Cody’s Short Stack… Today in the News 2/27/2015:

Today’s show brought us a wide range of topics from Swimming, Dancing, Cheering, Tearing, and all around fun. We also had dogs, talked about the drought, and fashion from the Famous dress debate and of course in true Good Day Style they wanted to know who wore it better. Ken, Melissa, Mark, Cody? Was it blue was it white. Melissa painting and partying. and of course Courtney brought us makeup while Mark was swimming with sharks and Cody was checking out the newest fashion for dogs as well as flipping pancakes and learning about IHop giving back to UC Davis Children’s Miracle Network Alexis with Cheer champs and so much more in this edition of Cody’s Short Stack… Today in the News.

Its All Fun and Games… Today in the News 2/23/2015:

A Day after the Oscars today’s show was full of Oscar night winner’s losers and all the fashion including Courtney’s Fashion Forum. Plus Mark was 6-2 in his picks only missing on Animation, and Director. Also on the show today. Cambi tries out for the Stockton Ports Baseball as a food vendor. We get a cheesecake recipe from home, Melissa shows how to get rid of tired eyes. Jason starts juicing and much more fun in today’s edition of Its All Fun & Games… Today in the News….

Fifty Shades Blindfolds It’s Competition / @Markatthemovies Episode 282 Highlights

As Fifty Shades of Grey continues to dominate it’s competition it did decline quite a bit (73%) but still blindfolded it’s competition with an estimated $23,246,000. Coming in at #2 Kingsman The Secret Service with an estimated $17,525,000. Coming in at 3 Spongebob Squarepants with $15,500,000 an new to the countdown this week at 4 McFarland USA with $11,315,000 and rounding out the top 5. The Duff with $11,025,000. Oh and Hot Tub Time Machine finished 7th with an estimated total of $5,800,00 meaning it bombed. All totals Estimated and will be updated Monday.