Many Happy Returns… Today in the News 3/31/2015

The final day of March is here and so to is Doug The Car Czar for 3 segments. Mama Momtourage is back with Spring Break Ideas for kids to cook. Oakdale HS has an Animal Rescue. Craig Ashton is back and it’s Time to Stump the Lawyer Nha is also back from her vacation. All this and more in… Many Happy Returns…. Today in the News…..

Spring Break Ideas & More… Today in the News

With Spring Break underway and kids out of school it’s time to check out fun things for them to do. Today on the show they did just that plus we met California’s Strongest Man and whether it’s all strength or with assistants Branden Page was pretty impressive and I am not going to judge. I am going to tell you anyone who can lift the things he can is pretty amazing and he proved that today when he took the Good Day Strength Challenge. However Jason also was very impressive with his challenge.