Cody’s Wacky Day O’Fun…. Today in the News

It was a great day for racing today in the Back Lot of Good Day as the 8 competitors consisting of Melissa, Ken, Mark, Marianne, Tina, Laura, Courtney and Jason going head to head loser goes home winner moves on to the next round. Cody was your Track Master for today’s activities however before any race you must have the tracked tested so producer Corey, Camera Guy Scott and Director Jonathan (not pictured) and News Director and Fun Guy John Armand to the track for it’s test run. Once the race got started it was all Melissa in the first race single handily beating Ken. The next race to come was Courtney and Jason. Everyone thought Courtney was going to keep the Girl Power going but she fell to Jason in a surprise finish. The next race teamed Mark and Marianne and after the last race of embarrassment for Mark he was determined to get back to the finals and he was too much for Marianne beating her. Next we put Traffic and Weather together with the race between Tina and Laura. Struggling to find her groove Laura fell once again in the Good Day Challenges this time to Tina. Before the Semi Final Rounds began an accident occurred on the track and Cody took a FAKE SPILL as the photo below will show. Once the track was cleaned of debris it was time for Mel Vs. Maloney. These 2 go head to head often in their own challenges but today it was all about the trike. Proving Melissa’s win vs Ken was no fluke she smoked Maloney like the Huli Huli Chicken being cooked just off track. Next came the radio personalities Mark vs Tina. Mark was not match for this Country Sweetheart leaving Tina in a cloud of Cowboy Boot dust. So what happens now? It’s the final race of the day and Mark wanted redemption from his last race to Melissa and based on the time Mark spent on the track he got it. Mark was the winner of the FIRST EVER Good Day #WackyTrikeRace500.

Fast & Furious Takes Victory Lap.. @Markatthemovies Episode 291

The race to the top spot at the final weekend of April’s Box Office sees Fast & Furious 7 staying at #1. with an estimated $18,259,000 If reports are correct and the final numbers from today do not change last weeks #2 will remain Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 with an estimated $15,500,000. Meaning this weeks new #3 will be Age of Adaline with an estimated $13,375,000. Rounding out the Top 5 at #4 is Home with $8,300,000 and at #5 is Unfriended with $6,244,000

Cody / Melissa Inspire Within… Today in the News.

It’s the final Sunday in April and today’s show had a ton of stuff. Sunday Staples like Ask Eleanor, Dishin With Tina, The Plant Lady answered viewer questions. April is National Poetry Month and Poet Reader Frank Andrick will read viewer poems as well as some of his. Cambi is going to be with Sac State Row Team. It will be one of the stories I spotlight. Plus today is the day Runnin’ For Rhett takes place and Cody and Melissa make Pretzels. All this and more in the 4/26/2015 edition of Cody / Melissa Inspire Within… Today in the News……

Totally Awesome 80’s… Today in the News

In the decade that brought some of the best music made some classic TV shows and introduced us to america’s sweetheart Molly Ringwald the 80’s will always be one decade I personally will never forget and will always love. Today on Good Day they are Flashing back to the decade that brought us The Cosby Show, Night Court, Cheers, A Different World, Hills Street Blues and that was just Thursday night. We also learned to wake me up before you go go, How to Relax, and You don’t need Nothin’ But A Good Time when you’re Tommy and Gina Living on Prayer because it’s a Pyromania because How did you know I never told I had a Crush on You. For all these great memories and the rest of today’s show this is the 4/24/2015 edition of Totally Awesome 80’s… Today in the News….