said traffic in LA is better than the 50 traffic. (Sac Bee).

X-Men takes down Godzilla at Box Ofc. & this weeks @Markatthemovies Episode 243 Highlights

With an estimated $90,700,000 X-Men takes the top spot at this weeks Box Office. With the official results to come Tuesday after the Memorial Day holiday. Falling from the top spot was Godzilla to number 2 with an estimated $31,425,000. Coming in 3rd was blended with Neighbors falling to 4th and Spider-man rounding out the top 5. Box Office Winners:
1.X-Men Days of Future Past $90,700,000
2. Godzilla $31,425,000
3. Blended $14,425,000
4. Neighbors $13,946,000
5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $7,800,000

Remembering Those We Love… Today in the News Weekend Edition Part 2 5/25/2014:

Finally as we head into Memorial Day we must stop to honor our vets and those we have lost. One of the best ways of doing that is going to Forgotten Warriors Museum in Marysville. I have been to this museum at least 10 times and even though I may have seen it I still see something different and learn something new every time. Dann does not charge to go but if you care to leave a donation in the box he is very appreciative. I really need to get back out there but this must see museum is right down from Beales AFB in Marysville so when in the area or just want to learn great history from Dann or visiting vets who are always around you should. Plus the Huey out front is pretty awesome.