Magic Mike, Sausage, Dinner, Bouncee and More Today in the News

YES CODY IS STILL ON VACATION, Yes Cody did have one of my favorite stores that ran today because of BREAKING NEWS on Friday with with Sausage Party. Nha also had a favorite Story with Bouncee Pouncee in Marysville. I love the concept and the safety they take for each kid. Cambi had some awesome stories from Thai Me up, Children’s Boutique but Ulmer Photo is so very cool. I love that they restore old photos. Kristin with Bodie’s new puppies can you say Cuteness Overload? Melissa learning Dinner tips from Polka Dot Dinners which would be perfect for camping or Glamping as Melissa showed from REI. Ken with Shriners and State Park’s learning Camp Fire Safety is great not only for kids but adults. As Smokey The Bear Says.. Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires. Any Day you have Lori Wallace during the week makes for a great day like today in the 9am hour. Most of all everyone at Good Day for all your hard work. See you at 430a Car Czar takes fans to NASCAR at Sonoma over the Weekend. See how it goes.

Ted 2 Falls to Third / @Markatthemovies Episode 300

Mark at the Movies hit a milestone this weekend. The show originally aired on October 1, 2009 who starred Mark S. Allen and young up and
coming host Ashley Williams.
From that first episode the show has evolved into a Giant in the entertainment industry now being seen in over 38 million homes on ReelzChannel, Armed Forces Network and select CW Network’s the show can be seen throughout the weekend. Through the years Mark at the Movies has won 3 Emmys and still going strong. Back in 2010 I wrote this review of the show on
Review of the show I wrote of Mark at the Movies on 9/24/2010: on the Reelzchannel Website:
If you have not seen Mark at the Movies you are totally missing out. With Host Mark S. Allen and Co host Ashley Williams these 2 bring a different feel to each movie they review. From amazing interviews to the fun they make the show it is a must see. Ashley though in her younger years (20’s) Has so much poise and wonderful interview skills the sky’s the limit for her and she has not even come close to the limit. Within the next 3 years look for Ashley to be on top of the media world either in the entertainment industry or in the national news industry. She has so much potential I cannot express this enough. Mark a former radio DJ has grown so much into this form of entertainment I am totally amazed. Mark who once fell off a billboard while raising money is by far one of the most respected reviewers in the business. Though Mark has had plenty of offers to move into a national role it is his Commitment to his family of 3 and his wife that keeps him grounded. Mark is always involved in helping many different organizations in their efforts to raise money and Mark has always done a fantastic job doing that by going above and beyond his call of duty. I strongly suggest everyone watch Mark and the Movies because you will be hooked like I was my first time watching this 3 time Emmy Award winning show.

Pizza, Chicken, Fireworks, Cody’s On Vacation & More Today in the News

It’s the final Sunday in June and today on Good Day Sacramento Fireworks go on sale so we will see what’s new and learn the proper way of setting them off. Have you ever made a Watermelon Cake from Pinterest? Today we learn how will it be a Pinterest Success or Pinterest Fail? Tune in for the fun. Folkl√≥rico Imba de Sacramento is coming to Harris Center/Three Stages at Folsom Lake College and we get a preview. The CCIA Figure Skating Championship is taking place in Stockton today. Plus Mark S. Allen and the Mark at the Movies crew talk about Ted 2 in the Movie Minute and Tina Macuha is Dishin at Off The Hook a great Seafood spot All this and more Today in this June 28th Edition of Pizza, Chicken, Fireworks, Cody’s On Vacation & More Today in the News….

Water Sports, Golf, NASCAR, Hello Kitty & More Today in the News.

FOUR!!!! START YOUR ENGINES!!!! It’s Thursday June 25th and the Temps are going to be well in the 100’s Today Marianne is at the USGA Senior Open all morning long showing sights and sounds though quietly around the tour. NASCAR comes to Napa Wine Country and today the Haulers are on parade around the State Capitol. Gina from Thrift Town is in showing another GREAT DIY. Pet Fashion Week Continues, SPCA has another Adoptable Pet and so much more in today’s edition of Water Sports, Golf, NASCAR, Hello Kitty & More Today in the News…

Movies, Workouts, Causes, BBQ & More Today in the News

Everyone in the Pool, Today the temps continue to rise before tomorrow’s 100’s. Today is also a Dishin Day and Tina is putting on the BBQ. Pet Fashion Week continues with Courtney from the SPCA Thrift Shop. Mama’s Night Owl Lemonade stand is open, we get a preview of that. Want to get away? Gabe from Travelzoo has some Summer Travel ideas. All these stories and more are scheduled for today in this edition of Movies, Workouts, Causes, BBQ & More Today in the News.