Hey Mickey DIY….. Today in the News 6/12/2014:

How GREAT was it to see the lovely and talented Heather Brent back on Good Day. Heather a one time intern for Good Day can normally be seen on the weekend during Mark at the Movies graced us with her presence today first going to a Basketball Camp and then a local soccer team that plays 8 on 8. If you loved seeing Heather today then make sure you check her out all weekend long on Mark at the Movies as she sits down with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill talking about 22 Jump Street opening Friday.

What’s in the Kitchen… Today in the News 6/11/2014:

Sunday when the weekend show signed off was the last we saw of her. Monday was not a bug deal. Tuesday was a little more though we had Lori feeling in. Wednesday we didn’t have Lori or Amy plus Cody is on vacation and Laura is still on the night shift. So where is Amy? Is she sick? Is she on vacation? Is she in the muddle of contract talks? The saga will continue tomorrow and through the weekend. Tune into find out starting at 430 Thursday. Today Julissa pulled double duty on both Good Day and CBS13 Mornings with an assist from Ken.

Minion Mayhem Invasion…. Today in the News 6/3/2014:

Minion Mayhem:
If your happy clap along. Today on Good Day Sacramento Mark did just that as Minions invaded Sacramento at Sleep Train Arena. These little guys caused all kinds of trouble for Mark. He dressed in a Minion hat, glasses, t-shirt and later a lab coat. He even ate the Minion cookies and did the dance sweeping the nation The Minion. So if you are happy clap along and head to Minion Mayhem at Universal Studio in Hollywood and join in the fun.

Inspired… Today in the News 5/28/2014:

Each of us are Inspired differently each day in our lives. Some through church, a teacher, a mentor, a quote or a family or friends. But today we lost a GREAT inspiration in Maya Angelou. Maya inspired others through her words and her poetry while Maya the person will be missed her words will live on forever. It was a fitting tribute in today’s #9amTopic to ask for words that inspire you and the responses really hit home whether it was Maya’s words, your own words or the words of Jimmy V from his Espy speech “Don’t Give Up Don’t Ever Give Up”. Tying in with the question was Tina’s final question of Who Inspires you. I could not help but to think of these lists of people who inspire me