Brilliant Minds…. Today in the News 7/15/2014:

Today Kristin and her 2 cute kids came to us from Growing Brilliant. This Rocklin based company is GREAT for not only kids but parents as well. I don’t know why they don’t have more locations but they really should.

Not only do they work and teach your children everything from art, music, language and more but they also let your kids play on a giant jump house slide and ALL the toys and material are cleaned thoroughly. No one is allowed on the floor with shoes so nothing gets tracked in or on.

The BEST part about this segment with Kristin is her 2 children attend and they even helped mom on the live shot making this story My favorite Story of the Day.

Congratulations in your Accomplishment…. Today in the News 5/22/2014:

As I stated in the Opening today I got to meet the talented Art Department at Good Day yesterday. Earlier today Don Smith who leads this great department posted this message “Three Emmy nominations and now THREE National Promax Award nominations!” I am so proud of all of these GREAT people and having meeting them yesterday and always admiring their work these accomplishments are well deserved and they better win or it’s fixed. Here is just some of the artwork they do each day.

Getting Your Kicks In… Today in the News 5/19/2014:

News from Horse Racing World is California Chrome can wear his nasal strip. While this is GREAT news I found it to be a non issue. What is being done is history and no one wants to lose what could take place June 7. Not only history in the making but had they not approved it TV Ratings, Betting, and attendance would have plummeted. Because I can tell you that I have watched more horse racing in the last 2-3 weeks than I have in a lifetime. Had he not been able to run at Belmont I would not have watched. So yes, this is a GREAT decision but $$ played a huge part in my opinion. #Ken2Belmont

One Year Anniversary For…. Today in the News 5/13/2014

Today is the One Year Anniversary for Today in the News. It was on this date we first launched an idea from Good Day Sacramento’s Cody Stark given to me while chatting with him. With his help and blessing as well as others at Good Day Sacramento Today in the News has gone from an idea to what is today. Many changes have been made and many more will be made. I write it for all of you as well as write for my own therapy but I love writing and keeping everyone up to date on the FUN that news can be but the seriousness news is. So with that said Year 2 of Today in the News Starts NOW!!!!!

#HappyCincoDeMayo … Today in the News 5/5/2014

From Tina: BIG Day of Giving.
The BIG Day of Giving is a 24-hour online giving challenge on May 6, 2014. Starting at Midnight, the Sacramento Region will come together for one BIG Day of Giving to support the nonprofits that lift up lives and make this the place we call home. Tomorrow, May 6, 2014, is “A Day of Giving” – a national online giving day to your favorite charity. Our local community has nearly 400 non-profits hoping you will contribute to the one closest to your heart. I’ve worked with many groups but the following people have personally reached out to me asking if I can mention their organization’s name. I encourage you to read more about the following: Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, California Food Literacy Center and St. John’s Shelter for Women & Children. Here’s the link:

I’m A Survivor…. Today in the News 4/29/2014:

A Message from Tina Macuha and my response to her…
5 years ago… I had this nervous butterfly-in-my-stomach feeling. Anxious. It was such an emotional time in my life. I was about to have a double mastectomy because I was diagnosed with breast cancer – stage 0 DCIS. My mom died of breast cancer in 1983. She was with me though that day in spirit. I kept telling myself that everything will be okay. Stay strong. Breathe. My life would change forever.