#HappyHalloween … Today in the News 10/31/2014:

Today is Halloween and if anyone knows how to celebrate it’s the cast and crew of Good Day. Everyone dressed in GREAT costumes that included Star Trek characters from Cody and Courtney, a return to the 70’s and 80’s TV Shows, a great performer of our time, a Snowman and a cell phone

Scary Tuesday…. Today in the News 10/28/2014:

Twas the Tuesday before Halloween and as the costumes get ready so to do the makeup artist at Federico’s in Sacramento. Cambi was there all morning long checking out their GREAT tips and tricks for your last minute costumes and makeup to make you the talk of all Halloween parties or your kids as they travel the neighborhood hoping for those treats they so love or maybe even for their school parties. Nonetheless if you can’t do the makeup yourself Good News is Federico’s can do it for $20 Adult $10 kids per hour. Cambi showed some great ideas and one really bad one with a creepy clown that will give me nightmares for days. Whatever happened to Bozo?