Fault in our Stars Shine Bright at the Box Office / @Markatthemovies Episode 245 Highlights

Like many movies they come from Best Selling Books and that is the case of this weeks Box Office winner The Fault In Our Stars. This movie was getting impressive reviews from the test market to the box office. If you have not seen this movie take the box of kleenex with you because you are going to need it and you may run out. Several of my friends at Good Day Sacramento saw it and loved it. At the time of this writing the estimated box office numbers for The Fault In Our Stars is $48,200,000. Falling from the top to number 2 was Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent with $33,523,000. Opening to a disappointing 3rd spot was Edge of Tomorrow with $29,105,000. Rounding out the top 5 at #4 X-Men and #5 A Million Ways to Die in the West.
Box Office Winners:
1. The Fault in our Stars $48,200,000
2. Maleficent $33,532,000
3. Edge of Tomorrow $29,105,000
4. X-Men Days of Future Past $14,700,000
5. A Million Ways To Die in the West $7,189,000

Maleficent Strikes Down X-Men at the Box Office w/ @Markatthemovies Episode 244 Highlights

In somewhat a surprise we have yet another new Box Office winner this week. Maleficent Struck down X-Men Days of Future Past from the top spot. I am only surprised at this because I thought X-Men would have the staying power for at least another week with Maleficent taking the #2 but that is not the case. With an estimated $70,000,000 is number 1 followed by X-Men with an estimated $32,600,000 Seth MacFarlane could rename his movie 1 Million Ways to Die at the Box Office with his poor showing in the #3 spot. Godzilla falls to #4 and Blended slips 2 spots to round out the top 5. Look for Edge of Tomorrow to take the Top Spot Next week because this is already getting a positive vibe.
Box Office Winners:
1. Maleficent $70,000,000
2. X-Men Days of Future Past $32,600,000
3. A Million Ways to Die in the West $17,069,000
4. Godzilla $12,225,000
5. Blended $8,425,000

X-Men takes down Godzilla at Box Ofc. & this weeks @Markatthemovies Episode 243 Highlights

With an estimated $90,700,000 X-Men takes the top spot at this weeks Box Office. With the official results to come Tuesday after the Memorial Day holiday. Falling from the top spot was Godzilla to number 2 with an estimated $31,425,000. Coming in 3rd was blended with Neighbors falling to 4th and Spider-man rounding out the top 5. Box Office Winners:
1.X-Men Days of Future Past $90,700,000
2. Godzilla $31,425,000
3. Blended $14,425,000
4. Neighbors $13,946,000
5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $7,800,000