Protecting Your Pets, Stunt Double, Dishin With Tina & More Today in the News

We have just surpassed the halfway mark of 2015 and head into July with some GREAT Stories today that included Marianne’s Daily List for Hot Buys for the month. Other favorite stories of mine today. Cambi with Blogger Thrift Your Heart Out, Courtney’s Check This Out, Tina Dishin at Off The Hook, Ken with Grant High School Drumline. Mark with Gary Davis, Today’s Banter back and fourth between Courtney, Ken, Marianne, Alexis, Mark was classic Good Day. But today’s Favorite story of the day for me was Kristin at Front Street with the Hot Car Demo. This was such an educational moment and one all Pet owners should pay attention to. I am so glad Kristin took one for the team to show just how hot the inside of car gets and why you should NEVER EVER leave your pet in the car. Plus of course all of you at Good Day for all your Hard Work. Melissa returns tomorrow and if the Staple for Thursday is correct Gina from Thrift Town will have another great DIY idea all starting at 430a – 10a as 4th of July Week Continues.